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  1. I was opened one booster box of HS Triumphant today, is original, i tried to use the code of the box in the game , but it say '' your code is invalid'' i really need use this code, plz :/
  2. If you tap on a card, it will not matter because you will never be able to zoom-in on the card to read it on Ipad. Also, now my PTCGO on Ipad randomly disconnects from the server. This used to be an issue with just my desktop/windows PC, now it affects my Ipad. Please don't say" its you Internet connection's fault", because I have tried several other networks (and it still happens), and I have other games working fine--so its PTCGO fault.
  3. There is no option to disallow the new animations introduced with this update, and this ends up making the games last significantly longer (2-3 times what it used to when I could disallow animations). EDIT: Having to wait for the animation to finish to do the next action, while realistic in terms of playing an actual TCG game in real life, is way too time consuming and there should at least be an option to stop the animations.
  4. I've had issues with the deck list sharing option returning to "Share with Everyone" after selecting and applying "Do Not Share". I'm not sure what causes the setting to restore to default, while it's happened multiple times it doesn't seem to happen consistently.
  5. Hey there! With the help of your reports, the web team has become aware of an issue where edits made to a player's social preferences on Pokemon.com will not save or may revert to "Closed." This affects players' ability to trade and chat within the Pokémon TCG Online. We just wanted to let everyone know that it is being worked on and we hope to have a resolution as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further updates! This has been noted in the Known Issues thread as well. Thank you for your patience while the team works on this issue!
  6. So, for some reason my Trainer is being depicted in game wearing some sort of cap- he isn't wearing a cap in my profile, and I even went into the edit mode and selected the no cap option, saved and tried again. It's not even shown on him right- it looks like it's been put on like a sticker over his hair- graphical error, to be sure.
  7. When I check the DO NOT SHARE DECK LIST in settings, it seems to reset every time I log off and log back on. Is there a way to make this my default or have it not reset? I never want to share my deck list. *EDIT* This also happens in-game randomly without any disconnect. It keeps changing my deck list sharing settings to "Share with Everyone"
  8. Deck List Sharing Option Bug will not apply the setting it keep setting would not save properly. I clicked the Bubble "Do not Share or Share with Friends:" Few seconds later i checked it back to the default option "Share with Everyone" When you change some settings beside the Deck Sharing The Deck Sharing Setting goes back to default setting "Share with Everyone"
  9. so i have a Pokemon Trainer Club account, and the avatar looks just as i desinged it. -BUT- when i play Pokemn TCGO, my avatar is different! is this a bug, or did i do something wrong.
  10. Whenever I switch games, as in, going back to the desktop to check on another game while PTCGO is running in the background, the game logs me out and tells me that Ive been "inactive for awhile". Just now I took 2 minutes out while I was waiting for a booster pack to open(which takes ages for me). When I got back on to see how far the booster pack had loaded, I was at the login screen with the same inactive message. Not only that, but when I do log back on after that notice it tells me the servers are not available. So I have to close it all down, and open it again for me to get back on.
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