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Found 177 results

  1. PrideSP

    Packs from box untradeable

    Before when you win a pack from the mystery box, you're able to trade it, now you can't. Please fix this glitch. It's making it hard to trade stuff in the Trade market, thank you.
  2. Pretty much title. The Legacy bug was fixed, but this one still remains.
  3. Yesterday I traded a booster for 4 Butterfrees, after that I went to sleep. When I woke up today, I decided to make a deck with them and I noticed they wore no longer in my collection. Why is this? Can I get them back? It was one of the first trades I ever did...
  4. seminc

    Pikachu Boxes Untradable?

    Title. Was this intentional, or is this a glitch? I noticed that this was still unchanged by todays shop maintenance.
  5. tarif15

    2 New bugs

    1. sometimes i am not able to use the cards in my hand . they dont glow anymore and the only option is to attack . this happened to me in a tournament but fortunately i wasnt up against a good player so i won . 2. the packs in the trade menu isnt showing up even tho they are tagged for trade . im not able to post any public/private trades anymore with my packs . they just dont appear in the trade menu . i hope you guys will fix these as soon as possible .
  6. AmberRei

    Trade Ban

    I'm opening this thread to ask the staff for a necessary clarification to us players. Ok, we all know what happened with the infinite redeemable packs, the glitched codes and all that jazz. I myself tried one of those to see if the rumor was true, and after seeing that was indeed the case, I opened the packs just for fun and called it a day. Now, I want to know: -IF you had ever stated ANYWHERE that a similar thing could be punished with a ban from trading, and give us proof of that (of course, that rule should have been PREVIOUSLY decided, and made public for everyone to see to be valid). -Why did you decide to apply the trade ban on so many players (many of them actually innocent because unaware of the issue, they just traded for packs they believed to be legit) and why didn't you notify the players about it. I have played various mmorpgs and online games, and it never happened to me or any player I knew that a punishment, whether temporary or permanent, was applied WITHOUT NOTICE. Please tell everyone how long will their banishment last, at least, so that they can decide whether to start new accounts, or whatever. On top of that, the game is plagued from various glitches of any kind. I understand that the game is free to play, but this doesn't really allow for a sloppy management and programming of the game; I myself am still waiting for the promo Jirachi I should have gotten with the code I got from my Mythical Pokèmon Box. Opening a support ticket just got me some packs, and nothing else. Where should we start from, really? I'm not saying I'm innocent or guilty, I'm just asking for clarity, for me and a large part of the community, whether innocent or guilty themselves.
  7. utkarshh

    unable to trade

    when i click on accept trade button this massage comes "the server encounter an error while trying to accept the trade :you have been banned from tradind." why i am banned i have done nothing
  8. Hello guys. So after reading the forum I notice people were exploiting the code to receive unlimited packs of XY/Fist/Fire. I accepted 3 trades (89 fist, 99 fist, 40 fist) for my 2xFA shaymin & 1 Normal Shaymin. I took the bait not knowing that the packs I received were from exploiting. What should I do? How can get my cards back? Can someone give me advice on what to do? What should I do with these fist packs that I received, it is safe to open them? Proof of trades: [Edited by Mod_Turtle: Only links to official Pokémon sites are allowed on the forums. Links to or recommendations to other sites are not allowed.]
  9. duivelbryan

    I Give Up

    so after i don't even know how many days of down time. and ********* they did . code redemption is finally back online just to find out generation packs are still giving the wrong stuff the people that used those codes still haven't received anything. also ALOT of those codes are just not working anymore (invalid code) and on top of that NO INFORMATION about WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON. incompetent developers and PR making this game a titanic simulator they are not even trying. i am getting sick and tired of this and i am on the brink of just leaving this ship before i drown with it
  10. BazPokeMaster

    Just address the situation...

    We just need to know whats going on. I picked up 50 flashfire during the glitch and I've kept them I haven't exploited the game and I thought I'd just gotten lucky to be honest. I'd happily accept a rollback and I think everyone else would if it enabled trades at the moment. Everyone has nothing but versus matches at the moment and something else is going to have to be enabled soon before players start to get frustrated and leave the game completely. Hopefully a mod can address this soon because players are worried, bored and deserve an explanation for everything thats happened. If a mod has read this please feel free to reply and just give the community something to go on so we can move forward.
  11. I got a full art pokemon card but upon viewing you can't see the pokemon. I am aware that there is a card like this in real life but when viewing with the arrows it makes all my other cards go very dark. Frozen graphics, always happened when I'm about town a game!! On my turn it will freeze and the only thing I can do is exit the game or go on chat. And finally the prize glitch, if I have won a tourney game the prize always comes up later which is fine, but when I win a game on Versus the tourney prize comes up and I do not receive my game prize. Iv lost out on 3 booster packs so far. Get the redeem back and tourneys please.sickof waiting.
  12. MrOzio

