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  1. Just bought a Leafeon Deck Box and Leafeon Sleeves from the Token Shop. When I went to check them out in my collection, I had Leafeon Sleeves, Flareon Sleeves and DeckBox from a previous purchase, but 2 Flareon Deck Boxes and 0 Leafeon Deck Boxes. While this could easily have been a misclick, which is unlikely since I was paying full attention at the time, I feel I should still post this as a bug in case this happens again to someone else. Thank you.
  2. Just bought the newest game play items, 2 boxes and 2 sleeves, gold is spent, but received nothing.
  3. I bought the malamar promo of 600 coins but I didn't recived anything. I spend 600 coins and I don't have any booster pack or malamar card. What can I do? I losed 600 coins
  4. Help, I just purchased a 3 Booster Bundle with Malamar for 600 coins and it didn't show up in my collection! But the coins were subtracted from my total!
  5. Hello. I have recently bought the "Flareon Silhouette Deck Box". When I bought it, I checked the collection. It wasn't there. I checked the Deck Manager. I selected one of my previously build decks and tried to change the deck box. It wasn't there. Am I missing something? Also, I've spent all of my in game tokens on this. I had 150, now 0. My IGN (in game name) is Mario_Fan_128. Please help.
  6. Hi. i have a problem that in a sense make me very angry... Sometimes i pay with the money of te game packs of five cards. The problem? appears how had i buy the pack, but i look in the collection and the pack of five never appears. And this isn´t all this also happend when the game bring me gifts or i won a challenges. I expect that this problem can be solve soon. Thanks
  7. I stumbled upon a bug, it sure scared me for a while but it fixed by logging out and logging in. I logged in and saw I didn't had tokens nor tickets, not on 0, but rather this weird "forbidden" sign, you know the red circle with a slash crossing it. I logged out and back in and it was fixed. I just thought it was my civic duty to report this odd ocurrance.
  8. For a few minutes there was the bundle of druddigon box & sleeves on the shop for 675 coins,now there is no druddigon bundle, the bundle for the last week is gone (after only 1 week, yes) and there is no bundle at all, what's happening?
  9. When i go to offer in public trade or private trade and i want to offer in 10-card booster packs, they simple dont appear, when i go in packs, the only packs wich appear are 5-card booster packs since black&white to primal clash, i dont know why this is happenin and if it is only with me, please help!!! This is really bad for my trades!
  10. I'm not sure if this is caused by a bug, or maybe this is only a poor date calculation when updating the shop section of PTCGO, but anyways it is kind of annoying. For some time now, every Wednesday the shop started showing a blister, a triple-pack, or a box containing some cool stuff like EX's, old theme decks, or promo cards, making them available to redeem using tokens. I always thought only one week gave a very small window to grab a significant amount of copies of those promo cards, for example, and I was very happy when I saw last week, after the latest update, that the end of the pr
  11. Bought it yesterday, waited a day just to check it wasnt a time issue, i would at least like a refund on my hard earned tokens
  12. I bought a deck and did not come! What I need to do?
  13. I just purchased the Dark Hammer deck and the game is acting as if it never happened, although my 500 tokens are gone. The deck and the cards themselves are not appearing in my collection at all.
  14. My son and I just started in on this and I set up my account and added him. I wanted to see if the codes from boosters and decks would be active under both logins. So, I entered a code under my account, logged out and had him log in. The booster was there under his account as well. Since that worked, I loaded all the rest of the codes under my account. Fast forward to the new update and he logs in and none of the stuff is there anymore. Did I screw up or was there a change with the update? I would rather not have to buy a bunch of the same stuff again, just so i can re-add it to his ac
  15. Brought an Xerneas deck (Resiliant Life Theme Deck) for 500.. but when I went to view my cards in my collection.. I couldn't find them.. it turned out I lost the 500 cash and now I only have 26 cash left.. I reset my game / closed it down 3 times but its not here.. Is there a way to fix this.. or have I lost my money..?
  16. So I had a long list of glitches that occurred in the same general transaction involved with a tournament -- Glitch #1: When I beat my semi-finals opponent, I was not awarded my three knockouts for the Darkness Daily challenge until after I logged out. Glitch #2: Even though my finals opponent and I had beaten each of our semi-finals opponents, the clock was stuck, still counting down. "Whatever," I say, because I'm playing between studying. Glitch #3: When I went into the shop to look at what there was, the "loading X%" screen came up. PTCGO stayed stuck at 0%, so I logged off and logged b
  17. Hi! I want to start this by saying that im Portuguese so my english might not be that good as expected, but i'll try my best. So i started to play today the pokémon tcg and, obviously i had to play the tutorials. After play agains the guy and the girl i had to play against some more "computer players" and in each battle i would receive an amount of gold. So i reached the last battle and it said i would win a pack of pokemon cards. So the problem is, after i won this battle i went to somekind of store and the little lady form tutorial (the girl from tutorial 2nd battle) is saying for me to cli
  18. Hi there. I have bought the ex-sharpedo 4 packs bundle and its not in my collection. I tried logging out a couple of times but its still not there.
  19. Please help!I bought a new Blastoise tin box from a shop in germany when I tried to enter the code everything worked fine and the box and all boosters were checked, but when I went to my collection, there werre only the three boosters and the box was missing. I would like to get it back because I payed all my pocket money for the box. I still have the code if this helps to get it back.
  20. I just bought the newest bundle in the shop for 250 coins. According to the description it should include the following: -1x Phantom Forces 10 card pack -Promo Talonflame (XY #28) -Pikachu Silver coin The problem is that I received a regular XY foil Talonflame (28/146) instead of the promo one. BTW, the shop description should also be edited to clarify that this is the Silver Yellow Pikachu coin and not the Silver Black one.
  21. A few months ago I marked all unobtainble Black Star promo with tag "For Review". Right now I buy blister with Riolu BW33. I haven't see this card in pop-up window. I check my collection, and I see this card, but without tag. But other Riolu, rev holo PS 76, marked with this tag, through I remember that I don't marked this card. Can you explain this situation? Maybe it's same case as with SL: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/31447-card-rayquaza-sl-showing-up-with-dialga-sls-image/
  22. I finished an "evolve 7 pokemon" mission and did not get 55 tokens added to my total. This isn't the first time a mission failed to give me tokens, but this is the first time it got on my nerves enough to report it. I wanted to buy a new theme deck and was ready to do it after getting those tokens, went into shop, and BAM, I was at 481 tokens. I had 480 when I finished a battle and the prize wheel gave me 1 tourney ticket and 1 token, and my mission was completed. I should've had 537 but the 55 mission tokens were never given to me.
  23. The Ancient Power Box is just giving the standard cards and not the foil version as was stated like the Pyroar box.
  24. Hi, I recently bought a couple of packs and when I tried to redeem my codes, it said roaring skies when I input in the codes... But as I claim now, the code said "invalid code" I tried all 20 codes but none of them work... Yes, I typed them like 10 times correctly!!! Please help me...
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