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Found 177 results

  1. I had set up a trade involving some cards I wanted and had the following packs set up in the I am Giving section that I had won from Ticket Events: 1x Breakthrough 2x Primal Clash 1x Steam Siege When the Trade timer Expired.. those packs came back TRADE LOCKED! Wondering if that is a bug. Or if that is normal to happen to Packs that were NOT trade Locked and were involved in a Public Trade.. but when it expired they get locked. If this is a Bug, I'd like some kind of action taken to correct this. Either unlock the packs, or replace those with unlocked ones if possible, please.
  2. I had 3 copies of Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA, and traded away two of them. I found when I logged in today that the third copy was trade locked, even though I'm confident that it was traded for. After checking my trade history: 9/06: I traded for 3x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA and 2x M Mewtwo Psychic Infinity RA 9/06: I traded away 1x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA 9/07: I traded away 1x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA and 1x M Mewtwo Psychic Infinity RA However, my last copy of Mewtwo EX is currently marked as untradable. I have no active trades at the moment, so it's not in a public trade. Does anyone know what's going on?
  3. PitifulKnight

    Can not counter trades.

    ************************* I can't see any parts of the trade to counter it whatsoever.
  4. dziesmer

    Druddigon Gameplay Set

    I haven't seen anything in the bug section about this, but there is no way to create a trade for the Druddigon Gameplay Set (The one in the shop currently). If you use the search bar, nothing shows up, and if you scroll to where it should be alphabetically, it is not there either. It really is a bummer that we can't even try to trade for these items.
  5. PLEASE HELP. Thru private trade with my friend, i have lost 2x shaymin (setup). We trade with each other 2x shaymin to borrow one another at times. But suddenly, the cards went missing thru the trade and no shaymins were found on both sides of the account. PLEASE HELP POKEMON TCG. I GOT EVIDENCES TAT WE ALWAYS TRADE THE CARDS AROUND AND THE CARD WAS ORIGINALLY MINE. I AM UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED NOW.
  6. madhatter060590

    android tablet bugs

    My game has been glitching in verse my starting hand was fine but no pokemon so when I redrew my hand and one card didn't show then again had to redraw my hand and only got four cards total and almost every game has crashed not only my app but my entire tablet this is the case in almost every mode in the game from trade too boosterpack openings then there is the crazy amount of data needed makes it almost pointless to even offer on mobile devices I had to delete all my apps to fit it on my tablet and it has filled my memory up to 97% there must be some way to compress some of the files and why is there no ingame support to report problems and conserns so those of us on mobile don't have to exit the app to report problems with the app I really like this app but there are so many issuse and when I see that most of the known problems on the list are just vizual problems and none of the issuses listed by the beta users...why that is why we are here to test and help fix problems but if you guys don't listen what's the point
  7. Since the 2.37 patch, about 50% of my private trades glitch out when I try to counter them. Unfortunately, I don't have any steps to reproduce, because I don't know what is causing it. When I click the button labeled "counter offer", it loads the trade window, but no cards are viewable, and the only thing that you can see is the [X] button, and the little triangular pointer that moves between your side and your opponent's side when you switch between sides of the trade. I am having to screenshot what cards they offered me, make a new trade with the cards I can trade and want to trade for, and then reject their old trade, which is a hassle. This used to happen back in 2.35-2.36, but nowhere near as often, and I would love for it to be fixed. Thank you!
  8. I decided to accept 2 public trades, and to my surprise, my cards were locked. The public offer was then converted to a private offer sent to me, where the cards that I was supposed to obtain was not obtained, and the cards that I was supposed to trade got locked. Please fix! Thanks!
  9. ryanair99

    grey trading button

    I can't click on the trading button it's greyish. Plz can someone help me
  10. is there anyway to fix this issue it happens every time a trade completes other then that the game is fine
  11. I just started having this issue where I can't select avatar, gameplay, or packs to receive in a public trade. The issue has stopped, please delete this thread
  12. KittyCatMeow15


    I go to my collection and there is supposed to be a trade button but I don't see it. When I mark a card for review I got to the Filter button on Trade and press marked for review and it DOESN'T WORK!!! Basically the trade button isn't there HELP ME
  13. Hi I recently received an offer of 100 cards for 1 Fates Collide booster pack but when I viewed the offer the accept button was greyed out as if the offer wasn't able to be accepted. When I attempted to send a counter offer the normal trade menu would be completely absent and I was unable to make any changes to the offer as usual. I asked the user to attempt to resend the offer and the same thing would occur every time.
  14. Hello! I have been have a problem with trading, since yesterday. I like to post to the trading post on the game, I got a trade offer for a card pack I used to have up for trade, but I ended up opening it and now, it shows I have it for trade. I had the same problem with cards too. I have asked online, someone told me what to do, but I did not understand. I just would like to know, if anyone could help, thanks. ^^ Also, I am sorry if I posted in the wrong forums, I'm not used to to asking for help in forums. ; - ;
  15. For some reason, lately the Trade boards have been preventing trades that should be able to be completed for me and my friends. Whether it be specific Pokemon or Card Packs. One specific example (with images below) is I'm looking for the Shiny Mega Gardevoir card. A friend of mine called me up saying he found one for the regular M-Gardevoir price of two packs. I don't see it in my Acceptable Trades, but unchecked, I found the trade he meant. But literally right above it is a regular EX Gardevoir card for the same price that I can accept. This is really depressing to see... ********************************** So I figured I'd post about it in case there is a legitimate issue that needs to be fixed. As said, it affected my friend wanting to trade full arts where he found a good deal that it wouldn't let him accept for other Full Arts. If it's something on our part (as I don't see any threads about this), then apologies. ><; Thanks for your time. - Blue EDIT: Apparently I'm not allowed to paste my screencap image link. So not sure how to share that.
  16. DanmakuKnight