    Trade list crashing

    While scrolling through the trade list in the PC client by using the mouse wheel, the client will crash randomly. I've tested this on 3 different machines with the same results. Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 Each machine is extremely robust.
  13. I noticed this just now, but when I make a public trade, the same Darkrai EX (63/108) shows twice, and no, it is not the LT one, there is a LT Darkrai, a Promo Darkrai, and 2 DEX Darkrai with the same collection number. Weird.
  14. So I've recently gotten into trading but after a few weeks the Public Trades would never load the trades that other players have posted. I've tried waiting for it to load and after a few minutes it said "No Trades are in this criteria" or somethin like that. This is slowly driving me crazy, the packs I've fought for are almost making me open them, AND I NEED SOME SPECIFIC CARDS AND NOT SOME LUCK TO GET THESE CARDS THAT I GREED FOR! If anyone can help me with this problem then I would be so grateful
  15. The trade filter seems to be experiencing issues filtering for specific card numbers. Golly gee I hope it is fixed soon!
  16. title say it all, lol its me or after every maintenance,update , he haves more bug than before lol.. its getting ridiculous.
  17. frequencyjam

    Trade Search Not Working

    If I do a search for tagged cards that I want, it works, but if I'm searching for a specific card, I go in to set the filter for the specific expansion and card number, hit apply, and nothing happens, it just takes me back to the general search result screen. If I hit refresh, it says "loading trades from server, plz wait", but then never loads. I know there are results because I saw them in the search for tagged cards. Been like this for at least a week.
  18. Some of these will have already been reported. Some of these may only impact me and not anyone else, although I have heard others experience each of these issues at least once; even if they are not a general issue. Hopefully we will see some kind of response/recognition to look into these issues . If you have seen any of these or can provide any more information that may be useful (if you have an entirely new issue- probably best to post in a different thread). Notifications: >Often trade notifications are delayed, or sometimes do not appear at all, after a trade has been accepted. >After completing a tournament you do not always get the correct 'Tournament Completed' screen- the tournament that automatically appears is always the first one you have finished after you have logged in, not necessarily the tournament that has just been completed. >Sometimes a number 1 [possibly a greater number, depending on how many are supposed to be visible] (signalling a notification is there) appears at the notification list, but when you check it there is nothing there. You can only see the 'hidden' notification when moving from the Trading Zone to the Collection area. >Sometimes the active Daily Challenge screen randomly appears when changing from one area of the game to another, not only when you open the client. Trading: >Sometimes the filtering system doesn't work properly. Or the trade system won't refresh when the refresh button is pressed (works most, but not all the time). In Game: >Skyarrow Bridge doesn't always work; unclear currently as to the causes of it's failure to activate. It effects both players/
  19. This may seem minor but it's really annoying. Everytime I scroll down my friends list it refreshes and puts me back at the top of my friends list. So If i want to play someone in I have to quickly scroll down and click there name and challenge them before it refreshes or it will put me back at the top of my friends list and i have to do it again. Very annoying. Anyone else know what I am talking about?
  20. When searching for a card in public trades, the filters don't work. I can be sitting there for over 10 minutes on a card that is guaranteed to be on the trade feed, and nothing will come up. It also doesn't mention "No Trades Available" if there really weren't any up there. It's just forever loading. Filters are a really crucial part to trading online and it'd really be helpful if it could be fixed. Thank you.
  21. I found my several Generations, Breakpoint and Roaring skies packs remain locked, even if all the public trades were expired after the maintenance. I'm sure they are tradeable. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. I have 12 total generation packs and 29 total roaring skies packs-all tradeable packs I had 7 generations packs and 7 roaring skies packs in a private trade, but the trade expired and my packs are still locked . I fear opening them would result in me opening tradeable packs (something i don't want). But I know they are registered as trade locked because when I want to make a trade with someone, I cant add more than 5 generations (because the other 7 are locked) or 22 roaring skies ( again because the other 7 are locked). Any help would be wonderful because I need these packs to pay for a card I've spent alot of time trying to find! If there is any more information I need to provide please ask !
  23. I found that I can't search for this specific deck box in my trading window while the coin and sleeves are still available, no matter what console(PC, Mac) I use. By the way, logged in with my friend's account on the same PC, there is no such problem.
  24. I don't know if this is happening to other players or if it's just an isolated issue but whenever I try to counter a trade offer, the trade screen disappears. In the header there is still the eye symbol, Done and the X button but there is nothing else.
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