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    Reporting Bug

    Hello everyone, my name is BOMBERMANBART and I'm Brazillian so my English it isn't the best but i have a bug to report: I was just playing Pokémon TCG, and I gain a new booster, so, I went to the Collection, but when I saw, I HAVE ONLY 3 BOOSTER, I WAS COLLECTION BUSTER, I HAD 10 DIFFERENT BOOSTER, BUT WHEN I SAW, I HAVE ONLY 3. I have only thing to say, please resolve this bug and give me back my lost boosters, because that bug it's so much prejudicial, this is so bad, i lost a lot of time to get my boosters, and when i see, i have only three, PLS RESOLVE THIS AND GIVE ME BACK MY BOOS
  2. When I try to launch TCG Online for iPad, it says "Update required. This version is out of date. Please update now." But in the App Store, there is no new update available. What's the fix? Did you guys really force updates before the new version was released?
  3. Anyone happen to have an issue trying to look at Public Trades on the iOS version of Pokémon TCG Online? Everything else in the game works except it will not load any Trades for me to look into. I have the latest version of the game and even before update I still can't do anything in Trades. If anyone happens to know how I can see everything again I'd be forever greatful. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't work sadly. Restarting the tablet doesn't work. I'm running out of ideas and no one from support has responded to my ticket even after providing the specs for my tablet.
  4. So I noticed that after winning the daily ladder mystery box the reward printed "none". Nothing changed after the game ended. No tickets nor coins were added meaning it wasnt a visual bug. Anyone experienced the same thing?
  5. Awesomeness_Ani

    Mystery boxes not opening at all

    I have like nearly 10 mystery boxes which did not open after I got them
  6. My name is [redacted] my account is Rkyon and I'd like to report a bug that happened today, Even after reach the max HP damage my pokemon was still turn backing as a active pokemon. The pokemon I was using is Tauros GX How happened exactly: My taurus had two fairy energy and got damage from Lunala GX (120 - Moongeist Beam) I used Mad Bull GX and defeated the lunala dealing 360 in damage. - After the attack the damage of Tauros dissapeared. The opponent chose Espeon and used psybeam and Tauros got confused(at that time was showed only 30 as damage on my Tauros GX) I used Horn Attack but
  7. when i was going to play tcg online today. the buttons and other text stuff in the game were bugged like ***. they were not showing the ordinary text, but the command that is in the game files. Ex: instead of "Log In" it says "login.button.StartHere" Can i please get some help with this?
  8. charizard420


    I got Pokemon rcg today and it crashes unexpectedly I need help on how to fix this. I use Android
  9. I use this Durant in a couple of my decks and I noticed whenever I use it's mountain munch attack it does discard the opponents card but does not deal the 10 damage to the opponent I was 20 short of knocking out an ex in a battle and had a fighting fury belt on my Durant when I had attacked it I was waiting for my two prizes instead I lost the game because it discarded the opponents card but did not do the 20 damage as it should have. I literally looked through every card in play or played the turn before and couldn't find one reason for the attack to not have done the damage after using the a
  10. I've noticed a problem with the daily booster (day 5) reward when the game offers up the Roaring Skies set as the free pack of the week. For the last 3 times I have "received" this pack it's never shown up in my collection to open since the Sun and Moon update. Any other set has worked just fine- it's just Roaring Skies that isn't rewarded.
  11. when i go battle in versus mode i found a oponent after flip the coin the game send a mansage saying ''the game crashed.the crash report folder name ''2017-05-20_232250'' next to the game ************* would be great if you'd send it to deveper of the game'' PLEASE HELP ME
  12. Muscleman1

