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  1. kuyrem1982

    [GENERAL] Tech help

    Hey, i recently cleared out a bunch of files on my laptop, and now whenever i try to login into tcgo it says, a javascript error occurred, i tried to re in stall it and now it says couls not access network location property. USER_PROFILE, why is this happening? Many thanks
  2. ElNigthy


    Hola, necesito ayuda a las cartas que tengo no les aparece el icono de intercambio y no las puedo intercambiar, alguien me podria ayudar?
  3. I've uninstalled the game because the repair tool wasn't working and now when I try to install it, it says that there is already an updated version installed. I deleted all the registration things, the AppData Things and everything that has "Pokemon" in his name but it's still not working.
  4. Property.USER_PROFILE cant be found. How can i fix this?
  5. I've had this PCTGO account for a couple years now, play the ladders pretty often, etc., mostly in Expanded format. When I sign on to the Pokemon.com website and check the leaderboard, it says I haven't earned any VPs from matches? I have 1775 on the ladder right now, according to my game client (PC). This is what the online leaderboard shows me. Can someone assist?
  6. Yo tengo ese mismo problema desde hace años, y todo lo que dicen es que te pongas en contacto con ellos, después que les avíes los datos de tu compu (que mi computadora e internet están sobrados para este juego tan ligero) y después de eso si no te has hartado con las semanas, nomas te dicen que debe ser tu internet o tarjeta grafica y muy tu problema adiós. No te resuelven nada, servicio técnico NO SIRBE. Debes buscar a ver que dicen otros jugadores para solucionarlo incluso en otros juegos de cartas online. En una ocasión lo instale dentro de la carpeta de otro juego y funciono
  7. I updated PTCGO and at first wouldn't even attempt to boot. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game but now it boots for a second and now I get "Cannot connect to server" What can I do to get this fixed?
  8. Bonsoir, j'ai perdu près de 50 booster cette nuit Ahah... Les codes étaient bons et validés, ça me disait qu'ils avaient déjà été utilisés ( alors que non ). Je me dis pas grave, je récupère quand même c'est surement juste un petit bug. Après avoir rentré TOUTS mes codes, je vais dans ma collection et m'aperçoies que je **** AUCUN booster. Je rallume mon jeu 1 fois, toujours pareille, 2 fois, pareille. Donc voilà je vous contacte car 50 c'est pas rien et ça m'agace.
  9. Hello, I wish for help (and I am curious if other people don't face these problems) 😮 I have installed the game on two different laptops since this year's Summer. I took a break between 2016 and 2020, but I was happy that I could easily launch with my old profile, still in possession of all cards and decks. However, every new Update forces me to de- and reinstall the complete game, because the game cannot update and refresh, it would just not launch - same on both notebooks. So far okay, since we don't get many updates and reinstalling takes about two minutes. Howeve
  10. I was playing and the game kicked me out. When I went to log back in it says that my account had been suspended. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Changed the password, and nothing. I do not know why my account would be suspended and didn't get an email explaining or anything. Please help, I just put in a bunch of new packs and I have some decks that I do not want to lose.
  11. I had to uninstall the game since it didn't let me log in, so I uninstalled it and deleted every record from the registry editor and when I try reinstalling again using the installer, the executable and the game files are nowhere to be found, If I click "Launch the game" when I click Finalize on the installer, it just opens op a folder named SYSWOW64 from the Windows folder on my hard drive. I've tried running the installer as admin, and on compatibility mode, but it was no help. Is there any solution to this?
  12. Quando por algum motivo passo a vez e outro jogador executa sua jogada, na próxima rodada quando seria minha vez de jogar não consigo colocar qualquer carta em campo, nem fazer nenhuma jogada, apenas consigo utilizar os emotes, enquanto ouço o som de que o tempo está acabando! É um BUG muito desagradável, pois já perdi inúmeras partidas deste jeito, mas só acontece quando eu passo a vez sem realizar nenhuma ação e então na minha próxima rodada não consigo realizar nada também, por favor arrumem isto, é muito frustrante jogar um game com um erro assim, ainda mais quando vc está com a partida g
  13. N0mand3r

