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  1. Client 2.62.0 When playing, the use of Sky field (ROS 89) enlarges the bench but the Deckbox both sides, remains over the benches, covering the card on the left side (right for opponent). While still part of the card can be seen and enlarging the card through right click is possible, is unpleasant to play with some cards covered Steps to reproduce: Play an Expanded deck with Skyfield. Start the game and bench a couple Pokémon each player. A player plays Sky field stadium. Notice that the Deckbox remains over the bench covering some cards, both own and opponent's.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with installing the game. When i run the installer i get a message "the network location property.USER_PROFILE could not be reached." I can get pass this by canceling the message but the it pops up in the middlle of the installation again and then it canceles it out. Please help me get pass this problem.
  3. Client 2.62.0 I ended a game right now and in the summary I went to magnifying glass button to check opponent's deck, as conceded without playing more than 2 cards so I was intrigued. The new window to see opponent's deck opened without background so the previous window background was all mixed with the new opened window. It also happens with own deck. Mouse scroll not always works in this screens plus some right clicks don't enlarge some cards. It seems random. Not being an issue making the game unplayable, is unpleasant to see all mixed together and controls not working properly.
  4. After last update game, today - i see following errors: 1. Tropical Shake attack in deck tropical takedown not work before add 1-8 energy card. Attack only deals 20 damage for opponent card - in any game modes Card which is not work attack in game: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/sm6/2/ 2. In any match type aftere my victories - instead of the victory screen, the defeat screen is shown and I do not get any rewards for the match Please test and correct this bugs
  5. Hello, I have downloaded the .msi installation from https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/, however when I try to run this, the following error appears; "The Installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package". I have restarted the Windows installer service. I have full local administrator privileges on my user account. I have also tried re-downloading the installer but this doesn't resolve the issue.
  6. This morning the game don't opened. It just appeared like a small 2 inches wide, narrow bar, so clearly was not working as intended. Since yesterday, everything was good and I have had little to no problems with the game more than a couple times since 2015 or so. As it was not working, I tried to reinstall, uninstall and repair. Nothing to do. I just removed the game manually, including all the Thepokemoncardgame folder in C:/users/appdata (which worked last time I had to reinstall, years ago) I just searched for any single file and cleaned even the registry, reboot once and a again. Nothing to do. When I choose to Install, I can wait forever in the welcome screen for the client let me push the Continue button (which is greyed). When I try to Repare or Uninstall, User_profile appears. This is absurd. We deserve something better. First, the game not dying one day to another for no reason. But if happens, anything easier to reinstall without having to do voodoo to computer and pray all the Nordic Gods in addition. Actually, I made everything I read here and in pokémon Support site. Now I have no more ideas. And please Mods, don't tell me to check if computer meets the requirements of the game, yesterday it was all just right. Aside, I could update the game in an old Mac I have after failing also several times, but any text of the game is a blurry dark mark (I don't mean text of the cards, these are images). Not an issue I'm worried now as I don't plan to use it actually to play, but come on, can't this game just work fine?
  7. Alguém me ajuda não sei explicar como isso aconteceu, não instalei nada, jogo todos os dias e quando fui jogar ontem ficou assim, conforme a imagem. Já não bastar tbm, não posso jogar mais no celular rs... Triste, Alguém ae pra me ajudar? PS: Atualizei o driver do vídeo. Alguém pode me ajudar. [Edited - Posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites]
  8. Well i haven't been active for over 2 years now, but i figured i'll try Good ol PTCGO one more time but apparently the Client won't even start? I had this problem back in the day which i fixed by re-installing the game BUT this time it won't even let me uninstall ! When i launch it, it keep looping between the refresher and patcher infinitely, any help ? i really want to get back into it !
  9. I have played Pokémon TCG successfully on 4 devices in my home. A MacBook air, 2 Alcatel tablets, and my Razer Phone. I have never been able to have any success on my favorite device which is rather frustrating. I try to log in on my Alienware laptop and it will not connect and I always receive this message "network connection with server has been lost". I really would love to be able to play this game on my laptop because I am hooked! Please if anybody has any information for me or things I can try to fix it, let me know. I would like to add that my laptop has incredible internet connection and that is in no way a problem that could be affecting it. I am able to play Fallout 76 with full servers of people on the highest graphical settings without any type of problems. For some reason it is not able to run Pokémon TCG though, which should not be nearly that hard to keep up with. I have already tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game, made sure my antivirus software is not affecting it, and am not sure where to go from here.
  10. I have been able to log into PTCGO from my home but I am traveling for work and operating out of hotels. I am connected to the internet and able to use the internet just fine. However, when I attempt to log into the game, I get: Loading data from server. Please Wait. The bar will load to exactly 8% and stop before giving me the Error: Connection Lost: The network connection with the server has been lost. I have tried several times to exit the client and reboot my system. I have tried to use another Internet connection. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Regardless of what I try I continue to receive the same results. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Hey all. After an inactivity of a few months I decided to play Pokemon TCGO again but after updating the client I was confronted with this error: "An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please check your internet connection and tryagain. The app will now quit." So I uninstalled it and when I attempted to reinstall it I got this error: "Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE" I already did a bit of searching and someone came up with the new admin account trick which I tried out. Installing the game went without a hitch this time but when I started it I got the same error as in the first screenshot and testing it on my iPad gave the same error as on my computer. Don't tell me there's something wrong with my internet because that's not the case here. I have a subscription at the best ISP in my country and I have 200 mbit connection over LAN. All my other games are working fine except this one so I can say with 100% certainty that my internet is not at fault and it ALWAYS worked before until now. ALWAYS!!! Device info: Windows 10 PC
  12. TaurusFire

