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  1. I have the screen shoot of the log from my game today. Trevenant Break with Trevenant Forest Curse was my active Pokemon. Opponent has a Seismetoad active. Opponent does not play a Hex Man during either of his turns that this happened but he did play a Hex Man 3 turns prior to this......... He proceeds to play several Energy Switch, Max Elixer, VS Seeker and Ultra Balls during his turn while Trevenant is active, again Hex Man wasn't used. On the Next turn, while Trevenant is still active, he continues to use more Item cards. Again Hex Man wasn't used, and there was no indication on any P
  2. chaser595

    Bench Barrier

    was in a match using my sylveon fairy deck with Mr. mime and its ability bench barrier and its ability was not working my opponent was using trevenent break and was using silent fear attack where it puts 3 damage counters on each of my pokemon; however even when my mr. mime was on the bench (no hex maniac was used) the trevenant was able to put damage counters on my benched pokemon. bench barrier was working against tree slam attack. Mr. Mime - - Pokemon Generations - #97/162
  3. AbsolutelyEevee

    Mew EX adding damage to Round Attack

    Hello there! While in a Legacy Tournament, I encountered that my opponent was using the Round attack from Pokemon such as Meloetta EX and Seismitoad LTR. However, to my surprise, my opponent was able to more damage by having a Mew EX on the bench with the versatile ability. Official P!P rulings state that Mew EX does NOT add damage to the round attack. It has an ability that can COPY an attack, but it does not HAVE the attack on the card. Please fix this bug immediately. (I was able to win the tournament anyways despite this unfair advantage for my opponent).
  4. I just hit 590 points on the verses Ladder and got a green tick in the box for 225 coins yet they haven't been credited to my account. Is this a know issue or am I the only one? Not too bothered about the coins but if it's a bug or if it's happening to other people you guys may need to look into it. Edit: since been added but took about 20 mins to update. Cancel the search party.
  5. while playing versus since the new ladder came up i've noticed a couple things with the psychic types and weakness. i can understand if it was maybe once or twice but its not. its almost every time, i will use mega mewtwo (and mew ex just to test) and attack with psychic infinity but instead of it hitting for double it will hit for normal damage against another psychic type with a psychic weakness. no field in play or items used to prevent the effects. am i going crazy or is my game just buggy?.
  6. Hey guys, so apparently Superior Energy Retrieval doesn't work properly. Earlier when I was playing Ace in the Hole Blastoise, I discarded 2 basic water energy to Superior Energy Retrieval, expecting to get the 1 water energy in my discard pile, and to my surprise, it forced me to retrieve all 3 energy. Now maybe I'm missing something, but the way SER reads, I don't think that you should be able to get back energy you discarded. Thanks, Rohugh EDIT: Apparently the name of the Team Aqua villain gets caught in the censor. gj
  7. Xanxabar

    Ariados Glitch

    Tonight I made up a deck with x3 Spinrak x3 Ariados x3 Sceptile EX. Every time I tried to use the ability poisonous Nest it would start lagging and would'nt even bring up an option to use the ability. I attacked twice more with Sceptile EX and my game bugged and crashed.
  8. Just now I was playing a standard versus match when my greninja break was on my bench with a splash energy attached to him. The opponent KOed him with Alakazam's move called Suppression. He did not return to my hand as splash energy would indicate despite being knocked out by a Pokemon's attack. This is clearly a bug and should be addressed immediately as it allows Alakazam-ex an unfair way of handling splash energy.
  9. ClarenClaren


    Ability: Wormathought As often as you like during your turn, you may move 1 damage counter from 1 of your Wormadam to another 1 of your Pokemon. My opponent was using the ability to move ALL damage counters off the attacking Wormadam. Sorry
  10. MichaTom

