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Found 46 results

  1. aqwkingchampion

    Game progress lost upon exiting game.

    Hey, I just started playing this game, both on iPad and on PC. Whenever I exit out of the game on either, I lose all progress I've made, including the login bonus card pack, tutorial completion rewards, and my wins towards earning the xy: basic blue deck.
  2. I have buy the new bundle HS Series BUNDLE Featuring Triumphant and i try open i pack but i bug and i lost the pack .....
  3. I have a minor text error in the statistics tab of the profile page with "COLLECT ON STATS" appearing rather than "COLLECTION STATS"
  4. Hello! For some reason, every single time I try to change my avatar's shoes and save those changes, I get the "The network connection with the server has been lost" message. This hasn't happened before, but is happening every single time I try now. If the server is just down, I'm fine waiting a bit. However, I also lost connection during a game, which doesn't usually happen to me. My internet connection is just fine though. bonus: Since I'm already posting this bug, I figure it's worth mentioning that my profile avatar on the website never syncs with the avatar from the game. In fact, when I try making changes on the website, a default male avatar pops up.
  5. daily challenge claim now button isnt working.i cant have daily challenge please :/
  6. I've joined in the game after 6 or 7 mounths and i haven't got nothing!! I don't know what happened but i want to retrieve my stuff please ): Help me pleaaase!!!
  7. playhavock

    Badge issues?

    Trading Cards 1 Look up 10 cards in the Pokémon TCG card database. I did this. I even clicked the card after looking it up - no new badge - what do I do?
  8. Is KO-ing Robo Sub supposed to count toward daily challenges or not? I've had some people tell me it counts towards the current "Haunted" special challenge, but not the daily challenges. It seems like it should always count as a KO toward challenges.
  9. Hey there! With the help of your reports, the web team has become aware of an issue where edits made to a player's social preferences on Pokemon.com will not save or may revert to "Closed." This affects players' ability to trade and chat within the Pokémon TCG Online. We just wanted to let everyone know that it is being worked on and we hope to have a resolution as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further updates! This has been noted in the Known Issues thread as well. Thank you for your patience while the team works on this issue!
  10. So, for some reason my Trainer is being depicted in game wearing some sort of cap- he isn't wearing a cap in my profile, and I even went into the edit mode and selected the no cap option, saved and tried again. It's not even shown on him right- it looks like it's been put on like a sticker over his hair- graphical error, to be sure.
  11. I was working on a KO 16 pokemon challenge and the progress meter animation didn't show up and the progress bar on the challenge screen of my profile didn't update until I had exited the game and logged back in. I've already reported this via the support channel because at first I thought I was not receiving progress when I should. Just wanted to post it here so others would see it.
  12. When i go to offer in public trade or private trade and i want to offer in 10-card booster packs, they simple dont appear, when i go in packs, the only packs wich appear are 5-card booster packs since black&white to primal clash, i dont know why this is happenin and if it is only with me, please help!!! This is really bad for my trades!
  13. This isn't a direct issue with the PTCGO client itself or its operations but with its communication to pokemon.com/leaderboards. I don't think the all profiles are being tracked correctly at all times which I'm sure is the case since its a new option that was just implemented not to long ago. My concern with it not tracking properly is that for my self, I have 2000+ VS points (Monthly total) for this current (Arche's) VS Ladder, with that vast majority of them being in Standard Format. Yet, when I look at the PTCGO Leader Boards, I wasn't ranking anywhere at all (viewed under "this week" "last week" "this month") yet some players somehow have 5000-10000+ VS points for a single week and/or monthly total. Now I'm not interested in how some players have 5000-10000+ points as some players have nothing but time on their hands to play PTCGO, but why my PTCGO Client has me at 2000 points yet I'm haven't been ranked at all this month. And now I just checked it today and it has me ranked in the Top 14% with only 540 points instead of my 2000 (viewed under monthly total and Standard format) and there's no rank # next to my name or any of the names above and below me. Now since its showing my % and score but no rank, I just checked "overall rank under this month" and it has me at the Top 9% with a score of 795 but again there is No rank next to my name and the score isn't even close to the score the client has. This isn't a make or break deal by any means. I would just like to know that if we are being tracked so we can compare ourselves and friends to the rest of the PCTGO community, that it accurately represents where we stand at that time.
  14. When a pokemon is knocked out by the effect of Jirachi ROS's Doom Desire attack, it should count toward progress of the "Slice and Dice" daily challenge.
  15. My son was playing a match and used Zoroark (Brutal Bash) to knock out the opposing Druddigon (Rough Skin), but didn't receive credit towards one of his active daily challenges (Knout out 16 opposing Pokemon with your {D} Pokemon). He did receive credit for another challenge during the same match.
  16. Hi, I know this is stupid but I can't switch the gender of my avatar and I want to customize it so... When I click on boy I'm a boy same for girl, my caracter just won't change... Can anyone please help me to fix it that's make me sick Thank you for your help.
  17. Hello I'm from Brazilian, my english is not very well and I just write here for a bug with my girlfriend. ************ can login in her profile but she can't enter in the tcg card game because she doesn't receive a confirmation email, I did my profile after her and receive a confirmation email. Her email is ************inha@********* so if someone can fix that. Thx and srry for my bad english.
  18. i am not able to log into my tcgo account. i can however play as guest. it says "The server specified is unavailable, please check your internet connection and try again." my firewall is disabled and it was working fine till yesterday. please help
  19. Hey there, I have got an interesting bug , actually i don't know if its bug or not . I was playing a tournament yesterday and i was able to see 7 players name but was not able to see 8th player's name , it was blank (no name) . So please let me know that why this was happening , it is a bug or not . And if that 8th players is a blocked player by me then let me also know that Thanks
  20. so i have a Pokemon Trainer Club account, and the avatar looks just as i desinged it. -BUT- when i play Pokemn TCGO, my avatar is different! is this a bug, or did i do something wrong.
  21. When I open up the game, if I'm able to , sometimes it keeps telling me there is maintenance being run on the server and sometimes I can get in. But when I can log in, the daily challenge window pops up and I can't click the okay button to dismiss it. It just sits there until I log out of the game and keeps coming up any time I successfully log into the server the last 2 days.
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