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  1. Eevee GX (SM175)'s ability, Ascension DNA, seems to have a couple of bugs. 1. If abilities are disabled by any card effect such as a stadium or Pokemon, you are unable to evolve the Eevee GX card. From what I can tell, the ability is just supposed to heal the Pokemon once it is evolved, however without the ability, the card just can't evolve in general. I cannot place a Vaporeon card on it, for example, because abilities are disabled. 2. Using Leafeon GX (13/156)'s GX attack, Grand Bloom GX, cannot evolve Eevee GX cards. If there is an Eevee GX card on the bench, it will simply say that there are no valid Pokemon to select, even if there is an Eevee evolution in the deck to use. This GX attack works fine on normal, basic Eevees that aren't GX. I have a deck built around Eevee cards, and I've been playing around this, but it is a frustrating bug. Due to the rarity of getting ability locked in versus, I was only able to get a log of the second bug with Leafeon GX, since a friend could versus me just for me to set up and replicate the glitch. He didn't have any ability locking cards, so I wasn't able to do the same for bug one. Here's the log, though. Let me know if the game log for the first bug is absolutely necessary and I'll grind versus until I can get a log. Thank you!
  2. I want to ask when will i be able to turn on and off the simple effects? This is has been adressed in multiple topics and i already reached out the ticket support team and it was concluded that my laptop is "below/at minimum requeriments". Which is literally impossible because i could always turn on and turn off the simple effects on this same laptop. This bug or glitch?! idk what it is, it appeared after the detective pikachu update which was in March i believe?! Anyway the team admitted that the simple effects option is not working on some devices and they are working on it to fix it, which means they know the problem is happening on their part, so basically my laptop can't be below or at minimum requeriments out of nowhere because i could always turn off and turn on the simple effects, there were no problems and then that update happened and boom it messed everything. The game client was literally unplayable around that time of the detective pikachu update, since then the team was able to smooth the game and is currently very stable but i still can't turn off and on the simple effects. This is not a suggestion you already know about this issue and almost all the users who complained about this use a lenovo laptop same as me, maybe the game client is having an engine conflict with this specific brand? I just want to know if you are close to fix the issue? I mean at first glance it may seem a minor problem but it actually bugs me alot that i can't play with the better animation and sound effects on a laptop where i play other games the require better specs and i have zero problems with it, only in PTCGO, so it can't be me. I miss when a specific type of pokemon attacks the active opponent's pokemon for example a lightning pokemon attacks and it sounds it created a big storm, with the simple effects it just sounds like an old sound like the original pimball game for WinXP. Don't ask me to create a support ticket because i already did it and the answer will be the same, i just want a straight answer from here please. Is it getting fixed as we speak? Any estimated time?
  3. I've just recently downloaded the app yesterday and was playing fine with a logged in account. I skipped the tutorial when I first logged in and I was playing the trainer challenges. When I logged in today it automatically sends me into the tutorial. I believe it is the second tutorial (they say I know the basics and want to show me advanced moves). From what I can gather the second tutorial is using the incorrect text from the 1st tutorial but the cards from the 2nd tutorial. It's also showing Zach when I think it should be Ella? It works correctly as a guest but not when I log in. It gets to the point where it asks me to put a Pokemon on the bench (per the 1st tutorial) but the game has given me a potion instead of the Oshawatt it should give me to put on the bench to progress so I get stuck. I've also tried to create a new account but the same thing happens. I'm playing on the iPad. I tried searching the forums for a similar problem with solutions but couldn't find anything.
  4. INSTALACIÓN DEL JUEGO Despues de un tiempo ya desinstalado el juego, lo quiero volver a instalar y me sale el siguiente error "No se puede obtener acceso a la ubicacion de red Property.USER.PROFILE." No tengo ningun tipo de archivo de este juego en mi pc y nose como solucionarlo. Desde ya gracias.
  5. Hi,I got a bug when my opponent retreat his necrozma with one recycle energy. Both of us can't play, the time start first on my part then the timer of my opponent as well. I try to surrender and I had to close the game and restart it to comeback on the homescreen. I probably lose my streak victory after this bug. 😥
  6. After the latest update when i tried to start the game it showed me an error saying "Data folder not found" followed by this text "There should be 'Refresher_Data' folder next to the executable" and it wont let me open the game
  7. Every 4-5 matches it happens that during my turn the game make me unable to perform actions: i can't click on my cards, so i can't neither attack nor retreat i can't play cards from my hand after a while the timer starts and the turn ends giving the opponent the right to continue. If i wait the end of my opponent's turn, my next turn i still can't perform actions. what i can do: i can check my discard pile i can use emoticon i can change the video/audio options i can concede (and this is what i do) I use a laptop from Lenovo E560 and i run windows 10. Is there a way around it?
  8. DisKrow

