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  1. Here is a bug i found in trainer challenge: When i win with a deck in trainer challenge the overall wins stay the same(in trainer challenge) and the deck does not update(adds more cards to the deck) i won 10 games with a deck in trainer challenge and in trainer challenge it says i have "6" wins and 6 out of 7 card unlocks. If this bug can get fixed it be much appreciated
  2. Sometimes I get packs as a reward (whether it's from the Trainer Challenge or a chest), but in the midst of the pack's contents loading, sometimes I need to force quit because the program isn't responding. When I restart TCG Online, the pack isn't there anymore. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. While I have been playing the trainer challenges over the past few days, I've noticed that the AI is pretty wonky. I will be on med or hard difficulty and the trainers will switch out pokemon who are not ready to battle while there is a Stage 2 with tonnes of energies on it, and it just sits on the bench forever. Or certain pokemon will go into a loop of discarding energies to heal when there are no damage counters on their pokemon. It happens quite frequently that it takes away from the fun of the game. Sure, it's great to be able to beat the ai trainers on hard with very little difficulty, b
  4. Hello, I just finished my 12th win with the "psy crusher" theme deck and it stated that I should get a booster. This however this was not the case. I hope it can be fixed and/or explained why this is the case. Greetings, Sander(0072)
  5. I have been annoyed with all the random crashes since Nov 4 update. I have two computers - Surface pro and Surface pro 3, all running Windows 10. Two computer give me exactly the same bugs - whenever I start a trainer challenge, game crashes - I was unable to play any challenges since the update whenever I check public trade, the client randomly crashes as I scroll down. Today, I uninstalled pokemon TCGOL client on both computers, re-downloaded the client (the Nov 4 version) from the website and re-installed the game, suddenly, all the crashes are gone, on both computers, so it is
  6. So I was doing the trainer challenge to get my BREAK packs. And I noticed a few things (too bad I didn't keep the logs - let's see if I can do it again tonight.) Using my grass pokemon against Alomomola (PhantForce, 22,) it didn't recognize the grass doing double damage (I didn't see a weakness policy attached.) Has anyone else had that problem - it was only noticed last night (I didn't see it before the new update.) Did the trainer's decks get modified with the update as well? (I know basic Blue, red, and Green were.) Can someone confirm that the weaknesses were properly reflected i
  7. Client: OS: Windows Steps to reproduce: Select Trainer Rika (steel) in Trainer Challenge, at any difficulty. Expected action: Trainer should be selected, and the player should be available of starting a match. Actual action: Game crashes.
  8. Hi, Since the new UI has been released, I lost a battle because the "inactivity auto-lose timeout window" opens behind the card preview windows. I was checking the opponents cards, and had the "on mouseover" card preview + the right click card preview open at the same time.... Then the "inactivity timeout window" opens behind the other preview windows... and the UI freezes a bit. Impossible for me to click on the dismiss "need more time" button because it's hidden behind the preview windows... I try to close the preview windows, but by the time the Windows "un-freeze" / dissapears, I'
  9. So this so far has a 100% rate replication bug. I login, go to trainer challenge, city championship, select any difficulty, any deck and then select Rika. As soon as you click her, you will be prompted with the window "Pokemon TCG Online has stopped working" and it always crashes. This bug is particularly annoying since I want to move on and do the challenges. Any help will be good, thanks in advance
  10. On the pc the game crashes now after picking an opponent for trainer challenge. I've restarted the game and my pc but it does not help.
  11. I just won two trainer challenge games (trying to complete the League Hero challenge - win 12 trainer challenge games), but neither win is reflected in my active challenge. What's up????
  12. Whenever I select Otis from the city level on the trainer challenge the game instantly crashes. The crash happens when I select him and not when I start the battle. I can select anyone else however I dont have any charaters unlocked after him. It doesnt matter what deck I have selected and also I have cleared the cache.
