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  1. My Xerneas EX will not show up in my decks when I play, as in it makes it seem like it isn't even in the deck. I have checked, it is in the deck, it also says 60 cards in the deck when I play. Even when I play the card Pokemon Fan Club (Search your deck for up to 2 Basic Pokemon, reveal them, and put them in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.) it will not show up. I have checked Xerneas EX is a basic pokemon.
  2. Druddigon did not receive the correct amount of damage from the first Garchomp attack. Here is the game log for reference. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Zycop flipped 0 coins resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now Zycop's turn (Turn #1). 3. PitifulKnight drew Hawlucha. 4. Zycop drew a card. 5. PitifulKnight drew Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 6. Zycop drew a card. 7. PitifulKnight drew Focus Sash. 8. Zycop drew a card. 9. PitifulKnight drew VS Seeker. 10. Zycop drew a card. 11. PitifulKnight drew Ultra Ball. 12. Zycop drew a card. 13. PitifulKnight drew Fightin
  3. Xerneas' Geomancy attack will not allow you to search your deck for the special "Wonder Energy", however, the attack does not say a 'basic energy', it simply shows the Fairy symbol. On the other hand, Aromatisse's Fairy Transfer ability allows you to move the Wonder Energy around from one pokemon to another. That attack also simply shows the fairy symbol. As the Wonder Energy does in fact use the Fairy Symbol, it ought to be searchable via Xerneas' Geomancy. This needs to be fixed.
  4. When you play Delinquent your opponent has the choice of waiting for ever until you force close the game (you can not even concede) or he picks the cards that he wants to discard. The 15 second timer pops up but when it reaches zero it just disappear and you keep waiting...
  5. When playing an Evosoda (on an iPod Air 2) I am frequently getting a hang. After selecting the Pokemon to upgrade with the game doesn't respond to the 'Done' button. I can usually still send a message to the other player. This has happened to me many times costing me several versus matches and is quite annoying as I need to quit the game and restart the application. I have also had this, though less frequently, with Brigette cards, which are a similar dialog. Also note that from the iPad I could not seem to easily be able to enter 'Topic Tags'. I had to enlarge the field and click on it se
  6. I can't attack on some turns. Seems to be random. My card will just shake and then not attack. I have lost to many games to this, it needs to be fixed.
  7. Versus Rewards aren't showing up for me. I have 365 Points and should also have; 225 coins, Celebi-EX, 5 Uncommon Chests, Nincada + Ninjask, Skiploom line, and 2 tickets. 365 Points> ************************* Identification + Proof of earning Celebi-EX> ************************* No Celebi-EX in my binder> *************************
  8. I was in a theme deck battle in vs mode (my opponent had XY blue deck vs my XY red basic deck). Out of nowhere after his active Froakie with a Muscle Band attached to it used the 2nd attack against my Furret with a Hard Charm attached first of all no damage was added which I noticed later on (should have done 20 as Muscle Band and Hard Charm cancelling each other). Then as I thought it was my turn nothing happened, I didn't draw a card. No button was there to click and none of my cards in hand showed anything that I could do with them while I had playable cards for the turn. Instead my timer
  9. oponent used a zoroark hability to stand in and a ex previosly attacked by dialga ex with first attack attacked normally. deoxys effect of second attack worn off when it switched for bench.
  10. i can see my all of my theme decks execpt hs: basic red i have 24 overall wins with that deck. i thinks it is bugged
  11. I can't redeem my boosters packs (Break Point collection) after complete Acid Drain challenge . Same in the versus ladder... (980 points) Eu estava tentando cumprir o desafio diário e então após uma vitória minha progressão Contra pulou para os 980 pontos o que me daria 3 packs BKP, porém não os recebi e logo após cumprir a missão de causar 3000 de danos com pokémon psíquico eu também não recebi os 2 packs prometidos da coleção Break Point.
