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  1. Fire Energy attachment went to Cramorant V in discard pile one turn after it was knocked out, but that only happened with the effect of welder and not manual attachment. The possible problem here is that the game didn't fully register Cramorant V in the discard pile.( I guess) I have pictures of the event and the game log
  2. When i open the game(on windows) it will load it on the refresher and when i press PLAY it just opens for a brief second then re-opens the refresher to do the very same thing again. (i was told it was fixed)
  3. Well i can do nothing on my pc. I can not play, remove, install or update the game. I have this error. No acces on the networklocatie. Property User_Profile
  4. dear pokemon... On my Windows machine that has a AMD Ryzen 3 CPU and a Realtek HD 3 Soundcard the audio at times gets glicthy and crackly like for say attaching energy to your Active PKMN or collecting your prizecards What should I do?, Update my soundcard's driver, reinstall the game or even reinstall the Windows OS? Can somebody help me Sincerely
  5. No dia 24/7/2020 tinha mais de 1700 pokecoin, no dia seguinte elas haviam sumido, chequem meu inventario para ver se tinha comprado alguma coisa e nada, o que posso fazer?
  6. PTCGO is giving me connection errors way to often, I have other programs/games that are continuously using the internet and do NOT lose connection at all, my firewall or antivirus is not stopping the connection to PTCGO. I get this error and this is a new hard drive on a fresh install of Windows 10 and a new network card etc, nothing is wrong with my computer. The problem i think is on PTCGO side of things. For months it worked fine without problems now it's to the point of disconnecting on almost every match. PCTGO is UNPLAYABLE for me almost! Reinstalling shouldn't have to be done, this should be fixed the correct way, where reinstalling is not needed because it will continue to happen again if not fixed ... (Even after a reinstall) Thank you for your time.
  7. hi, so I tried logging in to pokemon tcg online today on my laptop and I could not press OK, so I tried uninstalling it. When I tried to uninstall this message came up "Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE." So I did not know how to fix it. I tried to fix it via ******* and look up tutorials so I tried it and it did not work either. I went on my girlfriends computer instead but the same thing happened on her computer. It most be some issue with tcg online.
  8. Whenever I try to log into the game an error pops up saying unable to connect to server. I have been trying to log in for a month but keep getting this error. Please help.
  9. Cant find a fix, my login and password work on the site but when i try and open and login to the Windows game it says that my login or password is wrong.
  10. When I press download for the installer the page loads up but after a few seconds the page starts to refresh by itself and my computer says that it is waiting foe the page to respond when i press the button that says to press it after 15 seconds if nothing downloads it just restarts the page refresh I tried talking to some people who have previously downloaded the game but they couldn't help me. What do I do?
  11. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  12. Boa Noite Fiquei um tempo sem jogar, a umas semanas instalei o jogo no celular, mas joguei por 30 minutos no máximo, pois estava travando um pouco. Hoje instalei no PC, e ao logar, minha conta ja iniciou pelo Tutorial e ao passar meus baralhos e cartas que estavam na minha conta sumiram.
  13. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  14. When i open up the game, the eula rules are blank and i cant accept it
  15. I dont know if this is the right place or if it is already reported but when you log in with the dutch language it says Gebruikersnaam onthouden (remember username) on the username and on the password, so its double, the second one should be Wachtwoord onthouden (remember password) or something like that. Greetings G3kkehuis
  16. Bonjour, je me suis levé de bon matin et je me suis dis que je vais aller sur le TCG Online. Je n'y étais pas parti depuis longtemps donc logiquement, il y a des mise à jours. Je les installes, et je remarque que au lancement j'ai un message d'erreur de Windows. Voici le message d'erreur dont je parlais : ********************************************************************* . En voyant ça, je le ferme et je relance, mais ça réapparaît toujours. Je **** aucune idée de comment régler ça. Cordialement, aminouxw
  17. Desde el día hoy estoy intentando jugar y no me permite, al ingresar al juego me dice que esta cargando una actualización después de uno o dos minutos sale otro mensaje que me marca "error No se puede conectar con el servidor" Ya desintale el juego, borre carpetas y volvi a instalarlo, tienen alguna solución?
  18. Hallo, ich habe die Fehlermeldung, das ich keine Verbindung zum Server bekomme. Ich habe den PC neu gestarten und die Internet-Verbindung überprüft, hilft nicht. Anschließend wollte ich es reparieren und deinstalliern, klappt auch nicht . Dann kommt die Meldung "Zugriff auf die Netzwerkadresse [...] war nicht möglich". Die Datei zum Deinstalliern finde ich im Pokemontr.... ordner auch nicht. ***** um Hilfe
  19. Gaminfarouk3412

    problème d'instalation

    lorsque je lance pokemoninstaller le téléchargement commence jusqu'au moment ou un message apparait "appel de RunScript pendant qu'il n'était pas marqué en cours" suivi d'un autre message "appel de installFinalize sans installaton en cours" pouvez vous m'aidez svp
  20. One of the games I was playing all of a sudden the game froze but not completely, literally as I was about to win. The music was still running and I could click on the cards to enlarge them and scroll through my discard pile. I got down to the "15 seconds" on my turn but the was unable to complete any moves at all. The turn then switched over to my opponent but they also were unable to do anything. I waited almost 10 minutes before exiting the game completely, only to reopen it and find my win streak was gone but it still gave me ****** for the prize cards I had taken. Has anyone else had this issue????
  21. After trying to login on someone else his account I can't login. The connection error says it could not connect to the pokemon login service. I can't get to the login service anyway except if i use a vpn addon in in my browser (That is the reason I can write this message) If I don't have a VPN I get the next message. 403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner. If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation. How can I fix this? Or do I have to use a VPN to play the game from now on?
  22. PacorrOz

    No puedo iniciar el juego

    Desde hace unos días cada vez que intento abrir el juego solo aparece una pequeña barra con el botón de minimizar y cerrar, no hace nada mas el juego, no envia ningun mensaje de error, no hay ningún tipo de respuesta. Utilizo una laptop con Windows 10, CPU AMD A12, 8GB de RAM. Normalmente no me da problemas con el juego.
  23. After the new patch update this is now all I can see when clicking on the game. I have uninstalled the game and now cannot reinstall without seeing this message. Any idea how I can fix this?
  24. Buonasera a tutti Purtroppo nelle impostazioni di gioco vorrei togliere gli effetti base per vedere le animazioni delle mosse in base ai tipi, ma non mi fa togliere la spunta e non capisco il perchè visto che su altri dispositivi me la fa togliere, non saprei però dove intervenire sul pc. Se qualcuno sa aiutarmi mi fa un grande piacere. Grazie!
  25. My tcgo on windows doesnt start anymore and when i try to start it only a tiny title bar shows up.
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