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  1. Today I tried out the new Legacy format with an old deck that included Dusknoir with the SInister Hand ability to rearrange damage on opponents Pokémon. So what I thought was my last turn I rearranged the damage on the opponents active EX-Pokémon, I clicked on done with Dusknoir's ability and thought I can attack for the game. In the last moment Instead I realized a Special Energy gave the opponent a damage protecting by 10 - so I wanted then before the attack to put the last needed damage counter on it but I wasn't able to select its Sinister Hand ability again. The card wasn't there
  2. So i just had my opponent on the ropes, he had a mega manectric with about 80hp on the field and a tyranitar on the bench. There were only 3 reward cards left for me to claim. I had a dragnonite (delta plus - pick +1 reward for knockouts) on the field equiped with a silver badge. On the bench I had an altaria with the +20 dmg ability. I used Heavy Impact and hit the mega manectric for 200 dmg (which should be 120hp overkill). Due to delta plus ability + EX i should have gained the remaining 3 prizes and won the game. To my surprise the message DEFEAT pops up and I don't even
  3. Since today's update every battle I have finished has been buggy I will not get returned to the versus ladder screen or the tournament brackets Edit: fixed
  4. There seems to be a bug with the first ability of the Yveltal from the bundle last week. When selecting it to perform an attack, the description comes up as a line of programming code instead of the actual description for the attack.
  5. This issue was there as a rare issue in the previous version, but the latest version of the client crashes after a game of vs mode, in any format, if a mystery box was earned. rewards are still received, in which i might add they are pretty good. This only happens in vs mode, and nowhere else
  6. Hello fellow pokemon fans.. After having updated TCG online to the latest version, I could not play any more matches with my Florges Ex (Phantom Forces, 116,119) as the game crashes immediately every time I click on it when it's my active pokemon. I tried about 7 times in a row. After clicking on Florges Ex a pop-up shows up in an instant, saying the program isn't working anymore. I have no other choice but to shut it down by force. This happens to be the case during versus mode as well as testing the deck. I did not check on other modes, but it's quite safe to assume that this issue conc
  7. Jgamer1126

    Crashes Everywhere

    The game keeps lagging everytime I use a card that searches for cards (Ex:Skyla) And soon the game pauses and then it shuts down my game and brings me to my home screen. I'm reporting this problem due to the disadvantages I get in tournaments because every time it does this it just makes my opponent have a free rodeo to just destroy my deck when not even seing the real deal. Hopefully you developers may notice this and improve this reliability issue. (This is also in effect in my game in versus mode)
  8. I just finished a game where all the coin flips were heads (including the opening coin flip). My opponent kept using trash tentacle to bring back his crushing hammer, and every time he used it, it was heads. He must have used it about 8 times. I realize this could have been coincidence, but all other coin flips (Professor Birch) were heads as well. I can't play another game right now, but I will play later tonight and update if this is still the case in other games.
  9. I have fairy garden up and when I switch my active Pokemon for Aromatisse, Aromatisse can't retreat and I have 3 fairy energy on her.
  10. Client: Card: Hydreigon-EX Card Number: Roaring Skies 62 / 108 Expected Action: Pokemon attempts to retreat, and is required to pay one energy. The ability should only allow it to retreat for one energy (as opposed to three) Actual Action: Hydreigon retreats for free, without attaching energy. Steps to Reproduce: Have a Hydreigon-EX attempt to retreat in the presence of a stadium (particularly, Parallel City, where the opponent has limited bench spots, and the Hydreigon's team deals less damage for grass, fire, and water type pokemon) Game Log available for analy
  11. I was in the tournament and My opponent was inactive but When I was active and waited long time and 0 second remaining then, my opponent was inactive for too long but it treats my opponent collected all prize card can you fix this and my time went down when it's not even my turn and I lost Please fix it.
  12. So I was just doing a match in versus mode, when I saw an interesting visual bit that threw me off. "Jolteon-EX used Resistance Blizzard and did 40 damage to SilverLeafeon's Regice." The two actives were an Ancient Origins Regice (Resistance Blizzard) on my side, and a Generations Jolteon-EX on my opponents side. He's the first to use an attack, and he uses Swift, which it displays as swift. After I had enough energy on my regice, I began to use Resistance Blizzard. Next time he used swift however, the move was displayed as "Resistance Blizzard". Now it still had all the same effects of Jolt
  13. Hello. About 2 months ago this bug come to me with updates. Many russian players have this bug too. I thought what developers fix it fast, but now it still. When i push versus mode, on start, when i throw the coin, game is crashed and closed. I can't play at all! 2 months i mute. Now i write there. Who write this code? Who test this updates? Why updates contain such critical bugs, which deprive people of the opportunity to play? dismiss the bad programmers, testers dismiss bad. Dial has finally normal development team !!!