    [PC] Login - Account Lost

    Hi, before you say: "Try using your Username or Screen name" Neither works that's the point of this thread in the first place. I've tried contacting support and they just sent a genetic email without even asking about which accounts are associated with emails, etc. If this can't be resolved then I'll just have to delete the app entirely as I was under the impression account login information would be something that interests them: considering I paid for the cards with real money and got the codes, scanned them in and now have no way to retrieve them because a
  14. I retreated a Salamence Vmax by discarding two recycle energies, but instead of going back to my hand, the energies stayed in the discard pile. This happened in Turn 10 of the game log below: Game Log Output Begins Here:
  15. Whan i open TCGO the game doesn't let me write anything unless i keep lciking many times in username and password for the writting line to appear and it keeps flickering and not letting me write right away, how do i fix this?
  16. Good day to everyone. I've seen so many forum posts talking about this, with literally none of them being able to properly answer this issue, so I want to ask again now. Whenever I try to install it through the normal PokemonInstaller.msi I always, at all times, no matter where the installer is located or how many files I have left from the TCGO, get the message saying: "The Feature You Are Trying to Use is on a Network Resource That is Unavailable." No forum post I could find could fix this error even remotely. All I want is to play the game again. And as mentioned. There is litera
  17. Client:- Windows version Expected Action:- In previous versions of client, if you are doing a Trainer Challenge match and the server goes down, your internet goes down, or your connection to the server is lost, when you re-login into the game, the match popped back up and the game resumes when you left off. Now in this version when this happens, when you re-login into the game, the game doesn't come back, and the client acts like the match never started or occurred which is annoying especially if you were about to win the match against a tough opponent.
  18. one day the TCG app randomly just stopped allowing me to login it says "invalid login or password" and I've even changed it multiple times so i know 100% that I'm typing everything in correctly. Please Help.
  19. Hello, I have an issue where my PC comes up with the message box as i try to click the installer I downloaded this from the Main official Pokemon TGCO Website This is the Error Message - "This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Package any help would be appreciated
  20. HazzeyNight

    [GENERAL] "Connection Lost"

    For the past 2 days since i logged into my account on my friends laptop, when i go to login on my PC it just says Connection Lost, the network connection with the server has been lost. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times now and restarted my WIFI an nothing has fixed, now its not my wifi i have Giga Fiber with ATnT an i live in Houston next to the servers i get 100mb-1Gb up and down. Please Help ❤️
  21. Hello, Today i was playing ptcgo fine, came back to play later in the day and now the game is stutters to an unplayable state and will regularly turn into a blank screen and become unusable and have to be closed. I tried rebooting my PC and uninstall and reinstall. I am on PC and I believe that my GFX drivers updated but plenty of other things seem to be working fine. please help.
  22. UltanPSV

    [GAMEPLAY] Game Freeze

    I logged in, made a change to a deck, went on ladder get paired against someone. They were about to be donked but my game froze before the game finished, or at least the animation never played as I had pressed the button to use Heatran GX's Steaming Stomp attack which was going to end the game. If this is an issue with certain cards, the cards played was Welder, attached 2 Fire Energy, Switch, and attached another fire energy to Heatran GX, I pressed on Heatran GX to give me options of which attacks to use, I selected an attack (Steaming Stomp), and the game froze. By froze I mean the game loo
  23. JJBrownie007

    [PC] Login - Connection glitch

    i dont know how to send a video file for this so here
  24. As the title says, I keep getting that error when trying to install. I deleted the Pokemon Trading Card Game folders from LocalLow and Roaming and yet I'm still not able to install it. It asks me to find a PokemonInstaller.msi file that does not exist on my computer. I've tried uninstalling the game from my PC but it gives me the same error, so that simply isn't an option either. I used to have the game installed on a different user account on my PC, but I deleted that user account so it shouldn't cause any issues. Any help would be appreciated
  25. Max_Pallet

    [GENERAL] Cant get online

    Ive been trying to get onto PTCGO on my laptop for a day or 2 now and i have not been able to get on. Every time i try logging in i get stuck at 90% and it never goes higher(once i got to 100% but it stopped there and i never got into the game). ive tried everything, closing and opening ptcgo, turning my wifi off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling ptcgo, restarting my laptop, ive tried everything imaginable. if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.
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