    [GAME]Game inaccessible

    Client: Inaccessible. Should be latest version as of 07/05/2017. (dd/mm/yyyy) Description: Client resolution ruined on startup, interaction with it impossible. Fix attempts: - Alt+enter fails. - Clicking game screen fails. - Initiating file repair through installer has no effect. - Restarting computer has no effect. Currently found fix: Game removal + reinstallation. (resulting in retaking the unskippable tutorial - first reinstallation removed tutorial obtained cards, but trainer coins remained, second loaded directly into the last started trainer challenge) Steps to Reproduce: Unkn
  13. I've seen this bug twice, first it was with my opponent with woobuffet on the active, which I tough was making the game "confuse" abilities with ancient trait, but on a latter game it did not work with absolutely nothing on the field. Im on ipa so I can't post the game log now, but i will play a game tonight on pc to try to make this bug more clear. Ancient trait for swampert says when you attach an energy from your hand to this pokemon you can attach a second one. Both times I had two energies on hand and it didn't give me the option to attach a second one. Since I use an archies blastois
  14. 3:45 est i played quad lapras vs a zygarde ex deck.... it seemed to gain additional effects such as extra ability, reduced damage, and effects that prevent energy removal..... unless im mistaken i dont know how this was possible. i didnt see any card or ability that would produce the results. please check my game log and see if the results are similar. basically he would attack and gain a new effect. my team flare grunt wouldnt remove his energy, same with crushing hammer. also damage that i did to him was reduced for no particular reason.
  15. First of all, why is there no direct link on the main page for support for the online TCG? They have support emails for all other games, but not this one?! And, I sent an email and it told me it's for card replacements only?! But, anyway, I just wanted to report a bug that Zapdos resistance is not properly working in the Pokemon online TCG. It states on his card that he takes -20 fighting pokemon damage. I was fighting against a fighting type Pokemon and it did not apply any resistance. There were no buffs or stadiums to prevent my resistance. It’s a pretty bad bug. Thanks for any help.
  16. I keep getting this message when I Try to log into my game. Any Suggestions I get the same message when I try to contact support as well We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred The service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. 423d334e-4202-4f07-83f9-e24cfb979087 Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser. Any Help someone can offer would be great. Or if you are able to log
  17. So I've read that a bug was fixed, where people who made new accounts couldn't log into the game, but i created my account days ago and I still can only play as a guest, because after trying to log in, it says it is the wrong username/password. Help please!
  18. We have identified an issue which causes a file in the Windows and Mac game clients to become corrupted when attempting to patch the game to today's version client update, resulting in a game crash. This issue only affects game clients that are patching up from in the version update released on January 20th, and not the version on January 21st. If you are experiencing this issue, please download the the version game installer from pokemon.com/playtcgo. Without uninstalling the game, run the version game installer. This will overwrite
  19. Whenever I try to load my trade history, my game shuts down. I asked some friends of mine and they have the same problem. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  20. Hello, people! My name is Max and I live in Russia (so I play PTCGO on Russian). I must admit that bug happens only with russian client of the game. These are the bugs: 1) All Dark (D) Pokemon of XY-BreakThrough (XY08) set appear incorrectly. Instead of card there's just a window for a card and some of cards text. All other cards of this set are correctly translated. 2) Many cards of XY-Furious_Fists (XY03) and XY-Phantom_Forces (XY04) appear in English in Collection and Battle (but they are translated in physical equipment of card game), though all sets from BW01 through XY09 are translated
  21. No DAILY Challenges in 2017?? I notice there no DAILY challenges set in 2017??? Please Compensate us.
  22. As the title says, neither can we see the status of the daily quest after a game because the prize wheel overlaps the quest progress window, not can we see the actually amount of evoltions/damage/KO's we need to complete the challenge. It's just the yellow bar that let's us guess like "ok maybe 5 more", but I remember that in an older client we were able to see the exact number of the quest progress. Would be good if we could return to that, and also get the overlapping stuff fixed at the end of a battle.
  23. Once upon a time, using Archie's or Maxie's to put an evolution Pokemon into play from the discard pile would count toward an evolution daily challenge, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
  24. After downloading the most recent update, I have experienced frequent crashes. I have not gotten any information on the crashes until I uninstalled and then reinstall. Here's what it says. The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-09-27_2101000" next game executable. It would be great if you'd sand it to the developer of the game! Just relaying the message.
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