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  1. A couple of my theme decks (Toxic Tricks, Voltage Vortex) show "0/12" progress toward the free booster, but I've already earned the booster for those decks and winning a match does not change the progress.
  2. The new Trainer Challenge UI seems to indicate that defeating 12 different trainers with the Power Relay deck will earn you a booster, but I didn't receive one.
  3. The Hidden Depths theme deck that is recently added has its content change from the announcement: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/46391-preview-of-version-239-match-chat-new-tutorial-generic-deckboxes-and-bug-fixes/ The card Lass's Special in this deck has been changed to the third Splash energy
  4. Torment wasn't working properly when I used it in trainer challenge. This is a minor bug and here are the screenshots. (I know they will be censored, I'm assuming mods will still be able to see them.) Particularily the interaction between using torment on Manaphy's Deep Sea Swirl and having a hand size of over 6. It prompts you saying that "Are you sure you want to do this? It might reduce your max hand size." or something like this. I've only tried this with Simisage and it happened multiple times. ********************* *********************
  5. Client: Server Version: Bundles Version: 1129 Current Game ID: 5********************87-22000a80c9a8 Card: Roserade Set Name: XY—Flashfire Set Number: 009 Card Type: Pokemon Entity Name: Pokemon Owner: Opponent So I was playing the trainer challenge to get a booster pack(Platinum League, Second trainer Logan), when the AI plays a Roserade as his active pokémon. Even though his Roserade was fully energised and my active pokemon (Skorupi) was out of energies, Logan kept using the whiplash move instead of Me
  6. Strato96

    Trainer challenge bug

    Hi when I go onto trainer challenge and go to select a themed deck some of my themed decks are missing so I can't use them
  7. Both of us only have active pokemon. After I defeated the enemy's active pokemon, the game doesn't progress. The game still runs but the timers are stopped. I could still look at the cards and go to the menu but it doesn't proceed to the victory screen. It also shows that my prize cards reduced by 1, but I didn't see the card go to my hand or anything. I can't concede as well so I have to close the game... Anyone else bump into this problem? This is really frustrating it already happened to me a lot of times
  8. For the past few weeks, I have not been able to play the game at all. I open the game, everything loads, and it shows the main screen. But over that is the box for "New Daily Challenges." But the "OK" button is not responding when I click. -The spinning line animation is going in the background, so I know it is not frozen. -The "OK" button is dark -I have opened the game after turning my computer off and back on multiple times, only to get the same result. I do not know how to uninstall the game so I can reinstall, or if that would fix the problem. If someone could help me, I woul
  9. Jexak

    problems with steel

    so whenever I try to challenge rika at city tournament my game stops working. anyone else having the same issue?
  10. Hi, Not sure if this was already posted and if it is in the wrong section, I apologize. Recently, I stumbled upon a bug, which looks like many people are having problems with where during the first tutorial, my client crashed when trying to draw an energy card. Then, again today during the trainer challenge I was trying to fight Rika in the City Championship and pressed "Play Now!" and the client crashed; this happened multiple times. To solve this issue, I went to settings and changed my resolution from the lowest(1280x720) to Max. Then, I tried the tutorial and it worked flawle
  11. This always happens to me that after a few moments I begin playing TGC my computer crashes!!! Can you please help, I really want to play the game please help From walterwater10
  12. SakuraWulf

    Win count no longer going up

    Since yesterday my wins haven't been counting on my theme decks. I've nearly finished the main ones so I bought two new decks. I got 5 wins on one, 3 wins on the others, but now when I win the counter doesn't go up. I'm playing in trainer challenge, both trainers I've already beaten and new ones. Nothing seems to change the issue. What's up? :\
  13. weather-trio

