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  1. did your update and now the pokemon tcg online continue says no internet connection but got a full internet connection a hour ago delete pokemon tcg off my computer and installed it and still no effect .. that update was not very effective
  2. so when i load up the game its showing code and it goes away when i go and switch to different language and back but after it just crashes when i press log in , it doesnt matter if i switch language or not same result edit: just thought of mnetioning the crash happens when i hit 10% load according to the loading bar
  3. Hi there, Recently I`ve had some issues with my ptcgo client (not account as my account works on other computers). When I boot ptgo, the game window is extremely small. Not minimum resolution small, like the size of an icon small. and the info in the window hasn`t been compressed, more like the window has been cropped to a very small section; I cannot see the log in boxes, cannot click the settings wheel, and cannot do anything. This happened recently; no drivers were changed, the program has been unsintalled and re-installed in two different drives and nothing helps. I tried forcing it to full screen but this is the result...](didn`t know you can`t post links) As you can see, it doesn`t stretch the image at all, only adds a black border. Wondering if anyone has any fixes to the issue. URL Removed by Mod_RedDragon
  4. Qubik5Qube

    [PC] the game crashes

    hello, everytime i open the app, it crashes. i downloaded multiple times but it still says that i dont have access to some location. please help me.
  5. Hello, I started to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game about a month ago. After intially getting Blastoise V deck to start battling, the I bought 24 Vivid Voltage boosters and scanned all codes. I noticed some packs gave me an additional card in the online version. I would like to have both my physical and digital deck to be the same, so I just ignore the online cards I get. But after enhancing my deck with my new cards, I noticed some cards are missing in my online collection (it doesn‘t match my physical collection anymore). Going as far as getting the online codes out of the trash and rescanning them showed I did scan all 24 cards correctly. I haven‘t found any information saying that this is some game intended behaviour. For example, my two Magearna cards are missing from my online collection, despite having them physically... Any help regarding this issue is appreciated. Best, DigitalGreenTea
  6. Estou tentando recuperar uma conta antiga com o email e ******************, mas não ta sendo possível pois ta reconhecendo varias contas no mesmo email, como isso pode ser solucionado?
  7. The day the update came out i installed and played as usual. Now my cards are all in the "loading" format. Not just the new ones, but ones that I have had for many years. Many of my deck boxes are blurred with a line through them. I will download the card cache once again to see what happens but I would expect that the patch should have only added the new cards and not messed up the rest of the library right?
  8. Salve, ho reinstallato pokémon gcco dopo quasi 4 anni, ma non so perché non riesco a collegare l'account. Ho una 30Mb in down e 3 Mb in up via cavo ma comunque dice che perde la connessione al server. Qualcuno sa cosa devo fare? Ho già riavviato il modem, il router, il pc e disinstallato e reinstallato il gioco, ho fatto tutte queste cose almeno 10 volte ciascuna, quindi se potete evitate di proporle.
  9. Hi, yesterday i reinstalled Pokémon TGCO after like 4 years, and i am having problems in reconnecting my account. I have a 30Mb in Download and 3 in Upload but still the game doesn't connect to the server. I restarted the modem, the router, the pc and uninstalled and reinstalled the game like ten times but nothing, it doesn't connect. Can someone help me?
  10. Acabei de instalar o jogo e ele não roda. Quando clico em entrar na tela inicial, o jogo para de responder. Já ****** fiz o negócio do antivírus e o problema persiste.
  11. luvlost

    Mod Mute with no Email

    Im doing a lot of trading and just got muted in the middle of a trade for no reason. Help Please
  12. Ever since yesterday's update that added Shining Fates the game has felt like it is more Laggy/ more choppy, i've asked & looked around to and others are also experiencing this to. I had my game settings on Fastest which was the setting after the update that felt like it was the most choppy , so i switched it to Best Looking and feels like it is smoother. I don't want to have to play in best looking though when i am playing the game i perfer to play in the Fastest setting. I think something is wrong with the Fastest setting because that is where it feels more Choppy & like there is FPS drops!
  13. Olá, Eu abri uma conta para o meu irmão (adicionei a conta pelo add a child) para a gente poder jogar juntos e agora ele não consegue me adicionar e eu não consigo adicionar ele. Pensei em criar outra conta porém ele já resgatou todos os códigos que ele tinha guardado e tem várias cartas que ele gosta. Alguém pode me ajudar? Não ***** absolutamente nenhuma informação sobre isso. 😢
  14. I keep receiving the message- Your account has been Muted by a Moderator. Please check the email address associated with your account for additional information. I never received an email regarding why I was muted or how to resolve the issue. I couldn't find a place to contact the support team.
  15. I tried to open ptcgo today and it said I cant open it because my PC cant open it. I tried downloading it again and it didnt work either. I can see a lot of people are having the same issue rn. I'd be glad to see this fixed since i really enjoy the game. keep the good work up.
  16. riopisandayo

