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  1. lorsque je gagne à pile ou face au début d'une partit le jeux s'arête donc je dois de perdre pour que la partie continue et il y a aussi lorsque mon majespique a que 2 energie sur lui et que j'attaque où mon jeu crash
  2. DonBabuel

    Game freezes in Tournaments

    My game has just froze in 3 tournament matches in a row, resulting in losses because of relogs and ending turns without doing anything. Then I have played multiple games in the versus ladder with the same deck and it worked just fine. Anybody know why that happened? My internet connection worked fine throughout all of the games. This is very frustrating. It seems to be on the trigger of the dynamotor ability from Eelektrik.
  3. This is a weird one. A game started I discovered I would have to redraw. I say OK, the opponent plays something to his side. The timer then stops at 24:50 (mine at 24:56), and it stayed there, with his turn flashing. The "hurry up" clock came up numerous times, but he isn't doing anything (likely unable), I'm not doing anything (it's not my turn!), and we're in suspended animation. After chat messages from me asking what was going on, I noticed the Concede button was blacked out on my game, suggesting he had already closed out; I also am unable to chat as anything I send is lost right
  4. tulkas_us

    give me my points bag bug

    Today before the maintance i complete 590 points in the versus mode but i don't recipe the 225 points for this. What happen with that?
  5. When I click the discard pile then I click done but It won't go away I keep clicking it still it wont :( :( ,and I can't end my turn I was in the tournament and I lost Thanks to that. Please fix this quickly If you think it's a known bug show me a url that send to it ------------------------ OS: Windows 10 Pro Drive (C:\): 148 GB Free or 256 GB anything wrong with these post it please? -----------------------
  6. every time i play legacy game,when i have multiple decks, i have to pick the deck, or it will systematically choose the first one as default. it cant save my choice as in the other modes.
  7. I was in a game and played Landorus ex's attack lands judgement and game froze and my turn ended even though my internet was perfectly fine, a turn later i played N and my hand never shuffled and my turn ended once again when my internet was fine. please fix this game breaking bug im trying to do the legacy challenge and get 2 bc but cant win any games when this happens to me. UPDATE: HAPPENED TO ME AGAIN WITH N
  8. Browsing around the game requires me to load and reload my card cache multiple times. My hand, discard pile, deck, and prize cards have to load and reload constantly during a match. Sometimes before a match, my avatar and opponent's avatar loads fully then other matches, they fail to. After the match, I have to wait for my cards and avatar to load before clicking done or else the match will not leave resulting in me restarting the entire game. Please help.
  9. Client: Server Version: Card: Garbodor Card Number: Break Point #57 Expected: Garbodor ability ending (and it didn't). Garbotoxin: "If this Pokémon has a Pokémon tool card attached to it, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Garbodor ). Garbodor ability Garbotoxin was being used by my opponent with Garbodor in bench and a Float Stone (Break Through #137) attached. I used a Startling Megaphone to remove all tools from opponent's pokémon (FFB in active Seismitoad EX and Float Stone
  10. When opening a Prize Box from the Versus Mode prize wheel. The application will Crash, i.e. the App dies as ie Task had been killed. It happens 90%f the time opening boxes. I see this on 3 Different machines, all running Windows 10 64 bit, one tablet and two Laptops. If there is a "debug" version of the game, or debug switches that can be enabled to produce log information please let me know. PitBull
  11. I'm fed up with this random disconnections in versus mode, why this always happen? Is the system biased towards me? This always happen when i'm about to win, just why? Why this keeps happening? I have more enjoyment playing against npc's, because in versus these disconnections are unbelievably ridiculous. This is what we get after 2 extended maintenances? Like c'mon do something about this please it's annoying and i enjoy playing this game.
  12. Hello I have had many issues with my pokemon discarding energy after I retreat, or being unable to retreat despite Skyarrow Bridge being out. It has cost me a couple tournament finals because I wasn't able to use Energy switch after I retreated. Quite frustrating.
