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Found 246 results

  1. ultimateseanboy

    Cannot Download

    I am having trouble with my new computer. When I click in the install button on the installer page, nothing happens. I don't know if there is a problem with my computer or it is the website itself. Can someone help me?
  2. Hello guys, since a few day i cant start my Pokemon Tcgo. FIrst, when i run it it appears a black screen and appears a message that says: cant acces to the network property.user_profile I readed that refresher would fix this, so i did it. Refresher updated the game but now, when i run it it appears a new message: Pokemon trading card game.exe is not a valid Wind32 program. Right now i cant run it, refresher does nothing, the game does not run (the Win32 problem) and cant uninstall it (appars the property.user_profile problem). What can i do? Please can anybody help me? Thanks **: Sorry if i have some grammar mistakes, im spanish
  3. So since the last update the game crashes sometimes I finished off a battle, whether winning or losing, but yesterday when I went to open the game, it crashes in 99%, so I decided to reinstall it but, when I start it, appears this message - Please wait while the refresher is patched - carries a bit, but nothing happens afterwards, and when I try to go by the refresh is 100% but I can not clicking the green button. Please somebody help me D:
  4. GhostStarmie

    PokemonInstaller file not working

    I just finished downloading the Pokemon Installer after clicking the link at the top on the website, but after it is downloaded and I click the pokemon installer to open, NOTHING happens. Anyone know how to fix this problem?? Thank you so much..
  5. halventik

    Failed to Initialize player

    when im waiting for the new patch the download bar gets freeze in 62%, i realize to refresh and a message error annouce that plus this code: Details: Could...... not preload global game manager #0 i=0 what its can mean, i dont know whats happen i just want to keep playing, please fix soon
  6. Ksut163

    Refresher will not load

    Hi, I was experiencing issues opening the game (it would reach 90% loaded and would close), and so I tried to reinstall the game. The refresher tries to set up but as it reaches 100% it restarts the set up process in a continuous loop
  7. So, the update hit. I updated, the updater signalled "100%" and ready to play. I start the game and get greeted by This Error: (Link got removed by forum?!) (Failed to initialize Player) Ok, uninstall the game, no worries, happens. Wrong. When I tried to uninstall, I got greeted by another error, This one: (Link got removed by forum?!) (USER_PROFILE) Ok, uninstall via rightclick->change-remove, no worries. Did that. When I tried to install again with a newly downloaded installer, it still wouldnt let me (USER_PROFILE). So I went over to regedit.exe and went ground zero on everything with "pokemon" in it. Then ran CCleaner. Tried installing again, oh wow, the installer goes through, I can install! Woo! Wrong. Instead of installing PTCGO, after finishing the installer and having selected "start PTCGO", I get greeted by the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder and not TCG. I check the directory in which I installed the game (a different one), and surprise, not a single file has been installed. I'm out of ideas. Please send help. edit: Links get blanked out here? What? Anyway, they were just links with people having similarr issues (Failed to initialize Player and USER_PROFILE)
  8. so i went to play and it came up with the "failed to initalize player error" i had to go into my regedit to unintall everything because your game does NOT unintall through the normal way. i then re downloaded the game and guess what? i got the same error?! how do i fix this as i am getting fed up.this is about the 5th time this has happened but the 1st time it has refused to launch a newly downloaded version!
  9. Hey guys, the game worked fine in my PC after yesterday's updates. But in my cousin's it is showing up this error. "Failed to Load Mono" and "Unable to load mono Library from" User/AppData/ ... I tried to copy my Mono folder and paste in his folder replacing his original files but it also didn't work. He tried to reinstall 3 times and it is always the same error. Could someone tell me what he should do. He can't speak english that's why I'm writing this for him. EDIT: Guys nevermind he downloaded the newest version of the installer in the pokemon site again and he didn't need to do the update. it is working fine!
  10. UncleMook

    download is not working

    everytime I click the download for windows it takes me back to the beginning screen
  11. FCMbrah

    version 2.30.0

    i need version 2.30.0 to successfully uninstall ptcgo and reinstall a newer version. does anyone have that version or has access to it?
  12. Serpentifiic

    Unable to re-install.

    So when I tried to turn the game on today, it only showed up reduced to a teensy tiny bar on top of the screen and closed immediately. I decided to uninstall and install again the program, since this seems to solve the most issues, however it is unable to do that now due to no access to a localization marked as Property.USER_PROFILE. Anyone knows how to deal with it?
  13. Hi, I've been trying to change my kid's social preferences to 'Open', so she can trade, but every time I click it and go back, it reverts back to the default 'Closed'. My daughter's account is linked to mine,is there a reason why this would happen? Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. I installed Pokemon tcgo on my sisters laptop, she has windows 8, and after we installed it and started it, a black screen comes up and then after about 15 minutes it says the game crashed, is there a solution to this? I want it to be done by today so she gets a free pack from the first day login. Appreciate any assistance Adhir
  15. Whenever I start the installer it starts up then gives me a "the cabinet file 'disk1 cab' required for this installation is corruption and cannot be used"
  16. SolomnXGrundy


    Make a version for android!
  17. The new mythical mew box was released today the 22/2/16 featuring the new evolutions booster packs, but as of yet I cannot see any sign of PTCGO being updated. Does anyone know when the new expansion will be updated onto PTCGO????
  18. I can't run Pokemon TCG after the new update, the game try to load data in the main screen but it never happens, it keeps on zero percent forever. I can't delete the game to reinstall and the message that I receive is: "It wasn't possible to acess the web adress. Property: USER_PROFILE" (I'm not sure if I translated the exactly equivalent words but the idea is right, and this also happens when I try to reinstall or to repair. Please help.
  19. After I updated the game it just crashes won't let me get in
  20. When i try to download the game via pressing the download button on the http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/ page it doesn't do anything. Help?
  21. I have been trying to connect to Pokemon online for my son since Christmas but keep getting the same message. It keeps getting stuck at 8% while loading data, then I get the server offline message. I using an iMac. Any advise would be appreciated.
  22. When i download the installer from the official website and i wanna install the game i cannot do it because always tell me this: Could not access network location Property.USER_PROFILE. This is the first time that i download the game, i dont know what to do. Help!! I has Windows 7. I hope an answer!
  23. Launches and says: Cannot connect to server Uninstalls and says: Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE Need help please I really want to play..
  24. I get into the game and appeared this message Can anyone help mi with this error can not connect to server 2016-01-25_120238 [unityCrashHandler] AppName = Unity Jogador Info = Unidade 4.6.7p4_92864d9108e2 FilesPath = C: \ Users \ kellree \ AppData \ Roaming \ Pokémon Trading Card Game on-line \ PokemonTradingCardGameOnline \ 2016-01-25_120238 \ File01 = C: \ Users \ kellree \ AppData \ Roaming \ Pokémon Trading Card Game on-line \ PokemonTradingCardGameOnline \ 2016-01-25_120238 \ error.log | log de erro Tempo = 2016-01-25_120238 File02 = C: \ Users \ kellree \ AppData \ Roaming \ Pokémon Trading Card Game on-line \ PokemonTradingCardGameOnline \ 2016-01-25_120238 \ crash.dmp | despejo de erro File03 = C: \ Users \ kellree \ AppData \ Roaming \ Os ​​Pokémon Trading Card Game online output_log.txt \ PokemonTradingCardGameOnline \ Pokemon Trading Card Game Online_Data \ | arquivo de log de saída
  25. As it says in the title really. I can't get the game to download as it says the game is currently undergoing 'Unscheduled Maintenance' with no start or end time. At the banner at the top of this screen it says 'Null' and 'Null' for start and end. Any help?
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