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  1. There is a bug with the flf xy and ff codes you can redeem that how often you would. Pls fix it and sorry for my bad english
  2. Client: Computer: Macbook Pro, late 2011 Steps to Reproduce: On the redeem codes page, click "Start QR Reader". Camera turns on as normal, but no matter what lighting, angle, rotation, or distance, QR codes are no longer read and must be typed in manually. This worked fine before the latest update.
  3. I have buy the new bundle HS Series BUNDLE Featuring Triumphant and i try open i pack but i bug and i lost the pack .....
  4. EDIT: It seems that the shop is down. I guess this thread can be locked then. This problem'll probably be fixed soon. So, after being on TCGO for a while, I decided to finally initiate the Tutorial to get XY Basic Yellow deck. However, there is a problem. After I completed the tutorial, the shop still was locked again. It was never locked for me before until I initiated the tutorial and now I can't get it to unlock again now that I beat all the tutorial matches and opened the booster pack for doing such. Help? I am unsure if this is a glitch or bug or what have you but I am listing it
  5. Hello, I just bought a Wave slasher theme deck for 500 points in the game's shop and didn't get the deck but I did get charged 500 points. I can't contact the support in game either. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello, as i wanted to buy gems i cannot get onto store, when i go to click on purchase gems it takes me to a page that says im forbidden from the server, someone i know is having the same issue are any of you other Canadians having the problem when going to buy gems?
  7. Some time ago, I bought 4 TCG decks (in real life, not in the game), which were: Resilient Life, Destruction Rush, Mystic Typhoon ande Enchanted Echo. I inserted the codes into the game in my Ipad and played with all four decks. I had to erease the game because we sold our Ipad, and today I decided to download it for my PC. I logged in wih my account, and my decks were not there, and unfortunately, I got rid of my codes because I thought I would not need them anymore. Can somebody please help me with this? PS: If someone from the game´s staff happens to see this, I am not trying to get free
  8. have tried to redeem codes from the mythical mew box, but they are still not working even thou the cards have been updated onto the game. when I enter the code a red x appears and states a date of the 2/22/16. I have tried a few different codes same result each time. Anyone know why???
  9. Greetings, i bought a physical copy of the XY Breakpoint Greninja starter deck, but the redeem code on the online game says that the code is invalid, i have typed the code and used the QR reader, nothing... help please!
  10. Hi all, I just downloaded and started playing yesterday. Enjoying it so far! After completing all the tutorials in game and gaining the associated rewards. (Mostly Tokens) i went to buy some new booster packs and it says i can use the tokens(The gold coin looking things with a "P" on them) to do so however it says i dont have any. and on the top of the program where the token and ticket icons are they both have a big red cross through them.. I tried googling for the answer as well as the forums...cant seem to find out why i my tokens are disabled or how to gain access to them.. I know i ha
  11. After redeeming the M Aerodactyl-EX premium collection there were some unexpected inconsistencies, noticeably that the spirit link was holo which the physical product isn't but what's more important is the absence of the coin. The coins have always been included when redeeming previous premium collection codes.
  12. Hello! I purchased and traded for some new Milotic Sleeves/ Deck Boxes from the store in the bundle, but as you may have already noticed, the image for the Sleeve is blank and doesn't show up either in collection or in game. Also- the deck box doesn't work properly in Versus Mode and is instead replaced by the standard 'replacement' deck box on the gameplay mat. Hopefully you can fix these issues sometime in the near future. -Thanks Matthew
  13. Hello, Now that the one week Jirachi blister pack shop rotation has ended, it is practically impossible to get a very competitive card that is now being played in a lot of competitive decks. While it isn't really a "bug", It is a problem that must be fixed. I am a competitive player and i use the online game to practice for high leveled events. I couldn't get Jirachi XY 67 when it was at the shop and now I can't get one because they are locked and there for people couldn't trade one to me. The people that used gems to get an unlocked version of the card are taking advantage of the fac
  14. Hallo, wollte folgenden Bug melden. - Bei dem Heute im Shop neu erschienenen Milotic Bundle für 650 Coins, ist die Kartenhülle nicht sichtbar/unsichtbar. Weder in der Sammlung, noch im Deckmanager etc. wird diese angezeigt. Sie ist also quasi unsichtbar. Screen auf abload. /img/zwischenablage01e2arj.jpg
  15. I just bought the Storm Rider Theme Deck and its not showing up in my collection or card manager. How do i solve this?
  16. The main website I sign in, trying to buy santa and elf hats with my tokens in game shop-clothing.. it comes with an error>wouldn't let me redeem. I was using google chrome on that' Then test on internet explorer browser-I got it redeem. Also I notice my tokens on website were low than my game played on tcgo; it was 200 tokens behind... I wonder there is limit tokens right? Well so far i reach to 3k <('^')<
  17. I had an issue with the e-shop today. I went to the shop to buy the Burning Spark BREAKthrough theme deck, but the deck was nowhere to be found after I had confirmed the purchase. I DID confirm the purchase, and my 500 Tokens were gone, but no deck. I double checked my collection and deck manager, and even logged off and then got back on, but it never appeared. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but it's kind of frustrating, since I spent time to save up in-game currency for the deck.
  18. Tried to open a Roaring Skies pack, but it wouldn't load. So I exited the game, and now it's gone. Can I get some help?
  19. By the time this is fixed, the sale will probably be over.
  20. optimised_GP

    Promo card untradeable?

    To whomever it may concern, I recently spent an incredibly long amount of time earning 600 coins. I did this in order to be able to buy the new blister pack, which contains a Sableye promo card (This was to be traded for several booster packs in order to try and get my decks/cardlist started.) However, dissapointingly enough, I was unable to trade the sableye promo card, the Chespin coin, or ANY of the booster packs.. I would love to hear back as to why my efforts to get started in the TCG-online were in vain... Please respond swiftly
  21. I was opened one booster box of HS Triumphant today, is original, i tried to use the code of the box in the game , but it say '' your code is invalid'' i really need use this code, plz :/
  22. I have been annoyed with all the random crashes since Nov 4 update. I have two computers - Surface pro and Surface pro 3, all running Windows 10. Two computer give me exactly the same bugs - whenever I start a trainer challenge, game crashes - I was unable to play any challenges since the update whenever I check public trade, the client randomly crashes as I scroll down. Today, I uninstalled pokemon TCGOL client on both computers, re-downloaded the client (the Nov 4 version) from the website and re-installed the game, suddenly, all the crashes are gone, on both computers, so it is
  23. I recently bought both Night Striker and Burning Spark from the new Break Through last Saturday 10/31/15 at a Walgreen. I just opened them today and tried to put in both codes 11.4.15, But it says its been claimed today...? How can that be? if it didn't register them and I didn't get my Decks for TCGO. Is there a delay to use them? or has someone guessed my Codes before I could use them? I'd like to get them to work as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.
  24. I purchased the Espeon card box and sleeves in the shop a little while ago. The sleeves worked fine, but the image for the deck box was not there when I purchased it, has continued to not load, and nothing shows up in my collection saying I purchased it. I am assuming it should appear right next to the sleeves in collection but nothing is there, not even a place holder. If this is something that needs fixed, I would like to at least be reimbursed for the tokens I spent on it. -marrrkk
  25. So yesterday I bought the Oceans Core deck from the game shop then immediately exited. When I log back into to check on the deck even though my in game cash is down the deck and cards don't show up in my collection.
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