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  1. This always happens to me that after a few moments I begin playing TGC my computer crashes!!! Can you please help, I really want to play the game please help From walterwater10
  2. Hello I searched a support zone, i hope i'm in the right place to say that, With the code sent by the mail of pokemon company, speaking about manaphy, i used this and it gave me nothing, but stills redemmed after that. 1 FC booster can be ridiculous, but i really want to get this one. who should i e-mail to resolve that?
  3. All my Codes are Used but it can not be because i have not redeem that
  4. royalmarine

    Shop unavailable

    I have about 20 codes to redeem but can't access the shop, is this just me? Kinda annoying...
  5. FailSoEpic

    Redeeming booster codes

    The redeem buttons in the shop and shop drop down are grays out. I can't redeem the boosters i just bought. Please help.
  6. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem but ever since the new update I am unable to redeem codes. If anyone could help please reply:(.
  7. Blkwind

    Can't redeem codes

    When I play the game the button to redeem codes is not lit up and when I go to the shop I can not use codes there either.
  8. I redeemed my code, the code went through and said "Espeon", and after I clicked "Claim Now" I had this gibberish of words with "Code Invalid" written all over a pop-up. Turns out I only received the Espeon PRIME, and Oddish line. Daybreak and 3 Undaunted packs were never received.
  9. Hi, About an hour ago I bought the Storm Rider Theme Deck in the ingame shop using Coins. 500 Coins were deducted from my account as expected, but the Storm Rider deck isn't showing up in my deck manager, and the cards from the deck aren't appearing in my collection. Thanks for reading
  10. On Friday night I put in a large batch of codes. Including a bunch of legit booster pack codes (no problems there and yes these were legit codes from the cards out of the packs, I still have those cards if anyone doubts me) I also entered a big batch of box codes, but I am missing a bunch of items from them including various packs cards and possibly other items I should had probably gotten. This one I am reporting is the fact that I didn't get all my Break Evolution Cards from my Break Evolution Box Codes. I want my Noctowl break and the others. I entered the following box codes
  11. Just started PTCG today and had 542 tokens bought a destruction rush theme deck and had 42 tokens after, however the deck didnt appear in the deck manager option. Is there a fix for this? Because it really looks like i just got ripped off. e.e
  12. On my TCGO app for my iPad, when I open it, sign in, and go to the redeem code section, it's says that "this feature has been disabled for this device". Why is this and how to I enable it? Pls help
  13. If you buy chests for the pikachu clothing collection (the 55 token boxes), currenlty you'll get untradable packs. I bought five of them and all five were untradable. This wasn't the case previously too this patch. If this change is intended then the item description is giving out false information, as it says they would be tradable. It's nothing game breaking or majorly urgent yet a little annoying... what's up with that?
  14. The redeem card button is grayed out and not working on my iPad. I'm updated and I don't know why it doesn't work. I bought a bunch of fates collide packs and I'd like to use them
  15. Before the update when I bought an item in the trainer store (https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trainer-builder/trainer-store/) these items appears in the client of the game (a message says that I have new items) I buy a "treeko trainer set - jacket" and a torchit shirt and they only appear in the pokemon page not in the game client. I think that the triner store has a sync problem with the game.
  16. Like the title says whenever I try to redeem any non FC booster code I get the error message "INVALID CODE", I have tried codes from roaring skies, breakthrough, Mythical Celebi collection etc. Also I heard in the trade chat that some others are also having this problem and I also found 2 topics of other people having similar problems: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/41611-still-cant-redeem-any-codes/ http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/41617-invalid-code/ Please help us. Thanks in advance
  17. My girlfriend and I recently bought sealed Triple Power Tins, and the Triple Power codes are coming up as "INVALID CODE" when entered. We've been able to enter them in the past, but the two we bought yesterday do not work at all.
  18. Title. Was this intentional, or is this a glitch? I noticed that this was still unchanged by todays shop maintenance.
  19. Canberrakilla

    Can't redeem codes

    I can't access the area in game to redeem codes! Everything else works just not the redeem area the button is in pressable
  20. So why is this missing from the shop? It says on the site that it should be going until May 3rd, at the time I am writing this it is May 1st at 2 am central time, that is not after May 3rd unless somehow my calendar is wrong and the 1st is the 4th day of the month. I know you have to keep up rotations but if you're going to put an end date on something please adhere to it and not remove it before the listed end date. I don't play as often as I want or need to keep up with everything in the shop but I'm mad that I missed this because it was removed early. Anyone know why it was? If there were t
  21. Hello there! It seems like the Rallying Cry Decks that are obtained from redeeming codes is still tradable. Please fix it so that they are untradable, so that people cannot exploit this code and get unlimited of the cards in the deck. For the people who think that would be a great idea, don't do it, unless you want to get banned. Additionally, please remove the 2 tradable rallying cry decks from my collection, as they are not meant to be there (as a result of the past error, and this new error). Thank you
  22. duivelbryan

    I Give Up

    so after i don't even know how many days of down time. and ********* they did . code redemption is finally back online just to find out generation packs are still giving the wrong stuff the people that used those codes still haven't received anything. also ALOT of those codes are just not working anymore (invalid code) and on top of that NO INFORMATION about WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON. incompetent developers and PR making this game a titanic simulator they are not even trying. i am getting sick and tired of this and i am on the brink of just leaving this ship before i drown
  23. Tobbster

    No Redeem Codes Tab

    I cant see the redeem codes tab on my PC and ipad, and if I hover under the shop tab, there is nothing but it says that this feature has been disabled on this device. I don't know if this is only me, but can someone help?
  24. I recently redeemed a Celebi Box And it only gave the card sleeves And 1 Generations Booster pack And i was wondering if this is just a glitch and if i will get the Celebi Card and Generation booster later or not.
  25. Nerozoom

    Code Redeem Bug

    You can reedem codes many times without a limit :S
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