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  1. I downloaded TCGO some weeks ago. At that time I was using a wifi connection with 2 GB per day. The game ate about 1 GB in just 40 minutes. After that I tried once more but the data usage was not reduced. That's why I am unable to play. I have a limited data plan and such a usage in just 40 minutes is too much! I can't even complete the tutorial and NPC matches because of that.
  2. I just updated to the newest version, but the application does not open for me. After updating it acts like it will open, but does so unsuccessfully.
  3. Nathissouf

    compte suspendu?

    Bonjour, Mon compte a été suspendu pour une raison dont laquelle j'ignore étant donner que j'ai déjà étais mute pour une raison dont laquelle j ignore aussi il étais écrit que je devais recevoir un mail pour m'expliquer la raison or je **** pas reçu de mail pouvez vous m aidez s il vous plait😪 Cordialement, Nathissouf
  4. When i click on the Start QR Reader button all i see is an orange screen. The app says that it is Scanning for QR code... I am on PC. Has anyone else had this issue or have a fix? I have no other apps running that are using the webcam.
  5. Trainer760526

    how do i report someone

    so i wanted to trade but then i canceled it then the preson called me a peasant and other stuff so i was wondering how do i report him. i have a picture of the messages to.
  6. So I was playing the trainer challenges, going through each one. For the starter deck or them deck called, "Hidden Depths", I ran into a bug when fighting against Kendal who has and electric/dark deck. During the match, I set up a Lapras who is supposed to be weak to only Metal types, according to the card. However, it took double damage, as if it was weak too, her Raichu who was and is an Electric type. I'm guessing its a simple coding bug, marking Lapras as weak to electric types instead of the Metal weakness. I attached a link to a pic ingame showing the card set up. *******************************
  8. TarikJN

    Instalation problems

    I was trying to install the game but the installing never goes beyond this: "Please wait until the installation wizard is ready to guide you through the installation." , It didn't even starts the process idk how to fix it Already tried re downloading the installer several times but nothing happens
  9. I downloaded the game yesterday on Windows and it was working fine, but when I opened it today the screen was flashing during versus. If this issue could be fixed, it would be helpful because right now the game is unplayable.
  10. I have having an increased number of ladder games where I randomly drop connection when my internet is fine and not having problems on iPad and windows which makes me think it’s a server issue. Why not just be able to reconnect like other games seems like a simple solution
  11. David_3110

    Can´t accept friend request

    Hello, I have a new friend request on my account, which i want to accept. If I click accept it allways says something similar to: "error by procceding this request" (translated from German: "Fehler beim Bearbeiten der Anfrage"). Does anyone knows what to do to solve this issue ? Thank you for your help 😊
  12. Hello! Client: Urshifu VMAX, mew, scoop up net Card Number: swsh battle styles 170/163 + mew black star promo SM215 + scoop up net Rebel Clash 165/192 Expected Action: Urshifu VMAX gale thrust attack 150 dmg to the opponents active gengar & mimikyu GXActual Action: Gale thrust attack did 10 dmg as opposed to 150 (-20 for resistance) after i scoop uped the mew from active spot and my urshifu vmax became new active pokemon and as it states in urshifu vmax attack: If this pokemon moved from your bench to the Active Spot this turn, this attack does 120 more damage.Steps to Reproduce: as said ^ try to scoop up mew promo card from active spot (With dmg counters) and let urshifu secret art became new active pokemon game log : Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2209 Archetypes Bundle Version: 15362 Localization Bundle Version: 15374 Current Game ID: 76468370-b1e2-11eb-831c-06d20630a631
  13. The game now crashes after the pokeball load screen and where the PTCG logo appears. I get no errors and only get the Unity logo on the task bar and then game quits.
  14. Hello! I experienced a weird interaction between Marshadow/Machamp-GX and SS Urshifu. During the game, Marshchamp got its GX move "Acme of Heroism" up along with the bonus attack passive. Upon taking my turn, I used G-Max one blow with the intent of bypassing my opponent's attack effect. Despite this, Marshchamp proceeded to revive after the attack leading to getting a counter-knockout. There was no other ability in play to prevent the knockout besides Marschamp's GX effect. I'm wondering if this is an exception to the interaction, since I would assume the GX effect would be overrided by Urshifu's attack given that SS Urshifu bypasses other GX aura effects such as LucMetal. Thank you so much for any possible clarification to the rules and have a great rest of your day!
  15. mumymaister

    El juego no se quiere descargar

    llevo mucho tiempo tratando de descargar el juego pero no quiere descargarse, hago click donde dice ''La descarga comenzará en breve. Si no empieza en los próximos 15 segundos, haz clic aquí.'' pero no pasa nada y sigo sin poder descargar el juego
  16. I had won a pack of Furious fist in the tournament, at the moment of opening it the load took a long time, after that I disconnected from the game and when I re-entered the packet it was no longer there, I thought I had exchanged it and I had forgotten it but in my history of exchanges there was nothing, so it disappeared out of nowhere
  17. The update process is fine, after it's done, I hit play But my problem is that even after it updates, the game will only bring me back to the update tab, and start the whole process again. I can't play until I reinstall the game, it's very annoying that I need to do that all the time the game updates.
  18. Before patch I was able to get into and play game normally. After the patch I can't even enter the game loading screen but I get quick screen with this mark !, and that's it.Will it also be resolved? My localization is Poland and I play this game on a laptop( windows 10).
  19. did your update and now the pokemon tcg online continue says no internet connection but got a full internet connection a hour ago delete pokemon tcg off my computer and installed it and still no effect .. that update was not very effective
  20. so when i load up the game its showing code and it goes away when i go and switch to different language and back but after it just crashes when i press log in , it doesnt matter if i switch language or not same result edit: just thought of mnetioning the crash happens when i hit 10% load according to the loading bar
  21. Hello, I started to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game about a month ago. After intially getting Blastoise V deck to start battling, the I bought 24 Vivid Voltage boosters and scanned all codes. I noticed some packs gave me an additional card in the online version. I would like to have both my physical and digital deck to be the same, so I just ignore the online cards I get. But after enhancing my deck with my new cards, I noticed some cards are missing in my online collection (it doesn‘t match my physical collection anymore). Going as far as getting the online codes out of the trash and rescanning them showed I did scan all 24 cards correctly. I haven‘t found any information saying that this is some game intended behaviour. For example, my two Magearna cards are missing from my online collection, despite having them physically... Any help regarding this issue is appreciated. Best, DigitalGreenTea
  22. Estou tentando recuperar uma conta antiga com o email e ******************, mas não ta sendo possível pois ta reconhecendo varias contas no mesmo email, como isso pode ser solucionado?
  23. The day the update came out i installed and played as usual. Now my cards are all in the "loading" format. Not just the new ones, but ones that I have had for many years. Many of my deck boxes are blurred with a line through them. I will download the card cache once again to see what happens but I would expect that the patch should have only added the new cards and not messed up the rest of the library right?
  24. Qubik5Qube

    [PC] the game crashes

    hello, everytime i open the app, it crashes. i downloaded multiple times but it still says that i dont have access to some location. please help me.
  25. SpiriaKawaiiFox

    Récompenses quotidiennes

    Bonjour , Il y a de cela 4 jours je devait recevoir 5 booster en Cadeau Quotidien Hélas depuis 4 jours aucun des boosters n'apparait dans ma Collection
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