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Found 106 results

  1. Every time I go in to the trainer challenge, I try to fight Rika but, Every time the game crashes. I don't know if this is only happening to me or if it's happening to other people. I'm just wondering why I would be having this problem.
  2. Umm... I don't. I'm trying to unlock the booster pack, and after I got 11 wins, I won another 3 games and it still says I only have 11 wins when I should already have 14.
  3. CycloneGU

    Trainer Challenge Deck Lists

    Not a bug, likely, but at least a suggestion. In the Versus modes, after completing a match, you have the ability to review an opponents' deck most of the time (unless they disallow it). Since this is something that is enabled by default to first-time players, why are Trainer's Challenge opponents not configured to allow us to see the decks? Throughout the history of the game, from my understanding, we have never been able to see the Trainer's Challenge decks; it would be useful from a strategy standpoint (it's single-player mode, why not?) to be able to see what they are holding, not to mention for documentation purposes at various Pokémon fansites. Can we get the ability to see Mick's, Zach's, Juji's, etc. deck lists after matches with them? It would also be nice to have a feature where, after defeating them with an existing deck, we "unlock" them to the point that we can choose to have "friend" battles with them using the retired BW and HG/SS decks; for instance, for a change of pace, battle Zach using his B&W deck of Feraligatr, Seadra, Vaporeon, etc. This can be using any provided or purchased theme decks. It would be nice to be able to also try out battles using their XY decks against decks we can't use in Trainer's Challenge. Honestly, I wouldn't mind trying to custom-build an older deck if I got hold of the cards, or try to build a better version of an older deck for expanded play.
  4. I can't attack on some turns. Seems to be random. My card will just shake and then not attack. I have lost to many games to this, it needs to be fixed.
  5. I was doing the tutorial matches to get some extra tokens , and after i defeat all except otis , whenever i try to play against otis , i get "defeat" before the game even starts.
  6. My trainer level or whatever it is called is level 5, when I log in it shows me 2 different challenges and says I am able to have 2 challenges active at a time, however I am only able to click on one and then click ok, at which point I have only one daily challenge, and upon completion, I am not offered another. Am I missing something here? Did I do something wrong? How do I get the 2nd daily challenge?
  7. When I am trying to fight Rika in City Championship, the program simply stops working, I don't know what happened
  8. hola. escribo para informar de una situación desagradable. en " desafío entrenador" , en el campeonato municipal, contra Rika, el juego se cierra de manera inesperada al momento de pinchar sobre ella, informando que "pokemon.exe" dejo de funcionar. por lo que el programa se cierra y tengo que abrirlo por segunda vez. ocurre lo mismo cuando intento enfrentar a Otis. ¿qué puedo hacer ?? gracias de antemano
  9. The timers for my mission and versus ladder are showing some really weird numbers, for example they seem to stick around even after the time runs out, like for the "Big Game" mission, it had a negative timer for awhile. Right now my Versus Ladder Timer is saying "0-6h 0-56m" This doesn't seem right, I've never seen something like this before but I've not had a timer run out yet since the patch.
  10. Daily challenge requirements are not met by participating in regular versus matches. Is this how it is suposed to be? Bonus: Why are break cards and mega evolutions not displayed horizontally in the collection and card viewer??!! We have to turn our heads to see them.
  11. Hello, I just completed my 'daily chalange' with the water challange, i reached level 3. There its says you should win a pack or a card deck? i don't know exacly what you wil get when reaching level 3. But i did not recieved anything.. it's check marked as won, but no reward..? Greetings, Rick
  12. One day i got an pack from trainner challenge and the game crashed, after restart the game the pack has vanished... i never call a support for this, but today a bug really annoy me: I already completed 2k points to get AZ FullArt, but didn't aPpear and i dont know why... PLEASE< ANYBODY COULD HELP ME ???
  13. I just playing in the gold league to pick boosters from the new decks I bought and in the 4º match vs Ali something funny happens. She has only one pokemon in game and in the first turn she use a card that put any of your pokemon back to your hand and I just win in 1 turn, Its Hard difficult, plz fix thx.
  14. Client: Server Client: Card: Florges Card Number: Flashfire #66 Expected Action: [brilliant Search] {Search your deck for up to 3 cards and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward}. So you should be able to SELECT 3 cards from your deck and DRAW them. Actual Action: You can select 3 cards to draw them, but when they come to your hand you get 3 RANDOM cards from your deck most of the time, so you can or can't draw the same cards you select. Steps to Reproduce: Evolve to Florges and use [brilliant Search]