    Fossil Researcher

    This is not a huge bug, but while playing the trainer challenge one of the opponents was able to immediately bench 4 Amaura with one Fossil Researcher, instead of the maximum of 2. I've played against Calvin's deck many times, but this is the first time that I have experienced him breaking the intended effect of Fossil Researcher. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. It is now Calvin's turn (Turn #1). 2. weather-trio drew Tierno. 3. Calvin drew a card. 4. weather-trio drew Water Energy. 5. Calvin drew a card. 6. weather-trio drew Horsea.
  14. Hi support team, I'm trying to complete the Trainer Challenge for some packs but unfortunately a bug is preventing me from continuing. When selecting a specific trainer (City Championship, Rika (Metal)) the client keeps crashing before I can start the game. Do other people have this problem by any chance? I haven't defeated this trainer yet so I can't finish this tier of Trainer Challenge. I don't have this problem with any of the other trainers, just Rika. Thanks in advance Edit: I think I should've named the topic "Client crashes when battling Rika in City Championshi
  15. Client: on windows Selecting Otis in the City Championship crashes the game. Doesn't matter what deck or difficulty I select. When I click on Otis or the little check on the bottom that redirects to Otis, the game immediately crashes. Update: I recreated the Otis crash a dozen times without fail trying different decks and difficulties. It also effects the first Rika and the first Daniel... however, I tried it again just now, and I can select all of them without the game crashing. I didn't do anything differently that I am aware of.
  16. PsycoSam

    game crashes a lot!

    game crashes a lot while browsing shop to but decks or anything else for that matter. also crashes while playing the championship level stages. please fix.
  17. I just finished the platinum league for the first time but didn't get any boosters! I'm supposed to get them if I finish a league for the 1st time, right? Also, I just completed the Mighty Mind challenge (beat 2 pokemon with a purple eye energy pokemon) but didn't get the booster! Why is this happening? This all started after the update on May 2nd. Somebody please help me! And is it possible to get my booster?
  18. Shreenath123

    I am not getting my boosters!

    I was having problems up dating so I reinstalled Pokemon TCG Online. Then, I defeated 2 trainers from easy gold league and got second stars for each, but I didn't get the boosters. Why?
  19. Kagemusha

    Game Crashing Bug

    ok so every time I log into the game (if it gets that far sometimes) I go to trainer challenge, select the city championship, select hardest difficulty, select my deck and go to fight Daniel and the game crashes. I get "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" the only choice I'm given is to "Close Program" there's nothing wrong with the specs or video card on my computer, if I can run League of Legends perfectly fine this game should be a cake walk, so not sure what the problem is
  20. Hey, would really love some help to this issue. I constantly crash whenever I click Rika in the City Championships trainer challenge. There have been no issues with other trainers or the versus mode. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried re-installing couple of times
  21. I don't know how to phrase this better: having a "Legacy Mode" in Trainer's Challenge to allow users to unlock BW packs would be a great way to encourage more participation in this mode of play. In other words, bring back the old leagues to participate in after the player has completed the 36 trainer challenge and won the City Championship, and allow players to not only earn the older decks for winning (I mean HG/SS ad B/W basic green, blue, red, and yellow decks), but also to participate in the leagues - including the currently defunct Diamond League - and play against the old decks that Tra
  22. I know this is going to break the entire concept of tradeable packs designed by the developers here, but it really needs to be considered here. In the game, there are a large number of packs that are not tradeable. These can be obtained from the ladder or possibly from the shop itself (with tokens). I get that cards are not tradeable; I have no problem with that. However, I do have a problem with having, for instance, 11 trade-locked Pikachu sitting there and knowing 7 will never be of use. Do I really need 11 trade-locked Pikachu? The same four can be used in unlimited decks anyway,
  23. Every time I try to battle against Rika in the Trainer Challenge (City Championship) the game crashes immediately. No matter what deck I pick and no matter the difficulty. This is making it very difficult to progress in the City Championship. Please fix this bug.
  24. I got the expanded (part 1) special challenge today. It says to do 5.000 damage to opposing Pokémon in expanded matches. I did some tournaments (expanded) and did a fair amount of damage. The progress in the challenge is not changing.
  25. I installed this game on my younger brothers computer and every single time he attempts to fight the tutorial battle his game crashes, on top of that it only happens as the screen loads and the red bar stating opponents turn starts to appear. Whats odd is that when I tried logging in on his computer with my account I was able to do an entire trainer challenge without a single problem. As of this moment I have attempted to do a clean install multiple times and i have it set for xp3 compatibility and to run as admin. So far none of these options have worked and I am unsure of how to fix
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