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Found 238 results

  1. I have the game installed on my HDD, but the game cache, about 5GB in size, is lumped onto my SSD, where windows is installed, and I'd rather move that 5GB elsewhere.
  2. Yea hi, i'm pokemon TGC Player and i wanted to play the game, but since i couldn't find time to play again, i had to uninstall it. Now, i want to play the game again, but it dosen't install it for some reason. Can you help me?
  3. new patch for Pokemon TCGO has been introduced with the versus ladder system but in order to continue playing you need to update the game. so i did but an error occurred and a message popped up saying that i need to uninstall and then re install the game so i did but when opening up the installer, on the final step a message appears and say this (THE ISTALLATION FAILED with error 2001 (failed to unpack the package) in "the pokemon online trading card game" package i am given access to the apps icon )like it appears in my files but it refuses to open upon me clicking it. help me i use a mac and run the latest operating system
  4. Any advice? Even from other links it takes me to that same page.
  5. Bonjour Après une désinstallation et une réinstallation complète du JCC online, mon ordi est resté bloqué sur la page intitulée "Please wait, checking for update - processing refresher update" Cela fait plus d'une heure !... Que se passe-t-il ? Y a-il une manipulation à faire pour que le jeu finisse de se rechager ? merci...
  6. I recently bought a new Surface 2 tablet (which runs Windows RT 8.1). When I tried to download Pokémon TCGO I got the message "This app not supported by this version of Windows". Which is weird, because it ran fine on my old Surface 1 which ran Windows 8. Any suggestions?
  7. Please someone help, I just recently got back to PTCGO and when I tried to reinstall the app, this error pops up: There should be 'PokemonTradingCardGameOnline_Data' folder next to the executable. and it says data folder not found.
  8. Bonjour , suite à la maj du 3/06/15 j'ai lancé le jeu puis un message game crashed contact game developper j'ai relance meme message j'ai donc desinstaller le jeux puis reinstalle et la en lançant le jeux il s'ouvre en fenetre mais affiche un ecran noir et je peux le reduire ou le ferme je ne peux pas non plus le mettre a jour est ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider
  9. Somebody help? When I install it says "Copy resumed with different info." And then if I click ignore it says "Error writing to file: C:\Users\390\AppData\Roaming\Pokemon Trading Card Game Online\PokemonTradingCardgameOnline\Pokemon Trading Card Game Online_Data\Managed\UniExtenseions.dll. Verify you have access to that directory.
  10. Hey everyone, I downloaded and installed the updated program, and while it says it's installed properly, the PTCGO app itself is nowhere to be found! I'm running Mac OS X Yosemite, whatever the most recent version is. Is anyone else having this issue?
  11. Hey there! You may have noticed the mods changing up many of the topic titles here in the forums. This is our campaign to organize the support forums and expedite passing information to the development team! We're hoping these titles will also help show what popular issues are coming up or being discussed. We'd really appreciate your help in this! By using the following title format for the support forums, it would help us understand the root issue and get information to the development team faster: All titles should be prefaced with the affected user environment [PC], [MAC], [iOS] If the issue affects all environments, it should be prefaced with [GENERAL] All topic titles should be followed by one of a new set of categories: Crashing Graphics Installation Login Other The rest of the title should be a short description of the issue Don't forget to apply all the proper tags! Your dedication to the Pokémon TCG Online game and your reports are really appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  12. hi there! i want to know how i change my lancher language because i have it in portuguese but i want put it on english...plz help me =(
  13. Whenever I try to load the TCG, it says "Please wait, checking for update" and looks for the refresher update, but doesn't load anything. Eventually, it says "Error. Could not connect to server.", and closes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice. I'm on PC. How do I fix this?
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