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Found 246 results

  1. I tried to install Pokemon TCG to my laptop and it says: Could not access network location Property.USER_PROFILE. Any fix for this? I am using Windows 7
  2. The cabinet file disk1.cab required for this installation is corrupt and can not be used whhhy ???? when i try to install the game (PokemonInstaller.msi) it give me this error
  3. Each time I try updating the game it goes through normally and then it finished I hit play and it starts off with Refresher Update and then Client Update and than Boom back to the updater which i was patient enough to wait through yet again for the same thing to occur allover, now can you please tell me what on God's Green Earth is happening this time ?? Congratulations: I found a bug before the game even started !
  4. Just installed the pcg online. Tried logging on with my own account, it shoots me back to 'create a screen name'.... now I've created half a dozen screen names for my kid, and each time we try to use one, it flips us back to the website because there is no 'screen name attached to this account'???? What else can we do?? nevermind. i fixed it. don't know how to delete this thread. sorry
  5. I have entered the code in numerous times and it still wont work. It keeps saying that the code is invalid! Please I need help I already tried QR reader and it cant read it. I really hope I can get help.
  6. my girlfriend has been trying to download the installer but it hasn't been working, i tried myself on my computers and neither the mac or widows links do anything.
  7. can anybody help me? title says all btw where is search tool, i didnt want to double post
  8. on ios i'm downloading the card images in Settings>Card cache and the progress bar is moving at a crawl. I can monitor the bandwidth between my devices and the internet and it's nowhere near maxed out. So I started the PC client and it's updating and it's also moving incredibly slowly. Is something up with the servers? Is it supposed to be this slow cause it's brutal.
  9. Hello, When I try to open the Pokemon TCG Online on my macbook bro, a screen saying "Checking for Refresher Update" appears, and followed by a "couldn't connect to server" error. I installed the most recent pokemontcg installer, and update my OS to the most recent version. I also rebooted my macbook pro multiple times. Still no success accessing the game. Yasser.
  10. I am using Windows Vista with all updates installed. I am using Chrome to download file and file does download and I can view the .msi file in my downloads folder but the installer will not launch. I have tried to right click the installer file and select install from the menu but it will still not launch. Any help is appreciated.
  11. it wont let me load the game! it says " Error: Failed to initialize player Could..... not preload global game manager #0 i=0 this happened right after i updated it XC
  12. Wont let me login shows me Time-Out error been trying all morning and trying everything restarting PC, connection router, uninstall reinstall nothing works
  13. I try install the game in my macbook. Apear this message: (the link is a screen from my mac) ******************************************************************************************** Please, help me. Thanks Antonio ********************************************************************************************
  14. hello, my friend wants to play tcgo as well. he still had the older version and it says he has to get an update. first of all we don't know how to update, so he tried to download it again. it than said he can't download it because he still had the older version, so he tried to delete it, which dind't work as well. so now the download doesn't work and the uninstall doesn't work. what do we do? thnx!
  15. Ever since the update I haven't been able to play. The game just close itself and opens the refresher which keeps updating endlessly after I hit the Play button. Yes I tried runing the game from the refresher first and it loops regardless. Yes I tried uninstalling but I get the Property.USER_PROFILE error. Yes I tried using the Microsoft Fix It solution and it didn't work. Yes I installed the game on an administrator account and tried uninstalling on the same account. Yes I tried using a second administrator account and it didn't work either, it just kept looping there. Yes I tried changing my DNS. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one having this problem, here's hoping we get a definitive solution for once.
  16. The refresher keeps stopping at 50% and then gives the Repair option which does nothing. I've tried restarting. I tried downloading the new refresher. Nothing has changed. I changed my security to allow all apps. This is so frustrating. My mac is completely updated.
  17. I get this message every time I try to install on my PC. "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online setup ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again." What does it mean by modify? Not really sure what to do here.
  18. After attempting to patch normally, my client got stuck in the Refresher loop, so I had to go through the old routine of uninstalling then reinstalling the game. Unfortunately, it looks like the official download page is broken as it won't allow me to download the Installer. I have no sort of script blocker or anything that would interfere with a normal download, so I'm not sure what the problem could be. EDIT: Looks like everything is working now, just took a bit of patience, I suppose.
  19. I am unable to use my XY: basic green in versus as the deck is not under the versus deck. please help!!!!!
  20. k1l4b0tz

    Creating a guild

    would like to inquire where in the forum we can create our guild topics? thank you for the help.
  21. Hey, Every time i open the game , the download meter starts filling up to the max as it is downloading game assests at start and then it downloads the background and then the cards, yesterday i spent 3 hours downloading the "card cache" from settings menu and i exited when it was 81%. Today i login in to find that all what i downloaded is gone and all the cards data that i have downloaded yesterday are gone !!! what must i do to retain all the data that when i open the game , the data will be already there and no need to download them all over again ??? any solution...
  22. Hello i downloaded the game ages ago and i stopped playing but i decided to come back on because i had some more cards so when i tried coming on it was fine but then at 50% it just froze i left it for an hour but it still wasnt working why is this happening????~
  23. I need some help, is there some way to change the languaje of the TCGO, recently i had to re install the game, and it appear in spanish but i want to play in english
  24. Ever since updating to windows 10 i haven't been able to play the game, it keeps freezing at "checking refresher update" I tried running the refresher but it comes out 100% but still doesnt work. I tried uninstalling it, but that failed, so i went to the microsoft website as advised on another post to try the "fix it for me" thing on there, but it says it is not compatible with windows 10. So what else can i do to be able to play it?
  25. Hi, On a Macbook Pro I've tried to install the Pokemon TCGO many times. First time I had success loading the game and beat the tutorial, but the game crashed as I loaded my cards. I had went on it again after that and it had worked but every word in the login screen had dots in between them. It wouldn't log in, so then again I had tried to restart the application. The big problem then happened; it said: Please wait, checking for refresher update... Checking for refresher update... And then below it there was a bar with a shaded orange colour and it would not go fully orange, just stuck at the 0% loaded part (bear in mind it just had the un-coloured bar, not the 0% text). Many, many times I had re-installed the refresher, deleted all the stuff relating to the TCGO, duplicated the Refresher thing I had found in the Show Package Contents - Contents - Resources - Refresher and clicked 'repair' and looked into the code of when it runs and it said something about stopped jobs. It still doesn't work. Somebody please help!
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