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  1. I have had multiple issues with special energies not allowing me to use attacks because they don't count towards the attack cost and they also wont allow me to retreat since they dont count towards the retreat cost.
  2. on x/y bt yveltal the ability fright night stays in place even if removed from active by a.) putting back onto bench. b.) knocked out or c.) discarding by stadium card. i have noticed it when i went to mega evolve my mewtwo when yveltal was on bench after being active.
  3. During game play, it wont let me attach Double Dragon Energy to any of my pokemon, causing me to lose every match that this happens in. Very frustrating to have to lose games on the versus ladder to do the client!
  4. i was on a battle and without hexmaniac or thinks like i was with 2 energies and i cant attack and lost my game because it...please fix it
  5. I attacked a Garbodor (DRX #54) with zero energy that was active with my M Mewto EX (BKT # 160) that had 2 metal energy attached. it only did 70 damage to the Garbodor instead of 140 since it is weak to Psychic. The Garbodor had a float stone attached and there was a Parallel City stadium in play.
  6. Is there already a known issue with the Shrine of Memories stadium card? If not, then I need to report an issue when I have this stadium in play and I have an evolved M Mewto Ex (BRK 64 & 160) in play its attacks have no effect. In two separate games I was given the choice to use either the Mewtwo Ex (BRK 158 & BW 45) attacks or the M Mewto attacks, but regardless of which attacks I chose none would have any effect (or move damage counters)...
  7. One day i got an pack from trainner challenge and the game crashed, after restart the game the pack has vanished... i never call a support for this, but today a bug really annoy me: I already completed 2k points to get AZ FullArt, but didn't aPpear and i dont know why... PLEASE< ANYBODY COULD HELP ME ???
  8. In a weird game I played today I encountered the following strange game error: After some interesting strategies had been played in a game the following bizarre game error came to ruin the play: My opponent played the Seeker supporter and I was forced to take off one of my benched Pokémon. I decided to take away my damaged promo Celebi (with the Theta ability Stop Ancient Trait). But instead of taking it back into my hand (and thus moving away the damage) only the attached energy came back to my hand, Celebi stayed onto the bench with a couple of damage counters on it. Eventually I lost
  9. Can't play Versus, Tournaments, Trainer Challege, how to fix it? I check my Internet, repair and reinstall game, and again the same
  10. I just finish a match with LobboSolitario. [Good games] I was about to win, and all of sudden I cannot click on my active pokemon. I don't know if it third-party program hack or a glitch/bug but it pervented me from use any action of the active pokemon. I can't retreat or use any attacks. almost made me lost because of it. he conceded after some turns as pass. he defeated my active pokemon and i switch pokemon and still was unable to do anything. please fix this problem.
  11. Hello, I'd like to report a bug I just encountered. I was up against an all-electric deck in Versus Expanded mode and the opponent had a Magnezone-EX with Dual Bullet attack that kept hitting my Mewtwo-EX. With my active pokemon already having damage counters before Dual Bullet attacks came in (there was a Rough Seas stadium card in play), Damage Change should have transferred all of Mewtwo-EX's damage counters (80 damage the first time) when it happened. Instead, Damage Change was only able to transfer 40 damage at the time for 3 consecutive tries. Please look into it. Thanks!
  12. I've recently run into a bug while running a deck using Musharna, which messes up my strategy slightly. When I use Musharna's "Dream of Memories" attack on the Head Ringer card (Phantom Forces 97), Head Ringer is not retrieved from my discard pile. Additionally, sometimes other cards are not retrieved as well when Head Ringer is selected (I've encountered Dream of Memories randomly retrieving 0 cards or 1 card instead of 3 cards even when I select 3 cards, and this only happens when Head Ringer is selected). After more testing, I've found that this bug only occurs after I've attached
  13. I use Unlimited format in my friend VS matches, and I created a Mega Gardevoir deck in the Standard format. When I invoke a challenge to a friend, and the selector is in Unlimited format, the M Gardevoir deck is not available to be selected. When I change it back to Standard, it is then selectable. Could the number of decks I have available inhibit this, since the deck is onen of my newest decks?
  14. So here is a fun one. M-houndoom- 1 Burning energy, 1 Fire energy and Houndoom spirit link. VS Torkoal- 1 Fire energy. M-Houndoom goes to attack using inferno fang- Cannot attack. Well- You've done it again. Seems that downtime was really needed.
  15. sometimes my deck needs to redraw several times this time it took about one minute to draw a basic card to play and start the total time of the match was 00:01:33 I did not delay in any of the game prompts, from the start of the match I did not idle at all even for a second my mouse was moving a clicking constantly, yet the game ended because "I was inactive for too long" despite there being no prompt warning me of this
  16. If I concede, the game won't let me quit the match, i was in versus mode. The music keeps playing and it looks like its at a complete standstill. But the same thing happens if I win. I won a match, but the game just sat there. The only way for me to get out is to shut the game down, but then I dont get any rewards for winning. I want this fixed, because I dont want to join a tournament and have this happen to me.
  17. When my opponent used Random Receiver, I was inactive (the game then incorrectly stated that my opponent was inactive) and after 15 seconds of inactivity, the game froze.
  18. I have encountered my 4th bug in the past month: I was against a Lucario/Bats deck with my Florges EX deck. On my bench I had a Florges Break on top of a Florges (Breakthrough 103) with the Calming Aroma ability. In my active spot, I had a Florges EX with a Wonder Energy attached. No Hex Maniac had been played that turn, my opponent had a Lucario EX active, and I did not have a head ringer attached. However, upon trying to attack, I was unable to use Bright Garden, despite having the energy requirements to do so. I encountered a similar bug with Calming Aroma when my opponent was able
  19. I was playing against an opponnent that used metagross 48/98 Ancient Origin wich contain ability Magnetic Warp " Once during your turn (before your attack) You may switch your active pokemon with your benched pokemon , If you do , YOUR OPPONENT SWITCH HIS OR HER ACTIVE POKEMON AS WELL (This part of the ability was not effective at all)"
  20. Client: Server Client: Card: Florges Card Number: Flashfire #66 Expected Action: [brilliant Search] {Search your deck for up to 3 cards and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward}. So you should be able to SELECT 3 cards from your deck and DRAW them. Actual Action: You can select 3 cards to draw them, but when they come to your hand you get 3 RANDOM cards from your deck most of the time, so you can or can't draw the same cards you select. Steps to Reproduce: Evolve to Florges and use [brilliant Search]
  21. Hello! I purchased and traded for some new Milotic Sleeves/ Deck Boxes from the store in the bundle, but as you may have already noticed, the image for the Sleeve is blank and doesn't show up either in collection or in game. Also- the deck box doesn't work properly in Versus Mode and is instead replaced by the standard 'replacement' deck box on the gameplay mat. Hopefully you can fix these issues sometime in the near future. -Thanks Matthew
  22. I was playing a vs match and I played a sycamore, instead of discarding my hand and drawing 7 cards, it discarded 7 cards from my deck to the discard pile. It thankfully only happened once during the match and although I found it hilarious I would rather it not happen any time soon like in a tournament match or any match Any assistance is appreciated.
  23. Every time when im use super scoopup in my active Lugia Legends my mach broke and im cant send any other bench pokemon to active. Please fix this. Print:*********************************** Att.
  24. When I'm playing, I can no longer see a little tool tip telling me how many cards are left in my deck (or my opponents deck).
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