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  1. hello i try to switch sky road with virbank city gym but the game didn't give me the option my opponent had full bench pokemon filled with the extra of sky road and in the last turn he already switch my stadium with one of his own.
  2. Whenever there's a Stadium card in play and I click on it to activate it, often nothing happens. I have to click several times before it finally works, or else use the Activate Stadium button. I know it's not a big deal but it's still kind of annoying.
  3. Update on Oct 5: We believe we have this issue sorted out to be fixed in coming version 2.32, due out on November 4th with the launch of XY - BREAKthrough. In the meantime, our apologies for any issues you may have viewing the Discard Pile. At this time we do not need further details of Discard Pile viewing issues on version 2.31. ----------------------------------------- Hello Trainers, We continue to receive reports of the discard pile not working as you expect it to work. In order for us to really put this issue to rest, we need your i
  4. Nevermind this post, i mistook the versus reward with an actual prize box reward. Feel free to delete it. Sorry for the inconvinience.
  5. Today while playing PVP, i when i drew my hand in start, i could only see 4 cards (which were all pokemon) and they were all centrally aligned and nothing suspicious so it seemed as if i drew 4 cards only. So i asked my opponent why that happened (whether it was due to some card or not) and s/he said that s/he could see all cards present in my hand but i could not see 3 of the cards. Since i was playing a metagross deck i could also get the amount of cards in my hand by its damage. It did 210 damage (indicating presence of 19 cards) but i could only see 16 cards in my hand. I could not even pl
  6. Coin flipping needs to be fixed !! Everytime i play i can never get heads even with trick coin on attacks ! Seriously like 50 coin flips and no more than 5 heads!!! That's is bloody ridiculous! Happens every game even now as im playing!!! Fix this.
  7. I have a question - I was playing on PTCGO and used Mega Gardevoir's attack. I had a double dragon energy on the bench, so I thought they would count as 2 fairy energies and add 60 damage to Mega Gardevoir's attack. Instead of doing that expected 60 damage, Mega Gardevoir only did an additional 30 damage from the double dragon energy. My question is, is this a bug or is this how Mega Gardevoir's attack should be functioning? Mega gardevoir's attack says it does "30x the amount of fairy energy attached". Double Dragon energy specifically says "provides 2 energy at a time" Here is
  8. 32418594

    Game Bug supporter N

    Supporter N card has frequently yeilded cards less than my number of prize cards in unlimited format this month when the card was played by my opponent. I just was N ed to zero when I had 6 prizes remaining.
  9. Client: Expected Action: show hand and redraw until a basic is found Actual Action: after a few occurrences of this, it suddenly gave the defeat message and showed empty stats on the match results Steps to reproduce: play with deck with very few basic Pokemon and maybe find this bug
  10. A lot of time, the other player play his turn and i wait after him.. Sometime i start to find his turn is long and not going up.. Then i realize the time of both player don't go down and nothing happen.. so i have to close the game.. a lot of time when i try to log in the game its said many different thing to say i can't get in the server/game.. its happen me 3-4 time in the 2-3 last day .. start to be really not fun..
  11. I played a versus match today using the BW: Basic Green deck. I was actually losing at first adn it got to the point where my opponent only had one prize card left. Then I made a comeback with Serperior and I eliminated all my opponents best pokemon so I had only 2-3 prize cards left to collect. The win was mine and my opponent knew it so he conceded the match, but for some reason the the next screen that should say winner said I lost instead??! I should have won if he conceded, and there is no way he could have won cause he had 3-4 pokemon with no energy and I had a Serperior with full he
  12. I have won a match and the game is stuck, music still plays, I can access game log, menu (concede button is disabled), chat is showing general chat but i cant join any other channels (probably because I'm still ingame) why do this happens and what should I do to not lose the match? already took all the prizes
  13. I simply can't play VS mode anymore. When i click on Play > VS mode, my screen freezes (I can't select any deck or click the "play" button, or even see the rewards). Everything I can do, when it's frozen, is clicking at the upper buttons ("home", "options" and the "friend list" buttons"). However, I am able to play agaist the trainers and join the tournements, Is there any fixing for it? Thanks.
  14. So I noticed something, as well as seen it happen...Eevee 80/111, do not know which series it is from, however, it has gnaw, and a pokemon power. This power states, word for word "When you attach a basic Energy card from your hand to this Pokemon, you may search your deck for a card that evolves from this Pokemon that is the same type as that Energy card and put it onto this Pokemon. (This counts as evolving this Pokemon.) Shuffle your deck afterward. Great power, and I love it, it goes well with Eevee! However, the problem is with that line in there. "(This counts as evolving your Pokemon.)