  15. I keep getting this and all I can do it hit the done button and i lose.
  16. Whenever a pokemon is paralyzed, the music is muted and remains muted until either player has two or less remaining prize cards, when the music changes. If a pokemon is paralyzed when there are two or less remaining prize cards, then the music remains muted until the game is over. I can't find this bug anywhere, so i decided to report it, but i wouldn't be surprised if it is already known.
  17. I tried loading the final duel with Daniel on the City Championship Trainer challenge and it froze and crashed my game 3 times in a row. I just want to get this last battle finished so I can move on.
  18. Here is a bug i found in trainer challenge: When i win with a deck in trainer challenge the overall wins stay the same(in trainer challenge) and the deck does not update(adds more cards to the deck) i won 10 games with a deck in trainer challenge and in trainer challenge it says i have "6" wins and 6 out of 7 card unlocks. If this bug can get fixed it be much appreciated
  19. Sometimes I get packs as a reward (whether it's from the Trainer Challenge or a chest), but in the midst of the pack's contents loading, sometimes I need to force quit because the program isn't responding. When I restart TCG Online, the pack isn't there anymore. Is there a way to fix this?
  20. While I have been playing the trainer challenges over the past few days, I've noticed that the AI is pretty wonky. I will be on med or hard difficulty and the trainers will switch out pokemon who are not ready to battle while there is a Stage 2 with tonnes of energies on it, and it just sits on the bench forever. Or certain pokemon will go into a loop of discarding energies to heal when there are no damage counters on their pokemon. It happens quite frequently that it takes away from the fun of the game. Sure, it's great to be able to beat the ai trainers on hard with very little difficulty, but it also gets boring.
  21. Hello, I just finished my 12th win with the "psy crusher" theme deck and it stated that I should get a booster. This however this was not the case. I hope it can be fixed and/or explained why this is the case. Greetings, Sander(0072)
  22. Hi, Since the new UI has been released, I lost a battle because the "inactivity auto-lose timeout window" opens behind the card preview windows. I was checking the opponents cards, and had the "on mouseover" card preview + the right click card preview open at the same time.... Then the "inactivity timeout window" opens behind the other preview windows... and the UI freezes a bit. Impossible for me to click on the dismiss "need more time" button because it's hidden behind the preview windows... I try to close the preview windows, but by the time the Windows "un-freeze" / dissapears, I've lost the match for timeout... :-( These type of "confirm or lose" windows need to be displayed on top of all other windows. -- as a side remark : It would also be nice if actions such as previewing opponents cards (via right clicks) be taken into account as active actions so as to avoid unnessary disconnects, especially since I find the new UI and animations increases the overall timeplay. Speaking of which, is there a way to disactivate the "on mouseover" card preview ? If I want to preview, I can right click on the cards. I find the "on mouseover" preview, while nice for new players, can get annoying and slows down overall gameplay once the user nows how to right click. A disactivate option for the auto-"suggest card" would be also nice. ;-) Cheers.
  23. So I was doing the trainer challenge to get my BREAK packs. And I noticed a few things (too bad I didn't keep the logs - let's see if I can do it again tonight.) Using my grass pokemon against Alomomola (PhantForce, 22,) it didn't recognize the grass doing double damage (I didn't see a weakness policy attached.) Has anyone else had that problem - it was only noticed last night (I didn't see it before the new update.) Did the trainer's decks get modified with the update as well? (I know basic Blue, red, and Green were.) Can someone confirm that the weaknesses were properly reflected in the code for a grass-type card hitting it? Client: Card: Alomomola Card Number: Phantom Forces #22 Expected Action: Attacks from Grass-type pokemon should do double damage, but did not appear to do so. This is the only card I remembered - other cards may have the same issue. Actual Action: Grass attacks do normal damage, with no weakness policy attached. Steps to Reproduce: Trainer challenge against the trainer with Alomomola (I think he also had a Kyogre from Primal Clash,) and utilize a grass pokemon against them. Watch for the quantity of damage. (Also look for "Super Effective" Text Thank you, ZevKyogre
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