    Pre-Release Box is a locked item?

    When I finally got to open the pre-release box codes I got, I noticed a bit too late after the first opening that the boxes are LOCKED. These should not be a restricted/locked item in the game. These should be unlocked and allowed to be traded off. Please fix this. If this was intentional then it should be changed! There is no excuse to make a product that was paid for with real money restricted.
  17. Whenever I attempt to make a private trade with somebody they usually will attempt to trade me for a card that I already traded to somebody else. Is there some way to untag these cards so that my trade partner no longer sees them as available for trade?
  18. ReMMy1100


    I have packs I am trying to trade on the public board, and it wont let me... when I try to do a private trade, it shows I have all packs from everywhere. I spend a ton of time, waiting and watching and now when I finally get a good trade offer, I cant even do it, because of some bug that prevents me from completing a transaction that I SHOULD BE ABLE TO COMPLETE! I PAID FOR IT AFTERALL! This is beyond frustrating... there are SO MANY bugs in this game right now, what is your DEV team doing? Did you do any QA testing on this latest release? The MAC client is even worse than the PC. I have seen this bug affect a lot of people. Please fix asap. This is affecting my game play big time.
  19. PrideSP

    Trade Glitch

    I want to get a Greninja Break and saw one that is willing to trade for 4 Fates Collide. I have 7 Fates Collide but I can't trade it. But there are other trades for Greninja Break for 5 Fates Collide and that one I can trade. But I can't trade for the 4 Fates Collide. That's a weird glitch, please fix it. Thank you.
  20. CycloneGU

    For Trade: 0

    Currently, you cannot mark a card for trade if all you have is one that is not able to be traded (i.e. locked). To support this, the "for trade" icon does not appear on such cards. This works well to prevent people offering cards they don't have...but doesn't allow them to stop offering cards when they can no longer offer them. For instance, I traded a Binacle to someone in-game and then later was asked for another Binacle. I found out I was unable to accept the trade. Upon investigation, I had 12 locked Binacle, but 0 available for trade. As a result of having 0 tradeable Binacle, the "for trade" icon is not appearing, which means that the card is being permanently offered in the trade window. I think the best workaround for this is to just let the button be visible all the time, and removing "for trade" doesn't trigger any prompts, but reselecting it on a 0 card brings up a prompt that there are no cards of that type to be traded and turns it back off. Alternatively, let players leave it on if they decide to; though obviously I am seeking the opposite ATM. Another option is allow locked cards beyond 4 to be traded, since there's no point to having them in the collection, and with 4 left block it again from trading. I'd also like to lock cards I never intend to trade, too.
  21. Nicky2250NNN

    Unable to Trade

    I posted this forum to express the problems I am facing with trade. After looking at so many forums on the internet I still can not figure out why I can not trade, first of all i have pokemons from booster packs I bought using tokens and I have marked at pokemon for trade and my social settings are open can you please help me figure this out, this making me really *********.
  22. This bug has persisted across a few updates. Cards I no longer own are shown for trade to other players, which make advertising a binder hard. I am not the only one with this issue. As far as I know, all players have this issue. There is no way to stop the card from being marked for trade if it is no longer in your possession. Unless there is some way to fix this I'm unaware of, please someone take a look into this.
  23. So once You trade your last copy of a tagged card away it remains tagged for trade and visible to players in your collection of cards when they start a private trade. This doesn't appear in your known issues list so I can only presume you don't see this as an issue. I would like to challenge this as I now have about 100 cards showing to public as if I have them tagged ready for trade, I then receive constant offers for these cards that I don't even have any more, and there is nothing I can do to untag these cards, it kind of breaks the private trading market. I can suggest a very simple fix, if you were able to tag and untag cards you don't own then you could manage your own trade folders very easily without any obvious implication on any other feature of the game. I look forward to your thoughts on this
  24. In trading on the PC version, packs filter incorrectly. If someone has a pack marked for trade, regardless of whether or not they have it, it shows up when you look in their pack section while creating a trade. EG: I have Roaring Skies pack FT, but I don't have any. User creates private trade with me, sees Roaring Skies pack as one of the packs I have though I don't have any. However, cards do NOT show up as for trade if the user does not have have them, whether or not they were tagged as For Trade.
  25. sourtoshi

    Duplicate packs in trade

    I am experiencing a bug in which an identical pack is appearing when making a trade, however these packs have separate values. ******************************
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