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  1. I had an issue with the "Mega Evolving Ends Your Turn!" warning popping up every time I mega evolved. I checked the box. I tried not checking the box and then checking it the next time it showed up. I tried checking and unchecking the box a bunch before checking it and clicking ok. This occurred in versus mode with Manectric EX --> M Manectric EX, both with and without spirit link.
  2. I'm using the current version this morning on my PC and whilst playing a newly created electric deck; Dedenne's attacks during selection were in the opposite order as originally displayed. Entrainment + Energy Short becomes Energy Short + Entrainment. This was a constant from 1 battle to the next. Both moves are very easily mistaken for each other at a glance. Edit: Just confirmed that this bug exists on my iPad 2 as well.
  3. While using VS Seeker to retrieve Colress, the game freezed. I could still use the chat and concede, but could retrieve the card after click Done. The window kept being popped up to choose a card from the discard pile. Also, earlier in the match when the coin flips it freezed. I had to wait more than ten seconds just to click "yes" to go first. Oh... the new interface!
  4. I used a Crushing Hammer and got heads right? It is supposed to discard an energy card from a pokemon right? Well, not when someone using double dragon energy. At first it took away a single dragon energy sign, then when they put it as their active pokemon from the bench. It MAGICALLY had 2 energy again wooohoo for opponent! He obviously knew about the glitch and put another dragon energy on Zekrom to make it use the attack for 100 to be able to win. I immediately concede as to show i dont play glitch exploiters. FIX PLEASE thank you! P.S. In your patch notes it specifically said someth
  5. According to the patch notes conceding a match during an opponent’s turn now ends the match at the end of that turn, rather than immediately. However, in all my recent games that ended with someone conceding, the game ended immediately when the player conceded instead of waiting till the end of the turn. Please fix this as soon as possible as it was one of the only fixes in this patch that solved a frequent problem for me (players quitting making challenges take forever).
  6. Count_Cocofang

    [GAME] General - Unable to retreat

    Found a bug that when using the fairy stadium if the pokemon does not have an energy attached is unable to retreat since you can zoom out the retreat option. Am i doing anything wrong with the new UI? Regards
  7. When I was against someone on versus mode, the opponent knocked out my celebi (non ex) and picked up 3 prize cards. He was only meant to pick up 1
  8. I played in tournament mode in deck format with the xy green deck. I found that the deck was the one appearing before the update, with healing scarf x2, but no lucky helmet nor ace trainer showing in the deck manager. One of my opponent was using the xy blue deck, and he had an ancient trait articuno came into play, this should also be out in the updated theme deck. Apparently the theme decks are only updated in vs mode but not in tournament mode.
  9. hey mods i dont know if there already is a thread for this or not but it been happening for the last few days in about 10% of my vs battles when i want to see which cards are in my dicard pile (right click) it just flips the card to the classic sleeve (blue with the *********** it) even if i dont have that sleeve equiped. the bad thing is i cant see which of my pokemon has been knocked out. can a mod please forward this to proper channels to get this bug fixed please thanks.
  10. I just witnessed a Mega Sceptile EX's card art flipped to be visible while it was in the opponents hand. When asked if he had a M Sceptile in his hand he said yes and everytime an N or shuffle card was played it was visible if he drew the card again. Couldn't find the "Game" tag, sorry it's under "Cards."
  11. I have made a deck, and cannot use it, due to it not fulfilling the requirements of me owning all cards and all cards being in the Standard format. None of the cards are greyed out, and all cards were selected while editing in the Standard format deck creator AND at the very least have a legal reprint (for instance, I must use out of format Ultra Balls as I don't have enough in format Ultra Balls). As it turns out, I can't show the deck in question because my Imgur link was censored (makes sense, but is quite annoying). The following is the decklist as exported by PTCGO: ****** Pokémon T
  12. Not sure if this is a coincidence or a glitch, but I played a SR trainers mail and where the top of the deck should be there was a foil HGSS DCE and the next turn I top decked it, and I know that it could not have been my other one cause I only have 1 foil DCE in the deck, the other one is a non foil version. Anyways, just thought I should let you know.
  13. The problem is simple, whenever I use Ghetsis and shuffle my opponents item cards my turn instantly ends. The game skips all of my actions, even attacking. I lost 2 ranked matches and 1 tournament round because of this. This bug happened against decks that had bunnelby (Primal Clash), Shaymin-ex (AOR) and Red Card, while using a single full art Ghetsis.
