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  1. Here is the problem: Two weeks ago, I signed up for the PTCGO. I made my account, "verified my email", and got started. I proceeded to jumpstart my account with hundreds of codes that I had purchased. Two weeks later, I cannot log in and it says, "The email adress for this account needs to be verified in order to log in (Slaco1234_ is my pokemon.com account) (Note that my PTCGO account name is Slaco1234) and try to resend the activation email. It says that "this account has already been verified" and in all doesn't send the email to my designated account. When I try to log in to PTCGO wi
  2. I am unable to use any of my custom decks. They all have warning symbols next to them.
  3. Hi guys , I just signed in to my account and i found a weird sign instead of tokens number Does anyone know why?
  4. Hello The rayquaza ex promo card is now available online tcg. I entered the promo code and i still get red "x" 6/1/15. I hope that I will be able redeem this code since I spent $25 on it.
  5. ja instalei o jogo varias vez mais o problema não sai sempre **** no 0% e o jogo não abre !!
  6. Meu chat bugou, não consigo falar com ninguem, nem adicionar! Não consigo fazer trocas privadas, ja tentei reinstalar o jogo mais ele avisa assim: "Não e possivel acessar o endereço de rede Propety. USER_PROFILE." O que faço ?
  7. EDIT: I found the rules covering it now so this is not a bug. Page 12; http://assets23.pokemon.com/assets/cms2-en-uk/pdf/trading-card-game/rulebook/xy5-rulebook-en.pdf When your Active Pokémon goes to your Bench (whether it retreated or got there some other way), some things do go away—Special Conditions and any effects from attacks.
  8. Hi, i'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, or if this is already known, but i stumbled unto a problem with my daily challenge rewards. I have completed a couple daily challenges and received my rewards, i have noticed, exclusive to pack rewards, if i were to skip the animation of me completing the challenge and returning to the menu, the pack or packs i was supposed to receive are never added to my collection. i have tried waiting and not skipping the animation and the packs were added. this has happened a total of 3 times, last time was less then an hour ago. again, im not sure
  9. Hello mod, Actually i started an unlimited tourny today and i played 1st round, and in 2nd round , only 2 were played and after 2nd round the time ran and told me 60 sec to start and after time completing i again waited for 25 min then it gave me as winner and time again started and i waited for 25 min and again time started i quit tournament and i didn't got any prizes and my tickets are gone now, wat to do, please help me... I did re-login also, but didn't got either prize or my tickets... THANK YOU...
  10. Mods i have got a serious bug Client: Card: Junk Arm Card Number: Triumphunt #87 Expected Action: Junk must be able to put pull any trainer card from discard pile. In discard pile selection all trainers cards must appear for selction Actual Action: Junk arm is only pulling item cards from discard pile. In discard pile selection screen only item cards are shown Steps to Reproduce: Junk arm must be able to pull all trainers cards including supporters , stadiums and item cards.
  11. I had all my cards tagged for trade or tagged for want switched with another account that was used on the same computer, for ex: my crobat is no longer tagged "for trade" and virizion is not tagged "for want", but reshiram is tagged "for want", which is what was on the other account. This happened after a private trade was posted from account 1 to account 2, then I logged out and logged in with account 2 to accept the trade. Not the biggest of problems but I wanted to make sure people know about this.
  12. My Friend List Buged, I cant send private trade, and I cant add or chat friends! Its normal ? I past 2 years out the game but Im back this month Please help me guys!
  13. So i've given up on this game several months ago due to multiple unacceptable bugs. After deciding to give it another try, I tried today to play this game. Unfortunately, my experience was the following: 1 - Loaded game without any issues, good 2 - Realised the same annoying bug in which most cards didn't load 3 - Everything from pack icons, coins and the avatar couldn't be loaded 4 - Played one tournament, finally I could participate in tournaments 5 - Got a tournament chest 6 - Opened the chest and it froze while opening, didn't get anything (same happened with booster packs in
  14. Hi. I updated the game a few days ago and when I finally got to log in succesfully My collection was empty... I redeemed a lot of cards, and also decks, I played the game since it was beta and gathered my psych-electric deck had great pokemons *** mew ex, kyurem and many golden and full art cards. I need to get back my cards. I have no intention to start back from scrap. thanks
  15. Hi, A long time ago, I created this account I'm on for my little sister. Because she was rather young at the time I set her account to Closed and that was that. But now she's a bit older and I'd like to un-restrict her account. However, no matter what I pick on the Social Settings screen, after clicking 'Submit' it resets to Closed anyway. Is there some sort of limitation in place preventing me from doing this, or is it a site bug? She would really like to trade and use the other features currently restricted to her. I thought of creating a new account, but as she would not be able to
  16. CactuarLOL

    Deck viewing - Save option

    I have seen in the deck viewing section of the game there are two buttons "Print" and "Save". I clicked save assuming it saves a list of my cards to a file somewhere, But I really have no idea if this is what the button is supposed to do as I cant tell if its doing anything at all. Does the "Save" button save a list of the cards in the deck? If so, where does it save the list?
  17. Whenever I try to load the TCG, it says "Please wait, checking for update" and looks for the refresher update, but doesn't load anything. Eventually, it says "Error. Could not connect to server.", and closes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice. I'm on PC. How do I fix this?
  18. marrrkk

    Tokens not Showing Up

    I just logged on a little bit ago, to my surprise my tokens aren't showing up! All there is is a red do not enter sign where my tokens should be... Can someone tell me what's wrong? Edit: My tournament tickets are doing the same thing Edit: Not sure what happened but I logged out and in again and there back. Sorry to freak out, but I still wonder the issue and at least now it's been brought up. Close thread?
  19. AltairReborn

    Adding Tags

    It always says I have to add a tag or tags to a post when creating a new topic, but only when posting under Support do I see even an option to add a tag. How do I add tags to a new topic if Im not posting it under Support? I do computer work for a living and I cant even find anything tag-related when posting under PVP, for example.
  20. Whenever I switch games, as in, going back to the desktop to check on another game while PTCGO is running in the background, the game logs me out and tells me that Ive been "inactive for awhile". Just now I took 2 minutes out while I was waiting for a booster pack to open(which takes ages for me). When I got back on to see how far the booster pack had loaded, I was at the login screen with the same inactive message. Not only that, but when I do log back on after that notice it tells me the servers are not available. So I have to close it all down, and open it again for me to get back on.
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