  15. Hello I was winning my battle and the user kept going inactive. While doing this I decided to report the user because he was generally wasting time because he wanted me to quit. Unfortunately after I reported the user, it kept the inactive opposing player with the time @ 00:00 on the screen stopping me from able to do any moves apart from click on resume when it comes up with inactive player. I have attached a screenshot on this error. **************************************************
  16. I was playing a few games with my standard fighting deck, then I noticed something. When someone had a Hard Charm on their pokemon, it of course deducted the 20 Damage. When the Special Fighting Energy was attached it was supposed to null the hard charm and give base damage right? No, the original damage that is printed on the card is reduced and the extra 20 damage from the special energy is not added. Pretty much the special energy is now turned into a useless fighting energy that is targetable by enhanced hammer. Again, my pokemon with a Special Fighting Energy does not have the extra
  17. The bugs! What is going on with my beloved Pokemon TCGO? I was using Conkeldurr, equipped with 2 fighting energy, a powerful energy, a dark energy, a muscle band, and with a stage 3 Machamp on the bench with the ability to increase fighting types attacks by 20. I was ****** a sylveon, no effective resistance, but equipped with a hard charm. I should have done 120 damage and KO the sylveon, but only did 100 damage. I have also noticed many of the attack modifiers are not being calculated in both expanded and unlimited formats. Also, what is up with the slowdown of this game?
  18. During a game i used hex maniac to finish off my opponents aegislash. he brought up his registeel and had a bronzong on the bench. i was using golurk and i had my flareon (AO) on the bench. he had a steel shelter stadium in play. after my turn comes back around i attacked his registeel only to see my dmg isnt doubled from the flareon. Also. i think i may have found another bug. when using hex maniac while golurk in play it should negate its ability so it shouldnt be a fighting pokemon. i attacked another golurk while under hex maniac and resistance still applied.
  19. Card ; Ryhorn Set: XY 60/148 Excepted action: Dig Out works and then flips the top card to reveal if it is a fighting energy if not discards card. Actual action: DigOut does 10 damage then flipped top card revealing a strong energy(which is a fighting energy) then discards the strong energy instead of attaching the card to ryhorn How to recreate: Have a ryhorn use dig out and get lucky to have the strong energy revealed.
  20. I have reached 1400 points on the Versus Ladder and have received 600 tokens on one account. I then changed to my secondary account to gain some progress on that account. However when I relogged back to my main account, the display only shows 86 tokens and not 686 tokens. I have not spent any tokens during this time period and it was indeed showing the correct tokens prior relogging.
  21. So I had a bug happen where the opponent had no basic pokemon. It showed me their hand and I hit ok to close it. Then they had another hand with no basic pokemon but this time the window to see their hand was empty. And it just kept looping and looping and they ended up leaving. It must have looped like 10-20 times. I didn't even have to hit ok anymore. I have the game log if its useful, but its really long.
  22. Card: Silent Lab Expected Action: Shut abilities. Actual Action: X When playing against Ariados (Ancient Origins) it can still use it ability to poison your active pokemon.
  23. I frequently get a bug where the game will tell me that I am inactive and whenever I press resume it doesn't work and I lose. It's incredibly frustrating, especially due to all the tournament tickets I've lost because of it. I even get the prompt when it's the other plays turn still, or the pop up will say "your opponent is inactive" during MY turn and the same thing happens.
  24. Alright, I was just testing out a fun deck in Expanded and came to the following situation: My field: Forest of Giant Plants, a bunch of grass Pokemon and their evolutions and a single Duskull that has been waiting for his turn since the beginning od the game ( now it's turn 3). I draw a bunch of cards and get Rare Candy and Dusknoir, no problem in my book.... well that's what I though. For some reason I couldn't use Rare Candy to evolve my Duskull, even though everything should work out. Did some testing and found the following: If I play Forest on turn 1, alongside Duskull, t
  25. When the Exp. Share Tool card is attached to a Pokémon, a bubble next to the zoomed-in card has a wrong description that doesn't match Exp. Share's effect. The card itself acts as it should, but the game might mislead or confuse players unfamiliar with the tool. Client: Card: Exp. Share Card Number: Next Destinies #87, Primal Clash #128 Card's effect: When this card is attached to a benched Pokémon, a Basic Energy card can be moved from a defeated Active Pokémon to this Pokémon. This matches the description on the card itself and is how the game works. Description When Attached
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