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  1. jbcheshire

    Carbink and Silent Lab

    I attacked the Carbink with safeguard ability that had been evolved into the BREAK with my Lucario EX. I had placed down a Silent Lab wchich should have negated his ability, but it did not and my attack did nothing. Anyone else see this?
  2. Oh-Rion

    Game Glitched

    I was in the middle of a battle, when I used a move that allowed me to add 3 cards to my hand. Of the 3 cards I selected, only 1 was added to my hand. One other random card was added to my hand, and no third card. After that, it never let me do anything when it was my turn. Nothing was highlighted, I couldn't click on anything, and it would give me the 15 seconds left warning and switch to my opponent. I ended up having to quit the game. It really made me mad because I was winning with only 1 prize card left to collect.
  3. Ok this bug always seems to come back in some iteration. When clicking too fast on the opponent's discard bug, sometimes part of your screen gets locked in with a "stacked view" glitch - preventing you from looking at either of the discard piles. Quite the annoying bug
  4. I was playing a game in versus mode, I was winning and then my opponent let their turn timer run down. For some reason their timer kept running doiwn and not ending their turn, then I noticed my timer was running down too. I couldn't use the chat function. The concede option was blacked out. Both clocks ran out but we are still in the game.
  5. Silent Lab Shouldn't be shutting down Magnetic Circuit. I would post video evidence, but i can't.
  6. Hey there, After playing a few matches against other players, I noticed that whenever a player chose Evolution cards via Eevee (Plasma Freeze 90)'s Signs of Evolution they would go straight to my opponent's hand without being revealed despite the card text saying so. I've been in a few matches where this has occurred and I'm starting to feel as if it's a bit unfair.
  7. Hello, i played a game against a night march player who played "battle compressor". While he searched for the cards to discard, i looked into his graveyard to see what he get there. After "battle compressor" resolved my game "glitched" and i got this "DONE" Windows apparing 24/7 on my Screen. (i would like to upload a image here ~~) I still could click on my cards and go on first, even i couldn't close the "DONE" window. I also couldn't look in my or my opponent's graveyard. After some turn i draw cards and ended in playing "Shaymin-EX". The effect of Shaymin-EX didn't appeared and i
  8. juani_gamer

    Bug Keldeo-ex Rush In

    When i sometimes use the hability of keldeo "rush in" the game freezes
  9. Ashlynx

    Mulligan Hardlock

    The game hardlocked when it thought I had a basic pkmn to start with when I didn't. I believe it has something to do with my opponent timing out. Opponent went first They place a pokemon to start I didnt have a basic pkmn They timed out when placing a benched pkmn The game then asked me to place a basic I couldn't even concede Here is the log if it is useful Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Ashlynx flipped 0 coins resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now Ashlynx's turn (Turn #1). 3. Sworupp drew a card. 4. Ashlynx drew Ultra Ball. 5. Sworupp drew a card. 6. Ashlynx
  10. I use the PC client. Was just playing a Versus Ladder challenge and my carbink (with the ability Safegaurd) was hit by Manaphy's Mineral Pump for 60 damage. No Hex Maniac or any other card was played that would have negated his ability. ************************ If a mod wants to email me I can send a link to the game log. It won't let me post it here.
  11. Mega manectric's turbovolt should only accelerate both energy onto 1 pokemon. but with the fates collide update it now is able to split the 2 energy between 2 pokemon.
  12. PrideSP

    Can't see cards

    I know I posted this but it's getting worse. More and more cards and becoming invisible. I'm starting to not be able to play. Please fix this bug already.
  13. I'm playing a game where I attached fighting belt and the hp boost was ignored and it cost me the game. I'm on andriod tablet. What gives?
  14. Usuario020