    M-Mewtwo-EX weakness type bug

    Heya, The Mega-Mewtwo-EX (full art) card (not sure about the non-full art version) has a bug in it. i've noticed it a few times now and i can never trace back why it is. the weakness of psychic is psychic. that is known to all. however when i attack with my M-Mewtwo-EX on another psychic pokemon the weakness never kicks in! so i don't get double damage. This happened more then once now. And yes, i'm aware some psychic pokemon weakness is dark, this is not the case. Card in question: M-Mewtwo-EX XY-Breakthrough series 160/162 Greetings,
  13. Hey, So i have an issue with the QR reader feature, i have a logitech c920 connected to the pc which works like a charm. But when i try the qr reader function, i see a black screen in the little window and the webcam does not seems to be activated/recognized. in case if you wondering, yes i have the latest driver for the webcam and as i said above the webcam works well and is recognized when i use another game/program. Thanks in advance,
  14. Pretty simple really. I didn't screenshot the mail I got, clearly showing it as unlocked, but I can screenshot the pack from the login reward: [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon] As you can see the Sun & Moon base set pack is not unlocked, it's locked: [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon] And I'm level 21. The mail changed from locked to unlocked at around level 17, 18? But the pack didn't actually became unlocked.
  15. I try play minigames in Pokemon website. Puzzle Zorua and Zoroark Sableye gem jorney I try 3 different browser. Web page load but the screen of the game stay always Loading and can't start the game. Start button not appears. It's always the loading bar forever. This are games with Flash but I have updated flash player and I played many times before. Is any other people happening the same? If not, what browser do you use? Grazie
  16. MatteoGianoli94

    game crash downloading updating

    I tried to reopen the app but it didn't work: it show only this message: The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2019-01-30_225102" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game. I don't know how to fix it, can someone help?
  17. Tittle says. Token coins from my trainer account in website, don't match the coins the client shows I have. If win coins in the trainer account, aren't add to the client. I tried relog the client to see if the system update the tokens and don't. And tried to see if increase the coins I win in website maintaining difference, I have 93 in game and 231 in website, if I win 6 coins in website is 237 but client don't show 99, still 93. I can remember this problem existed before but it was fixed for time and is broken again.
  18. I was trying to re-download PTCGO after having reset my computer and everything was fine until it came to launching the game where I was stuck on the "Checking for refresher updates" screen and nothingI have tried has seemed to work
  19. I tried to reopen the app but it didn't work: it show only this message: The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2019-01-30_225102" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game. I don't know how to fix it, can someone help?
  20. GOREBYSS DAMAGE ERROR I just experienced a damage error when attacking with an SM: CELESTIAL STORM NO. 368 Gorebyss against a SM: CRIMSON INVASION NO. 322 Numel. The attack is supposed to do 30 damage and protect it from all evolution damage next turn. Due to its weakness, Numel should receive 60 damage from the attack. In spite of this, in my previous game, I attacked Numel and did 100 damage, instantly defeating it in the process due to its 80 point health pool. I am not sure, but in the worst case scenario, this issue could affect multiple other matchups that I have not experienced. If you have Gorebyss and have experienced something like this please help me confirm the issue in this topic. Anyone who wants to help with detecting this issue, please play some matches with Gorebyss, that would help a lot. I'll add any more things I find.
  21. Having issues signing into PTCGO. I know my account login info (otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this) I gave my personal information to PTCGO support as requested, its been almost a week since the request and since I've obliged and I still can't get into my account.
  22. My girlfriend and I both decided to install and play this Pokemon TCG online recently. We both went on the official site, and downloaded the game. My install wizard launched properly and I had the game installed and running within minutes. However, whenever my girlfriend tries to run the .ede for the installer, the installer window pops up, and immediately gets covered by an error message saying that "There is already an instance of this program being installed, please wait for the install to finish before starting this one." And when we click "Ok" or X it out, the whole installer closes. This happened on the very first instance of her attempting to run the installer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hey trainers, For some reason I can't find where I can change my in-game language. It is set to Dutch, probably because I live in the Netherlands, but I always play my games in English and can't figure out how to change it. Thanks in advance
  24. iugagt

    Electric Oricorio BUG

    For some reason the card Oricorio (Electric) Guardians Rising 46/145 when you use feather dance the next turn the base damage of pom-pom punch doesn't change and still be 20 not 100 Client Version Card : Guardians rising 46/145
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