  13. So I was just playing some versus today and i found something extremely weird, I was playing in Expanded format with a Seismitoad-EX Deck of mine against a TrevenantBreak deck, and on the course of that match, I had a Virbank Gym Stadium in play while my Seismitoad-EX was the active pokemon, and then I used Hypnotoxic Laser on the TrevenantBreak in play of my opponent (yes i cancelled his ability with Garbotoxin) and then both the display and the actual damage of the poison were 5 Counters at a time, and there were no cards played that could have done this. If its needed I copied the log t
  14. Hi. When you win a tournament and then win versus battle you see results of last tournament instead contents of giftbox (everytime). Please fix it.
  15. This event is hard to describe. Basically what happens is you lose the option to do anything with a card - hovering over them no longer gives you the option to attack, retreat, etc. I've had cases where I could play a card from my hand but that didn't last long either. I'm forced to concede games I'm winning which is really frustrating. I'd attach a screenshot, but the site doesn't let me..
  16. I happen to use a Virizion Genesect deck in expanded format. I just noticed that Skyarrow Bridge isn't working and bugged. The effect of the stadium card does not come in play, it requires me to pay the retreat cost of my pokemon. I hope this bug gets fixed. Thank you!
  17. I have been playing Beautifly with the Miraculous Scales ability. It has been pretty invulnerable against most EX Pokémon. However, a GengarEX was able to place damage counters on it using his Night Attack. (he did have the choice to place the counters on any on my Pokémon, but he should have been prevented from damaging my Beautifly. Also the GengarEX was able to poison the Beautifly with the Dark Corridor attack (although the 60 damage was prevented) Thanks
  18. Before the match, the avatar looks funny. Sometimes, it is a glitch graphic or no avatar at all on either player. After this, it takes a lot of time to load the game. During the game, my avatar fails to load on the box above my username (just blank) This occur frequently after the March 31 patch. How can I post the screenshot here?
  19. I just won a match, the first after I had completed all the Prize boxes on the Versus Wheel, guaranteed prize I thought this time. No it showed up a wheel with all the prizes taken. How do I get a prize like I should have done? Just to make it worse the app crashed after displaying the match **************** Please give me the prize I am owned. OK just happened again, I grabbed a screenshot this time PitBull
  20. I’m reporting this as a card bug because I believe that’s what it probably is, but I’m honestly not sure if it is the card or the game. Out of the two times this has happened today both started when I had Typhlosion in play and had just used the Afterburner poke-power. At random times, the game will stop responding and prevents me from playing cards, using abilities, attacking, and retreating. Attempting to play a trainer card only results in it sitting on the game mat for a few moments before returning to my hand, and the same happens for energies. The only action that the game does not
  21. since the new update i am not able to use my unlimited decks, instead of unlimited the legacyoption is there.Please fix this.
  22. So I just won 225 Tokens as a reward from getting 590 VP. Unfortunately, I still have 488 Tokens while I should have over 700. Does it take time to add or did something terrible happen?
  23. I played a game in Legacy and then the following thing happened: I evolved into Ninetales and the moment the card was played I should have been asked if I want to switch a benched Pokémon from my opponent into active slot due to ability. But this hadn't happened. Instead the game went the opposite of sane. 1. I couldn't click on anything anymore the whole turn. The timer for 15 seconds started and I didn't lost immediately the time went by but my opponents turn started. He played the cards of his choice and attacked. 2. Then at the beginning of my turn after I drew one card the game asked
  24. Whenever I get a new notification due to pop up on the screen, or at least finished tournaments and reward boxes from the prize wheel it's putting up with the results from the first tournament I completed today instead of the contents of the boxes or what I received from participating in the tournament. While it is nice to know I won a tournament (it was more annoying yesterday when I only came second in my first tournament of the day), I'd actually like to see what I've currently received without the extra two clicks going into notification history to open up what was meant to have popped
  25. After this recent maintenance break, battles are completely broken. I play a card, but it simply wont work. I restarted the game, my computer, my router, and everything multiple times, to no avail. It lost me a tournament immediately (6 pack legacy), due to me not being able to even PLAY a card. please help!!!!
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