  14. i cannot replicate the problem. but it happens sometimes. pokemon that have weakness/resistances to a certain element when removed, let's say stadium card or item tool card, and in the same turn they take related damage to me sometimes they take the damage as before removal.
  15. I played red card on my opponent, and after updating his hand, one of the cards was face up. Picture of the bug: [Content removed - posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Mod. Poplar] Sorry about the vague link it won't allow me to put the direct link. All I know is that it was immediately after I played red card that this bug occured EDIT: Sorry about the link - didn't know, just wanted to smash this bug!
  16. Client: Client Version: Card: EXP Share Card Number: unsure Expected Action: I have Meowth active with Doduo and Sentret on the bench. Opponent has Entei active. Attached to Meowth is 1 water energy. Attached to Doduo is 1 EXP Share. Attached to Sentret is 1 EXP Share. Entei attacks, knocking out Meowth. At this point, EXP Share should enter a loop. it should check to make sure there are energies are attached to the knocked out Meowth, make me select a pokemon on my bench that has EXP Share attached, and then select an energy to move from the knocked out Meowth to
  17. I had two stage 2 Pokemon in my bench but Powerful Friends only did 10 damage. It cost me the game, not that I'm too bothered by losing, but it was still kinda messed up. Any ETA on when this will be fixed or whether anyone was aware of this glitch? Is there an unwritten rule that makes this not a glitch? For example, I only really used this against two normal type Pokemon- does that negate it somehow? If it is an unwritten rule, may I suggest adding that to the tutorial or the card's text? Thanks in advance.
  18. I was playing matches, and multiple times, i pulled off an escape rope+lysandre combo to switch a regice from active to bench and back to active, yet the resistance blizzard was still in effect. This caused me 3-4 losses in vs, and 2 matches in a tourney, also losing me some packs. Also, another thing with regice was that, if i am correct, placing damage counters on pokemon works through any effect, yet i had used gengar's night attack on a regice, which didnt work, and caused me to lose et another tourney match, IDK what, but it seems really bugged
  19. Beedrill's Allergic Shock attack is not triggered by Ariados' "Poisonous Net" ability. Previously it was triggered by Hypno Toxic's damage tick, so I don't understand how this would be different.
  20. I had a muscle band tool attached to an Electabuzz. When I attacked with it's "Ambush" attack I was expecting the attack to deal 40 or 60 damage (dependent on the coin flip). Instead I had either 20 or 40 damage. Result: 20 damage (tails) / 40 damage (heads) Expected result: 40 damage (tails) / 60 damage (heads) Am I missing something? Does the muscle band only apply to damage dealing attacks that don't involve a coin flip?
  21. I'm not going to name the user as those things get removed, but I found an user who fought against me using a Empoleon, Stage 2 Pokemon from Dark Explorers as a basic Pokemon, without having Piplup to evolve them. Also that deck seemed a bit too powerful to be dependant of hazard as is playing with a 60-card deck. Too much cards appearing at indicated points and everything. The last is an observation of mine that can be a bit biased, as I thought it was too strange to get all cards as organized as he did, and the quantity of golden edged cards he used, but the fact of using Empoleon as a B
  22. idk why but when ever i play a match , when im close to winning , it logs me out , it already happen to me like 20 times , i have good connection , really really good connection , and this never usually happen to me , so can you try fixing it soon , like please , it keeps on loggin me out , sometimes when i log in, it wont even let me chat with my friends online , sometimes , when i wanna trade and i accpet it , it logs me out , so please tcg , try fixing tcgo for me or the others who have the same problem like mine .
  23. When using cards like N, Ace trainer and Red Card, Sometimes the opponent of the one using the card won't draw the correct amount. (Example below.) At 91. the opponent played ace trainer and I only drew one card. Also, Later on when they played it a second time, I drew the correct amount but I kept one card that should have been shuffled in. If I had to make a guess, I'd say Pokemon with Abilities (In this case, Wobbuffet) in the active position cause problems with such cards. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. EarthenSpire flipped 1 coins resulting in 1 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2.
  24. Client : Server / Client Card: Baltoy (Hidden trait) Card Number AOR (Ancient Origin) 32/98 Excepted Action: Should be KO'ed by Latios-EX AOR/101/108|58/108 with one Psychic energy and muscle band giving an win which it was only oppoment pokemon. Actual Action: I would post screenshot but i can't reason of that strange working censore stuff.. (On tinypic look for "ri5bvq" on oi62 ) Baltoy Stay with 0 hp on active. I didn't took prize card. Oppoment used this bug to win match. What not to do: Don't use Giant fan on Baltoy. Bug won't trigger
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