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Found 509 results

  1. I was playing a Golbat/Crobat deck and at some point played a Golbat, the game lagged a bit, I might have clicked OK without selecting anything accidentally. Anyway, it's ability never went off, there was no damage placed. Here's the game log for that turn.
  2. So I go to deck manager, I click on view deck, then print. I am printing to a file but I dont see why that would matter, its still a valid printer driver. As soon as I do that the game says Ive been idle too long and disconnects me. out of three times I've tried, it completed once. It still kicked me out but at least it created the file I think its because the game goes into "not responding" mode while its printing and the server thinks the game is gone. PS. Staff Testers this may be a good way to debug the issue where you cant log back into the game after you have been disconnected because its right now a reliable way to get yourself disconnected.
  3. It seems like my water energy cards briefly flashed, but then stopped being selectable forcing me to concede since the clock was still ticking down and I couldn't do anything. e: I don't see any way to attach screenshot of my game, so I'll just write down the version numbers: Server: Client:
  4. I'm sicking and ******* tired of this game always freezing, always crashing, or unable to adequately handle certain cards and causing me to lose matches time and time again. I'm currently sitting here after having KO'd an opponent's Pokemon hav8ng a dominant lead on the game and being unable to select a prize or do anything, with the opponent's Pokemon just sitting there with a negative HP count, being told by "Cammie" that I'm inactive and just mindlessly clicking resume as my only option in hopes my opponent will leave. But rather than making sure the game actually ******* works well as official software representative of Pokemon and the Trading Card Game and has Android support which has alarger marketshare than apple, let's make sure we design silly little characters with irrelevant bios and nonsensical language filters, we can let things get too ******* real can we! Let's see how ******* long it takes for a member of PTCGO to get a hold of me, if at all. This is shameful and should not be affiliated with the well-established and quality (more or less) and franchise that is Pokemon.
  5. Litrally I was going to trade when all of a sudden I had no cards! My decks were whiped out mostly everything was. Ign: YouthfulSaturn I can post more if you want to know a bit about this
  6. I am unable to use any of my custom decks. They all have warning symbols next to them.
  7. The problems i am facing is given bellow will anyone help me to solve this problem? I would be very grateful if anyone does. 1.when i try to apdate my game,it tells me to wait until the refresher is being patched but after loading half it stops to load and it also doesnot complete if i wait a whole day. 2.often during i am playing a vs battle my computer hangs and i have to restart it to solve the problem. 3.whenever I buy a new booster pack and open it says loading pack image and contents and then after it loads to half it aso stops loading. These are the problems that i am facing. And also because of these I am not being able to progress in the game.Please anyone tell me how to solve these problems.
  8. Hey there! You may have noticed the mods changing up many of the topic titles here in the forums. This is our campaign to organize the support forums and expedite passing information to the development team! We're hoping these titles will also help show what popular issues are coming up or being discussed. We'd really appreciate your help in this! By using the following title format for the support forums, it would help us understand the root issue and get information to the development team faster: All titles should be prefaced with either [CARD] or [GAME] Rulings questions or clarifications should be listed under [CARD] [CARD] topics should be followed by the card name and expansion + card # and a short description [GAME] topics should be followed by the affected game component + a short description: Avatar Chat Collection Deck Manager General Help Notifications Options Profile Shop Tournaments Trading Trainer Challenge Versus Mode Don't forget to apply all the proper tags! Your dedication to the Pokémon TCG Online game and your reports are really appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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