    Skyarrow broke

    skyarrow does not reduce the retreat cost of pokemon put into play if the stadium is already active. pokemon that are present before the stadium gets played do get the retreat cost reduction.
  15. Last night I was playing a tournament against someone. He used a Battle Compressor and I went to inspect his discard pile. Right as I inspected it, he discarded the cards and when I went out of the pile, the UI for inside the pile (minus the cards) stayed on screen. This affected me in the following ways: - Was unable to use Shaymin EX ability when played to my bench - Was unable to select any 'Done' prompts including to complete my turn - Was unable to select cards to discard from Ultra Ball, resulting in my turn being forfeited as well as the Ultra Ball I have a screenshot if
  16. Not sure if it's working as intended, but when attacking with a muscle band attached to your pokemon, and the opponent has a hard charm attached to their active pokemon, the attack still does 20 more than the base damage. It's as if the hard charm effect doesn't apply when a muscle band is active. Again not sure if this is intended to work this way, but I'm unsure and thought it was worth posting.
  17. i had my opponent winning the coin flip for the game start and his blue totodile coin stay in the middle of the game blocking the view on my active pokemon as well as the view of half my opponent active pokemon . plz fix this
  18. x-Z-IE-R-O-x

    [GAME] Unable to do ANYTHING

    Ok this is getting out of hand. I'm not sure if it's only in Legacy format but I'm running into bugs left and right. This time, in Legacy, I first used Eelektrik's Dynamotor ability to attach a lightning energy onto a benched Zekrom and after doing so, I couldnt attach an energy for my turn (I had a basic and several specials in hand). I got desperate when time got called to make a move, so I tried playing a Colress in my hand, and although it went onto the board it never triggered the animation of reshuffling my hand into my deck and/or drawing cards. Instead, the timer finished ticking, it p
  19. I managed to win a tournament, and then I played two versus (extended) matches. I won both time, but I didn't get any gift (yes, the wheel stopped on an unused place), I only got the tournament's results screen again. (but not the gifts ) I didn't restart the program though. By the way I've never got the same amount of token that the wheel's needle showed me. Sometimes is more, sometime is less.
  20. CatzDaMeow

    Tournament/Mystery Box Bug?

    In versus, when i finish a match and get the spin for a mystery box, when i exit the end game screen to get the box reward, instead of something from the box the game pulls up the results from my last tournament. When i X that out there is no box screen; it's like a didn't get the box at all. Not sure why this is happening or how to fix it.
  21. I've encountered an issue last night when attempting to use Greninja Breaks 'Giant Water Shuriken' ability (discard a water energy to place 6 damage counters) - my regular stage 2 'Water Shuriken' Greninja is able to use that ability - but even with the break card evolution on top the 'Giant Water Shuriken' ability just plain doesn't show up when Greninja Break is selected. This resulted in several frustrating losses that should have been easy victories.
  22. I lose ability to use any cards or actions after using Dark Impulse ability. I copied that game data and the game id Current Game ID: 15a52440-0******************************opefully it helps fix my fun deck!
  23. All right, where to begin...let's just start with a record of my play this evening after I got back online. I won't go into the problems I had logging in (freezing at 34% several times) this afternoon as I assume a bug was being worked on at the time and that possibly led to the problem. This evening (the 25th actually, I write this at 1:30 AM on the 26th), I logged in and went to play a few games to try to clean off my remaining bonus prizes. I won three times, and failed (seriously, the mechanics of this need to change, BTW, as versus isn't very rewarding as it is anymore outside of ladd
  24. For some reason the past 4 games on the spinning wheel at the end when you win I've gotten the "?" with a green tick, which usually means something will get given to me, but all these 4 last games nothing get's given to me, no pack, no bonus money , nothing :/
  25. I got a full art pokemon card but upon viewing you can't see the pokemon. I am aware that there is a card like this in real life but when viewing with the arrows it makes all my other cards go very dark. Frozen graphics, always happened when I'm about town a game!! On my turn it will freeze and the only thing I can do is exit the game or go on chat. And finally the prize glitch, if I have won a tourney game the prize always comes up later which is fine, but when I win a game on Versus the tourney prize comes up and I do not receive my game prize. Iv lost out on 3 booster packs so far. Get
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