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  1. heartlesskey

    crash on end deck

    my game crashs when i would won by end deck
  2. First time this happened was actually to a few of my opponents and they typed bug into chat, Wasn't sure what was happening to them. Then finally it became my turn instead of them being defeated. Bug cleared but they lost their turn. Finally it happened to me, twice in a row. From what I've seen it happens both when I search my deck, or search my discard pile for energy specifically. Can't say this is happening for any types or searching, maybe others can chime in on that. Wont let me insert a pic anymore for some reason. But the freeze happens on the screen where you're actu
  3. Playing on PC. Using the water starter deck. Play the 'Rough Seas' card, pauses the battle and forces me to close the game and reopen it again.
  4. Steps to reproduce: Player 1 Active: Skarmory-ex with 3 Basic metal attached, no tool. Player 2 Active: Miltank FLF with 1 Basic psychic attached, rock guard attached. Player 1: Attack Miltank with Joust, which SHOULD discard the Rock Guard before doing damage. instead it does damage first and THEN discards Rock Guard, after Rock Guard has damaged Skarmory-ex.
  5. I had a hawlucha on full HP with a focus sash attached on the bench. My opponent played Lysandre and put Hawlucha as my active and then attacked it with Moonlight Slash using his Greninja BREAK. He returned a water energy to his hand for 80 dmg. The game displayed 80 dmg, and my Hawlucha was knocked out with Focus sash doing nothing. (Hawlucha was definitely on full hp) I have game log,... but it is too long. I lost game ty to this..
  6. I have noticed the following bugs: 1. Ho-Oh EX Purifying Fire isn't even an option to use when this Pokemon is active 2. Fighting Fury Belt doesn't show a detailed icon when attached to a Pokemon (like the others now do with the recent changes)- it just shows a generic "wrench" icon
  7. I am reporting that I attained the 1400 VS points on the ladder and did not receive the 600 coins. I will also be reporting via ask a question.
  8. when i go to versus and start to play 1 match i got discconect, but that happen just with versus, tournament or trades works Do u know why ?
  9. I've had the same starting hand seven times in a row (yes, I counted). I don't know if this is coincidence or not, but it's annoying, any ideas?
  10. I have question abot this attack Shadow Stitching : Until the end of your opponent's next turn, each Pokémon your opponent has in play, in his or her hand, and in his or her discard pile has no Abilities. (This includes cards that come into play on that turn.) When I use this attack next turn each of opponent's pokemon have no ability It should be like this but when my opponent use Lysandre switch my bench pokemon to become new active pokemon my opponent's pokemon can use ability I think it bug because this effect is on each of opponent's pokemon not on my Greninja and this attack don'
  11. tailssim

    Coin toss crash.

    I don't quite know why but since I started playing pokemon tcg each ad every time that I win a coin toss at the beginning of a game. Windows tells me that the program has stopped working and that it must shut down the game. And if the other player wins it, the game goes on and everything goes well. P.S.: I'm on Windws 10 and client version is 2.34.1
  12. Hello, I've just played a game in Standard-Mode. The opponent took some time with their first turn and the 15s countdown started. It got cancelled and started again after some time. The second timer went down to 0 but nothing happened. I waited for any reaction but the opponents overall timer went from 25 min down to 0, yet nothing happened at all. I can't even concede the game because the button is greyed out. The chat didn't work either (I sent a message but it never showed up). The "Connection"-Icon was flashing the whole time showing a questionmark. My network connection was fine as I've
  13. Daily challenge requirements are not met by participating in regular versus matches. Is this how it is suposed to be? Bonus: Why are break cards and mega evolutions not displayed horizontally in the collection and card viewer??!! We have to turn our heads to see them.
  14. I may have discovered a bug with the Wind Charm ability on Suicune (BREAKpoint 30): I was playing against someone with Gengar (BREAKthrough 60). My opponent used Sinister Fog: However, Wind Charm blocked the damage to my benched Pokémon. Wind Charm also blocked the effect of Creep Show on Gengar (BREAKthrough 60): Are these both bugs? Unfortunately, I forgot to save the game log before exiting the game.
  15. So i was playing agains a fairy deck, He had xerneas ex out and i had skarmory(the one that does 30 more dmg if there is a stadium in play). The only ability on his bench was klifkey that increases resitance two -40. As i see it my attack should have done 60x2 = 120 dmg. But instead it just did 60??? Is this a bug?
  16. Weakness doesn't get applied your next turn when using Pachirisu's Trick Sticker attack.
  17. While playing a game, I noticed that Float Stone (PLF) still displays the generic wrench pip from client 2.34 despite the rest of the tools using the card art pip as intended. I don't know if the bug also applies to the BKT Float Stone or not Edit* Its float stone, not hard charm
  18. May have to do with when I evolve the Pokemon: Fighting fury no longer has any effect.
  19. I have got a BIG problem with my latest deck. It's based on 3 Primal Kyogre-EX. The Tidal Storm attack clearly says "Move 2 energies from this Pokémon to 1 of your Benched Pokémon". Well, in my first matches everything seemed alright. But later on some strange things happened. I select the attack, then I select the Pokémon that should have Primal Kyogre's energies. Then, I also select 2 energies attached to Kyogre that will be moved. But REALLY often, those 2 energies got discarded instead of being moved to the Benched Pokémon. I thought it could have been a bug involving the Double Colorl
  20. Dangerous energy has not been applying the 20 dmg to attacking pokemon. I have only noticed this when a card from the wave slasher theme deck is on the opp's bench. The energy was still on the first card it had been put on; there was no pulling from discard or switching via y-cyclone or any other means.
  21. I was in a match against someone who had Lugia LEGEND out as their active Pokémon; on their bench they had Shaymin (HS-Unleashed 8/95), Keldeo-EX (BC-142/149), Ho-Oh-EX (DRX-119/124) and Celebi (X&Y Promo). I put Virbank City Gym onto the game mat and I played Hypnotoxic Laser. Upon ending my round, my opponents Lugia LEGEND only received 10 damage from being poisoned instead of 30 as though Virbank City Gym was never played. On my side of the mat was: Espeon (PF-48/116 - This was my active Pokémon), Ariados (AO-6/98) and Virizion-EX (PB-96/101).
  22. I can't tell you how many times I've been ready to close out a match when the game freezes. It's nothing to do with my internet as I have no issues getting to the forums or other web pages. It's the communication with the servers. Can we please get this fixed? It gets really old losing a game I'm about to win!
  23. Shadowz_Wealth

    The New Timer is a Bug

    I keep auto conceding games because I can't get the count-down timer to stop ticking. Even when I play a card, the darn game jumps to the opponents turn. Bring back the old timer please. Some turns are complex and take more than 45 seconds to plan correctly-- even for advanced players. Forcing me to play just one card in order to stop the timer can ruin my whole turn.
  24. Not correct rewards are placed in the Tournaments. Both 4 Entry and 6 Entry Tournaments 6 Ticket Tournaments Missing 1st place chests 2nd place chest 3rd place chest 5-8th place 25 Coins and Chest.
  25. JohnamonT

    Game crashing

    After the game update, whenever I play a versus match and the game ends, the software crashes back to the desktop. so far, it's only when I play a versus match and the match ends that the crashes are happening.
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