  12. I was just in the middle of a standard battle testing the ground deck I built and I saved the log because something seems to have bugged. At 96 I sent out my fully healed Garchomp equipped with a fighting fury belt and a strong energy. When he used bite-off it only did 80 + 20 for the strong energy when it should have done an additional 10 for the belt. Then at 108 my enemies Haxorus used dragon pulse and knocked out my Garchomp with 130 damage except that my Garchopmp have had 170hp because of the belt. This is when I was forced to conceded a match that I should have won. I say i sho
  13. I was just in a VS battle in Expanded mode, and a few times I used Togekiss-EX's attack Mighty Wind: "20 damage, You may attach an energy card from your hand to one of your benched Pokemon". Each time I used this attack, I chose an energy (fairy and double colorless at different times) and then chose the benched Pokemon to attach it to. However, as my turn ended and the opponent's turn began, the energy had not attached from my hand to the Pokemon I chose. I have had this card in my collection for a while, but just now built a deck with it (I had reason to use Fairy after trading for the gorge
  14. On Versus, everytime I start a match it crashes even before the coin flip and the "defeated" screen appears. A friend of mine is also having this problem so it seems to be a game bug.
  15. Doesn't happen consistently, but when it does: It says it's waiting for the player to make a move Talking to the other player reveals their screen says it's your turn Both players are unable to concede because the concede button is either not clickable, or clickable and does nothing Only way to exit the match (as you can't progress) is to close the game
  16. While browsing my discard pile to use my second exeggcute´s ability the game got "stuck". The "done" button seemed able to be clicked, but nothing happened and no cards were shown. The only thing I could do was to surrender. This happened like 3 times already in the week.
  17. I met an opponent with an all energy deck, and he keeps drawing a new hand untill someone forfeits. Why is this possible?
  18. I was just in a match (around 12:10 AM until 12:35 AM EST) that I suddenly lost. I was so shocked that I just clicked through, without checking for the reason. I didn't concede, my opponent didn't get a last prize card, and I still had pokemon on my bench. What are the other loss conditions? If there's none, how did I lose? THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN RESOLVED, THERE IS NO BUG
  19. Sometimes when my boyfriend is playing, using a psychic deck (mew two ex, mega mew two ex), against another psychic deck, the weakness isn't working? Like he will hit a hoopa ex (which has a psychic weakness, I do understand some psychic Pokemon have dark weakness instead), with his mega mew two ex, and just do a regular amount of damage instead of doubled like it should. It's happened on a few occasions now, and we checked all abilities and cards in play, and there was nothing changing weakness. Thanks for your help and time
  20. If you use a card, a ability, or something that interact with another thing; game shows you the things that you can use it for with green borders. But if you use Palkia EX's Aqua Turbo attack, even prize cards, enemy's deck, enemy's prize card, enemy's hand (what?) seems like usable to pick 2 water energy from. But just tried to attach a energy from my hand and it worked. Didn't try another thing.
  21. So I noticed two glitches in the past few days, first being when my Skarmory EX(80/146 XY) uses Joust on a opponents pokemon that has Lucky Helmet attached. Now Lucky Helmet says that when damage is dealt to the active pokemon it is attached to, that owner draws two cards. Well Joust says that "Before doing damage, discard all Pokemon Tool cards attached to your opponent's active Pokemon." When I used this on my opponent, they still got to draw the cards even though I never did the damage that would let them use the tool's ability. I don't entirely know what code would be needed to be added i
  22. I was playtesting a Spinda PRC/Mew-EX/Haxorus BT deck, and it was brought to my attention that Haxorus' attack should only affect itself. However it was affecting Mew-EX (who copied the attack).
  23. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes when I'm viewing my opponents discard pile (usually after they use a card to return things from the discard pile) I get stuck viewing it after my opponent removes a card(s). I noticed it's a result of a "page" of their discard going away as I am still browsing it and the only card(s) on the last page are removed. The "Done" button then becomes unresponsive. I consider this a huge issue as I lose games otherwise winnable to an annoying game bug. Return the discard pile to a slider rather than pages and it shouldn't happen again.
  24. I played Giovanni's Scheme when I had over 5 cards, it allowed me to pick the (only) valid choice. However, I did not get the 20 extra to KO the Metagross. Extra log will be posted in reply. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Clear_ZERO flipped 0 coins resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now kaktuskanin's turn (Turn #1). 3. Clear_ZERO drew Seismitoad-EX. 4. kaktuskanin drew a card. 5. Clear_ZERO drew Silent Lab. 6. kaktuskanin drew a card. 7. Clear_ZERO drew Fighting Fury Belt. 8. kaktuskanin drew a card. 9. Clear_ZERO drew Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper Gear.
  25. decks after new update they bug and when you choose they for battle they dont enter and its looking for opponent forever and close game after it. and still about decks decks run forever when you want to choose then for battle after a battle
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