    [PC] Jogo não inicia

    Olá! Ao tentar abrir o jogo no meu PC, o carregamento prévio ao login não inicia, permanecendo no 0% por vários minutos até que eu mesmo decida fechar o aplicativo. O mesmo problema ocorre no Android, cujo cheguei a reinstalar mas continua com o mesmo problema. Cheguei a abrir o jogo poucas horas antes desse problema e o mesmo estava funcionando perfeitamente.
  9. simon007hk

    i had face a bug

    in game most of the words has been garbled for example eula.dialog.subtitle i have been try to uninstall it to try to fix this problems help me please btw my mother lanuage is not english forgive me by my English error
  10. Ypsion_123

    non riesco a scaricare TCG

  11. I'm running windows 10 on PC and i've done everything from uninstalling and re-installing to accepting terms of use on the website to dumbing down my resolution and the words still wont appear so i can accept it. nothing works to get the words to appear at all. please help.
  12. Game has been working fine for some but now every time i log in i get this message. I cannot for the life if me get around this thanks for the help!
  13. The Giratina and Garchomp tag team card does not work about 50% percent of the time. I have both the sm193 promo, and the unified minds 146/236 print. When I have the full energy cost for any of the attacks I am not able to use them as though I have not paid the energy cost. This happens with basic energy along with special energy. Even when trying to use Linear Attack, you may be unable. This happens without the effects of an opponents attacks, and it is very frustrating. Client: Garchomp & Giratina GXCard Number: Black Star Promo SM193, Unified Minds #146, Unified Minds #228, Unified Minds #247 Expected Action: The attacks should be able to be used when the energy cost is met by unit energy, rainbow energy, basic energy, and other forms of special energy; however, this does not happen always.Actual Action: The card will either not be able to attack at all, or will display any number of combinations of the cards attacks as usable, while others are unusable, such as being able to use Calamitous Slash and not Linear Attack.Steps to Reproduce: I had the most trouble with this card when using it in a deck with Porygon Z (Unbroken Bonds #157) and special energies (rainbow, Unit energy fighting dark fairy, and unit energy lightning psychic metal). I switched my deck list entirely to try and avoid the issue, but it still happens with basic energies.
  14. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
  15. Ever since the new update(I believe it's 2.66?), it appears like most of the game's in-window "windows" and borders have completely vanished for me. This includes the login window, the daily bonus prize box, the pull-out window to the side where the messages are kept, and so many more elements. I can't see any of the tab buttons for the shop/versus/collection screens. If I fuss around and try to click where they should be, it looks like that information is still mapped in, but it's incredibly difficult to do. I was able to redeem some code cards, but other elements like the boxes and buttons on the collection screen are invisible/not there. I can't find a way to open any packs, and navigating around at all is close to impossible. It's like the screen is only displaying the furthest back element; like the splash arts. Some text is still there, but almost all of it is just gone. The trade screen's pop-up window for specifying filters is just not there. The deck manager loads, but I can't even hit the buttons to scroll through the cards. I managed to start a match, and many of those elements just aren't loading in either. The avatar's skins are invisible, it's just floating faces with the clothes. The cards are mostly still visible, but attached energies and the damage counters are just black circles, and the board itself and the background also won't load. It's all black. I can't see any of the emote area's UI/HUD things either. I've restarted the game a few times with no changes. The game's just completely unplayably broken right now. I'm on a PC with Windows 10, I don't know how relevant that is, but if there's anything else I could provide that could help identify the issue here, I'd really appreciate it. Should I try to uninstall and re-install? (unrelated, I've also been dealing with a small bug ever since I started playing again earlier this year, where I have to manually re-enter my password every time I log in. The game doesn't ever properly remember my password even with the box checked. It just says "invalid login/password." But that's easier to deal with than the game just being broken.)
  16. Hi, I've downloaded PTCGO on my surface pro 4 but am greeted with the Asset Download Error when i am in game. How do i fix this issue? I have reinstalled, redownloaded cards but yet, no images are loading properly in game (background images, card images, deck boxes, coins) Please help me fix the issue. Thank you
  17. Zygarde's Cellular Companions ability says that as long as it's on your bench, your Zygarde's and Zygarde-GX's attacks do 20 more damage. However, I was just in a game in which I had multiple Zygarde in play, one of which was my active Pokemon. It attacked with its 20-base-power Boost Fang, but it only did 60 damage because of the boost from Martial Arts Dojo. The other two Zygarde on my bench didn't affect it. Attached is the game log up until just after that happened. Card: Zygarde 124/236 UMExpected Action: If one Zygarde is active, and one or more others are benched, the abilities of the benched ones should boost the damage of the active one.Actual Action: Zygarde's Boost Fang attack only does the base 20 damage, plus boosts from anything other than other Zygarde.Steps to Reproduce: Make Zygarde your active Pokemon. Put another one on the bench. Attack, and note the amount of damage.
  18. Hello, I just achieved the goal of 3 unified packs on the timeline on versus and I received nothing. Seems it's a bug. Could someone please send me the locked packs? Thanks!
  19. ultimateseanboy

