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Found 238 results

  1. Hello, to who could possibly help with this error I just recently updated to windows 10 as of last week and I've had problems trying to open TCGO and my computer won't let me do this, I've tried to update, uninstall but this even fails it won't even let me it uninstall via control panel either Much help appreciated Regards Aaaron
  2. hello pokemasters Is there a version I can download that's compatible with XP? tx!
  3. Every time I try to log in it lets me the connection has been lost. My internet is fine, btw. Would like to know the issue.
  4. Bonjour, Lors de l'installation du jeu, la barre de progression a été interrompue et une fenêtre est apparue affichant "Called RunScript when not marked in progress". Après la fermeture de cette fenêtre, une autre est apparue affichant : "Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress" qui par la suite a stoppé le programme. J'ai essayé de me renseigner à ce sujet, mais j'ai pu trouver qu'un topic de 2013 disant que le jeu ne marche pas sur Windows 8. Sachant que j'ai la version 8.1 et que le jeu est censé fonctionner actuellement sur cette version, je ne sais plus quoi faire pour remédier à ce problème.
  5. I download the Installer and it will not open. Try ed repairing,uninstalling,reinstalling. None worked.please help.
  6. After the update I couldn't load the game, it just said 'this app can't run on this computer' I couldn't uninstall the game either as it said 'could not access network location' I finally managed to uninstall it using a program to remove it, however, I can't re-install it now... It just says 'please wait while the set up wizard prepares to guide you through the installation' and then nothing happens. I've tried restarting/ downloading from a different browser but neither of them has worked. Please help, Thanks.
  7. Ever since yesterday's update, whenever I try to launch PTCGO I get a message saying it's not a valid win32 application. If I run the patcher and click play, it tells me it's about to start the game but nothing happens. I tried re-installing, but I get an error message saying : could not access network location property USER_PROFILE. Yet the game was working fine two days ago before the update. ****************************** ****************************** Edit: Those asterisks are supposed to be screenshots of error messages but apparently they're blocked.
  8. TCGfiend89

    [MAC] Game will not install

    "The Pokemon Online TCG Installer can't be opened becase it is from an unidentified developer (your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers)." anyway to fix this so I can install the game? thank you
  9. I Can't play the game i can't properly update it and i can't uninstall it! PLEASE tell me how to fix this in steps! I am searching for the anser for 2 months now!
  10. Mac client after refresher update and re-install gets stuck at 87% loading assets. Edit: It's working now
  11. so i just downloaded the game and when i double click on the downloaded file to play the game nothing happens i need help pls
  12. Hi! I just got a new laptop, installed TCG without a problem, but when i open it to play it takes awhile on the refresher page then says cannot connect to server, i uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing, ran troubleshooters, changed setting etc, nothing. it runs fine on my old laptop but not on my new one.
  13. The download button on the download page http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/doesn't respond. Neither pc or mac works but pc is the one i need. Any help is appreciated.
  14. I have a problem i can't uninstall pokemon tcg. there is an error. Something with Property.USER_PROFILE
  15. when i try to download the game there is no any option to start download its look like the download button is black... help plz
  16. Installed, deleted and re-installed mac version of 'Pokemon TCG online' 3 times. Each time--> it downloads, I open the app, and then i get a screen that says 'Preload Error: An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please check your internet connection and try again. The app will new quit.' I definitely have internet connection. I have come to believe that the game will not work for older macs. Very annoying, and kind of unfair. Would i seriously have to purchase a new laptop for this to work? My system is Mac Os X 10.6.8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I played the game some months ago but I uninstalled it because I had my final exams and didn´t want to waste time. I have been trying to reinstall the game now, but I get a message telling me that the game is already installed. But it isn´t, there is no folder of Pokemon tcg. I have cleared the registers, used CCleaner and ACS to clean everything, but that message keeps appearing. I don´t want to reinstall Windows just to play a game. I will appreciate all sugestions.
  18. ok im on the site and when i click on the windows button and the downloader it wont download at all i meet all requirements to play and download the game just wont let me install plz help!
  19. My game crashes everytime i open the apps after the update on august. Pls fixed it as soon as possible. thank you
  20. How the heckie do I "Update the Game"? I tried logging in for the first time in a while and that's what it stated. I tried searching the announcements about the updates, but it didn't say how to update..? I hope I don't have to re-download the game.. Any form of information would be delightful.
  21. I upgraded one of my computers to windows 10 today and it looks like PTCGO opens a white window then crashes, reinstalling the program didn't help, i'd give a system snapshot but I can't find the diagnostic tool on Windows 10.
  22. When I double click the Pokemon installer msi file on my desktop it shows the little loading wheel next to my cursor for a second and then it goes away and doesn't launch. Please help if anyone knows what the problem is.
  23. Salut j'ai un probléme lorsque je lance PokemonInstaller.msi lorsque je le lance le message d'erreur suivent s'affiche : Improssible d'accéder au repertoire réseau Property.USER_PROFILE ces genent pacque ca m'empeche d'installer le jeux est je meurt d'envie de jouer aider s.v.p
  24. When I open up TCG online, it says: 'An error has occurred when downloading Preload data. Please check your Internet Connection and try again...' I've checked the internet connection and its working fine, I've also left it for a day and tried again the next day and re-downloaded it. Please can someone help me. P.S: This is on a Mac.
  25. NathanAdams23

    Should Pokemon TCG online be on Tablet

    Pokemon TCG is on computers and on the Ipads does anyone else that they should add it to the Tablet to attract more people i mean it wont hurt them if anything they will make more money having it on it what does everyone else think
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