  14. When trying to load the versus mode. Selecting which deck you want to use is all fine. The only issue is that it takes forever to look for opponents. The game just seems to be loading endlessly.
  15. I tried to surrender a game when I got to my 7th hand with no basic pokemon in it. The deck has basic pokemon, but I decided that the game wasn't worth playing if my opponent was going to get their pick of as many free draws as they wanted. However, instead of quitting, the game continued to shuffle my hand back in and redraw, without prompting. When I tried to concede again, it was grayed out. Disabled. I had to force the game to close to break out.
  16. there is something wrong with Mega Sceptile effect , when someone uses their poekmon ability on Mega Sceptile like Malamar ex , hypno , victreebel , bat's . it comes thru the effect , and i lost to a tournament round cus my opponent malamar ex all of sudden put my mega sceptile alseep when it not suppose too go thru the effect of mega sceptile , but the other time , mega sceptile didnt had no problem like that , now it does, it suppose to prevent it from the opponent ability , can you please check it out for your self , play a couple games of it and glitches out of no where try fixing it ple
  17. i picked tierno and it give me clampel i have no others suporters or cards that trade the order of cards and opponent too
  18. it just freezes just before rewarding me with a prize! but still lets me access sidebar (not post msgs tho) its done this two or three times now ? animations/Sound still continue, the program just seems to forget what to do next! am loosing prizes and patients now ?! its also logged me out, a few times, with network loss as well, even tho am on a desktop with a wired connection, that hasn't reported a loss of connection! ***side-note:*** please include an option (at least) to go back to the old navigation/layout/UI this is great for tablets and touch screen pcs but not desktops. LESS IS MORE
  19. In Versus mode, I played against someone who had a Shaymin EX active while I had my Trevenant BREAK active. I had a Bursting Balloon attached to Trevenant and my opponent had 6 damage counters on his Shaymin EX. My opponent used Sky Return on my Trevenant, an action that should have triggered Bursting Balloon and knocked the Shaymin EX out. However, instead my opponents Shaymin was not only not knocked out, but returned to my opponents hand without taking any damage from Bursting Balloon. Additionally, going into my turn, Bursting Balloon did not discard, but remained attached to my Trevenant
  20. fury belt is given 20 damage more than its really do. the game crash all time that i choose a deck and after i end a battle. please i love this game and want to play every day but all times it dont let me play and crash just for choose the deck fix it
  21. Well I was playing a game in vs mode, and had a wobbuffet active, the opponent used wally to evolve into Noivern turn one, and when I tried to attack I had to flip a coin for every attack, however wobbuffet should have stopped this ability from being active
  22. I was playing a theme vs. just now, both of us with the XY Basic Blue deck, and during one of my turns it was impossible for me to use its water shuriken ability, despite having one water energy in my hand. I could attach this energy to another pokemon, but I couldn't use it with the ability. It did work immediately the following turn (I had drawn another energy and both were available for use), but the prevention of being able to use that ability at a critical time lead directly to a loss a few turns later which makes this sort of thing extremely frustrating. I know it wasn't an opponent
  23. When I play game I'm click my discard Pile When I click done I does nothing and I lost That also happens When I play a card the it keep staying there and when I'm try to move it it just won't move and I also lost the game I also tried to click it lots of time but it won't go
  24. The recall attack has been working fine when I used it, that is until I faced an opponent who played Shrine of Memories. With shrine out and 1 energy on my charizard, when I click on Charizard, recall shows up as a selectable attack and call for support was off to the left. I selected recall so I could choose to use charmeleon's slash attack, but charizard just skipped straight to the no effect "whif" that pokemon do when nothing happens. I suspect that it has something to do with how shrine reads "you must have the necessary energy", but even then I should still have been able to
  25. Client: Card: Espeon Ex (Breakpoint 117 / 122), Rayquaza-Ex (XY Promo 73,) Mega Rayquaza-Ex (RoSk 61/108) Expected Action: Mega Rayquaza would be put back into my hand, leaving Rayquaza-Ex on the field, and one on the bench. All energies attached would be there, attached to the active Rayquaza-Ex, along with its item (Head Ringer.) Actual Action: It appeared that the two cards (Rayquaza-Ex and M-Rayquaza-Ex split, and went out of play - not into the hand, the discard pile, or the bench. All items attached went away as well. Steps to Reproduce: Have Rayquaza-Ex, with a head ringer
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