    Error! Could Not Connect To Server

    I'm trying to get back into this game after a prolonged absence, but every time I boot up the game, the error box "Error! Could Not Connect To Server" always pops up, and then clicking the ok on the box causes the game to close. Is there any way I can get past this, or do I need to reinstall?
  20. Gidorkian

    Constant Game Crash

    Dear TCG Support: I downloaded the online game sometime ago, however it seems more often lately it is crashing or simply losing connection to the serve. Now while it might be easy to blame it on my own network connection, I know this not to be the case. No matter where I am, this server often disconnects (ONLY in the middle of a game!). It gets very frustrating to not be able to finish a battle and have it disconnect, especially when the other player likely believes you're rage quitting. This constant disconnection takes the joy out of the game and makes it so I don't truly want to play. Why play a game if you know 5 minutes in, it'll kick you out? If there is a way to fix this on my end, I am all ears! Thanks, Gidorkian!
  21. I just recently installed the pokemon tcg online game and want to play it. When I launch the game it says, "Error! Could not connect to server". So I did some troubleshooting and nothing I've seen has helped. I ran the refresher multiple times, I made sure I have a stable connection, I even tried restarting my computer and nothings helped, it just displays the same message. If anyone could help me fix it, their help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hello! I just want to report a bug with Espeon-EX attack Miraculous Shine. The opponent's pokémon devolve but the highest evolution keep on the bench, sharing the same damage with the lowest stage (with eventually dies). EDIT: In the log, the problem occurs at action 150 and ahead.
  23. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong category to post my question, but I did not know of another suitable place. Also I tried to Google for my answer, but could not find anything. Is their any (legal) way to open multiple boosterpacks at once? For example I have 45 times the Unbroken Bonds Boosterpack of 10 cards each. Do I really need to open them all individually? Please let me know, thanks in advance. Best regards, rbm007
  24. Card: Recycle Energy (Unified Minds 212) Expected Action: If this card is put into your discard pile from play, return it to your hand. Actual Action: This is an odd ******* Whimsicott-GX was knocked out by a Shrine of Punishment. Whimsicott-GX and Cottonee went to the discard pile, but instead of returning to my hand, all 3 Recycle Energies stayed ATTACHED to the Cottonee INSIDE the discard pile. When looking at my cards in my discard pile, I could see the 3 Energies attached to the Cottonee (three circles at the bottom of the ******** if they were still in play). I do have a screenshot of the discard pile that could be very helpful, though I'm pretty sure we can't post those here. Steps to Reproduce: The log should help, there was a lot going on: Spell Tag, Shrine of Punishment, two knock outs... (around lines 325-335 of the game log output), Game log :
  25. Just want to download PTCG on my notebook but find out failing to install. Always "error 110", is there any way to solve the problem?
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