    Versus mode window crash

    When I open window "Versus mode" to chose deck program crashes. I use PC, windows 10. Previously program pokemon TCG online always was crashing after I scroll decks to the last one. Now I'm not able to chose deck for versus mode and play versus Anyone knows how to fix problem ? Thanks, Pit.
  11. I don't know how this happen but my guess will be that when you click or double-click the card right before it will be "placed", it will freeze and there's nothing that you can do but just to wait the counter and lose a turn. This happen to me twice: in the tournament when I try to place a stadium card in play (the card return to my hand and I can't do any moves) and this when I try to place a Zorua and it... just freezes there. No I didn't disconnect. After the countdown, it immediately went for the opponent's turn - that might mean that I am still connected. It is a different scenario if
  12. On my bf's acount (steveyb95) he was playing a game against M-Gardevoir and Giratina, when he noticed that M-Gardevoir's attack(Brilliant Arrow, hits for 30 damage for each FAIRY energy attached to all your pokemon) was also accounting for the Dragon energy on the Giratina, which was counting as an extra 6 energy (3 dragon). Pretty sure it's a bug as the writing on the card only says fairy energy? Thanks! c:
  13. Hello, Just wanted to report a bug I noticed today. I had a RA M Mewtwo Y out and used it's only move against a FA Lucario EX and it did not apply weakness. I even asked my opponent why it didn't apply weakness (in case he played a card and I didn't catch it) and he had no idea and stated it might be bugged. I checked the game log and nothing was played that would indicate weakness shouldn't be applied. I was playing in Versus Mode on PC. Just a heads up you might want to look into this. Thanks!
  14. I just played in a Legacy match with my first deck for it with Darkrai EX, Sableeye, Garbodor. I was playing against a Durant mill deck. I used my Nightspear attack which knocked out his active Durant but it failed to do any damage to the benched Durant I chose. The benched Durant did have an Eviolite attached, but it still should have put 10 damage on it.
  15. LegendofZapdos5

    Blacksmith Supporter card

    I didn't see this under any of the other bugs that has already been reported so im writing about this. (Correct me if I'm wrong please) During several games in vs mode-when i use my blacksmith card to get energies from the discard pile and attach them to my bench FIRE pokemon, it doesn't let me choose my bench one but will only move the energies to the active pokemon. It just happened recently when I switched my Charizard EX to the bench and tried to use blacksmith-The energies just went to my active Entei but it would not let me choose charizard. NOTE: There were no abilities or t
  16. KarpGrinder


    I don't know if this belongs in the feedback or bug report forum but... Exeggcute has the ability 'Propagation' that states ONCE during your turn if this card is in your discard pile, you may put this pokemon back into your hand. PROBLEM: I often see this ability used SEVERAL times during a players turn. Was this intended? or is it a bug?
  17. Since Meowstic can move counters any which way, this includes after the Pokemon has fainted? I just played a match when I had enough damage and Meowstic proceeded to arranged the counters to KO all of my Pokemon.
  18. After battle in Legacy format there is autoselect of first (by title) deck. But it should be same deck as player used in battle. Please fix it.
  19. Articuno 17/108 During a game, I used the card AZ, to put this pokemon back in my hand. After that, I played this card again in the bench, and continued playing. At some point, I used this Articuno as the Active Pokemon, until it died. What was weird is that for some reason, the card returned to my hand... I was able to then, put it back in my bench and keep the game rolling o.o I even used the card again as the Active pokemon, but this time when it died, it went to the discard pile.
  20. Daorei

    Game Auto Concedes

    I have just had this happen to me twice in a row within the past 30 minutes before this posting. The first time it happened was during the start of a Versus match during the coin flip as I was waiting for the other player to pick the coin...about 20 seconds went by when suddenly..."VICTORY!" pops up on my screen and I'm kicked back to the main menu. The second time it happened was as I was about to win a match against a guy named VespiKing, he said GG like a gentleman, and then as I had 2x prize cards left...I went into making the final moves of the match when suddenly...."DEFEAT!" pops up o
  21. Hi, So I am still new to playing PTCGO, but have been playing the last few days on my PC. This issue has occurred three times now in the past 48 hours or so. This also seems to occur when I am doing well (winning) or have just made a play which will turn the match in my favour. After I take my turn... Opponent's turn starts. Disconnect icon appears beside my avatar. Icon is present until match end. Opponent draws, then nothing. About a minute goes by. Both opponent's and my player timers are counting down. 15-second warning pops up by my avatar. My cards are completely unresponsive.
  22. My pc is windows 7 x64 sp1 In versus mode. When i found my opponent or early in game, after i reveal the chat box, and type in chat, the game crashed. The debug box showed ntdll.dll error The game works fine if i keep my mouth shut or ignored chatting with my opponent.
  23. pokemonandrew

    Giovanni Scheme Bug

    I was playing my Latios Deck in expanded and I used a Giovanni Scheme to add 20 damage to my Pokemon but after I did that the game brought up the losing screen and said I had lost. I had zero cards left in my deck at the time I used Giovanni Scheme. Maybe that has something to do with this? The game result, total game time, and Player's MVP time are left blank as well. He is the Game Log Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Razerkz flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now Razerkz's turn (********* ************** drew a card. 4. pokemonandrew drew Un
  24. jbcheshire

    Carbink and Silent Lab

    I attacked the Carbink with safeguard ability that had been evolved into the BREAK with my Lucario EX. I had placed down a Silent Lab wchich should have negated his ability, but it did not and my attack did nothing. Anyone else see this?
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