    How to fix the Display bug

    As soon as I press the "Versus" UI, it disappears and I can't select the Versus mode. Please tell me how to fix it. Environment. pc windows10 home 64bit
  17. Primeiro as paginas dentro do jogo ficaram todas desconfiguradas, depois o jogo travava quando se escolhia o adversário no "desafio de treinador" e agora nem abre mais o jogo, a tela **** preta e não carrega o programa. Já desinstalei e reinstalei, mas o problema continuou, mandei e-mail para o suporte e não me deram solução nenhuma, vi videos relatando problemas de 2014, sem solução. Estou perplexo com o descaso da empresa que produziu o jogo, por não dar feedback real. Alguém poderia me dar alguma ajuda???
  18. my pokemon tcg online write is im add support to update
  19. Hi, so I was messing around with some of the resolutions & now my game is super tiny & I can't change it, any idea how to fix ASAP? Thank you. Edit: I have taken screenshots if needed. I can maybe try uninstalling & re-installing to see if that fixes anything I guess in the meantime. 2nd Edit: That fixed it, apologies for the thread then, you can do as you need to with it. Point being in future if anyone has small screen issues like mine, try uninstalling.
  20. Boa tarde, Eu era um jogador antigo de pokemon tcg e hoje quando fui retomar a minha conta, reparei que todas as minhas cartas sumira, gostaria de saber como resolver isso. Desde ja agradeço
  21. Carissima Nintendo, Siamo ormai arrivati al 2021 e non siete ancora riusciti a trovare una soluzione al problema atavico di ogni giocatore di PoKémon TGC. Il gioco continua a disconnettersi senza che via sia una precisa e valida motivazione. A dimostrazione di ciò posso garantirvi che, mentre la vostra pessima e arretrata app crash, ogni altro device, anche il più [RIMOSSO] servizio che necessita l'accesso a internet funziona senza problemi. A rendere la situazione ancora più frustrante per noi, e imbarazzante per un'azienda come la vostra, ci sono gli inutili e ripetitivi consigli che i vostri assistenti /moderatori ci propinano da ormai anni. La mia domanda è questa: comincerete, prima a poi, a prendere sul serio questa questione o aspetterete che ogni giocatori si stanchi di usufruire del vostro gioco?
  22. TherealRote

    I have fake decks

    Hello I recently unlocked a few codes after unlocking them I got 2 decks. Anyway, I got the decks anyway. I can neither play with the decks nor do I have the Pokemon cards from the decks in my collection. But unfortunately I see the deck in my Deck Manager with a red X. Can someone help me with the bug?
  23. Hi, My Pokemon TCG keeps crashing, ill get to play a few games varies between 3- 5 then it will just constantly crash every game after. Windows error log below. Faulting application name: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe, version: **************** time stamp: 0x5d968f88 Faulting module name: UnityPlayer.dll, version: **************** time stamp: 0x5d968fd7 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00462c08 Faulting process ID: 0x20f4 Faulting application start time: 0x01d6f6e0e7891d47 Faulting application path: C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Roaming\Pokémon Trading Card Game Online\PokemonTradingCardGameOnline\Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe Faulting module path: C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Roaming\Pokémon Trading Card Game Online\PokemonTradingCardGameOnline\UnityPlayer.dll Report ID: 2a13d621-491c-416f-b402-1463db4d5cff Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Windows 10 v.20H2(19042.746 Pokemon TCG ******** TIA, Grim
  24. I just downloaded the launcher, and it opens fine, but when I go to type in my username or password, it won't let me select the text box to type it in. I can select other options, but selecting a language or trying to type my login info doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the program, but the same issue comes up. Any way to fix this?
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