  13. Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 817 Current Game ID: d0991b10-80bc-11e5-824b-22000afc008a Scenario: So basically, I defeated Kendall's Dedenne in Trainer Challenge with my Rapidash using its overrun attack, also did twenty damage to her Skuntank, then collected my last prize card, but then the game froze. I could still access the menu, options, and right click cards to view them, but the game didn't end. Was forced to either close the game or concede. Edit: After taking about half an hour, the game actually ended, giving me the win. I
  14. 2 times my daughter (WarynLynne) used the blue deck in the trainer challenge and completed the 4th star which should have been a pack reward. instead she got a grenja added to the deck and 1 token. Next time it was a rough seas on her 7th win for the deck, but also filling the 4th star against one of the trainers. When she filled the 4th star against someone she already beat with the blue deck, she won a pack prize. I told her she would win a pack by filling the stars, and she was discouraged when it didn't happen. I feel this is a bug and you should be rewarded with the normal scheduled r
  15. Hello, I have encountered a freeze while playing in "trainer challenge" mode. Here you can see the last lines of my log: --- [...] DROPPING (index out of bounds:)0 (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56) "Playmat/UI Root (2D)/Camera/Center/SelectionRevealDialog(Clone)/Footer/CardsFilterCheckBox/UICheckbox" has nothing for UIButtonColor to color (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to
  16. idk why but when ever i play a match , when im close to winning , it logs me out , it already happen to me like 20 times , i have good connection , really really good connection , and this never usually happen to me , so can you try fixing it soon , like please , it keeps on loggin me out , sometimes when i log in, it wont even let me chat with my friends online , sometimes , when i wanna trade and i accpet it , it logs me out , so please tcg , try fixing tcgo for me or the others who have the same problem like mine .
  17. Client: Expected Action: Defeating Zach, the AI trainer, should result in my win counter going from 2 of 12 to 3 of 12 for basic yellow. Actual Action: Counter remained at 2 of 12. Steps to Reproduce: Defeated Zach in gold league with basic yellow, and this was the final battle to max out Zach to 4 stars and earn a booster pack.
  18. Whenever there's a Stadium card in play and I click on it to activate it, often nothing happens. I have to click several times before it finally works, or else use the Activate Stadium button. I know it's not a big deal but it's still kind of annoying.
  19. Hello, Most of the time when I play any trainer challenges and I win, the counters do not increase. For example, one of the decks state I have won 4 of the required 12 wins to receive a free pack. However, after I win with that deck, it still says 4 wins when it should say 5 wins. Could the counters please be fixed? Thanks.
  20. I was playing Ali in the Gold league and on her first turn, she played AZ despite having no benched Pokemon, giving me the win instantly. She should know by now that you can't farm rewards that way anymore.
  21. So I was battling Kendall in Trainer Challenge and she used Pachirisu (Phantom Forces #25) to make my Druddigon's Weakness Lightning. Druddigon (Legendary Treasures #106) has no Weakness, so when its Weakness became Lightning, when hovering over it with my mouse, it says "Weakness: 2." Since I cannot post screenshots here, I sent this bug report to Support, including a screenshot.
  22. I was battling Kendall, and she put down a Robo Substitute [Team Flare Gare] on her Bench, and then she immediately discarded it. Why.. why are the NPCs so stupid? Edit: She also had a Raichu with Circle Circuit in play, so making its attack weaker makes no sense. Edit2: I battles her again, and she put down a Darkness Energy on her Active Scrafty, and then immediately used an Energy Switch to move it to her Benched Dedenne. If she did not do that, she wouldn't have wasted an Energy Switch, and she would've had enough Energy to knock me out in one hit. Edit3: Now she put an En
  23. I thought that the Black & White Basic decks were supposed to be gone after the rotation. I read in the release notes of the new client update new Basic Decks (XY Basic Blue, XY Basic Green, XY Basic Red, and XY Basic Yellow) have been released, and the B&W Basic Decks are no longer available. Why can I still use the Basic B&W Decks in the Trainer Challenge, then?
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