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Found 481 results

  1. Still can't add a friend to my child's account because I can't click the friend tab. I've tried about a 2 dozen times to set his settings to allow friends in the child settings in my account options. However, it NEVER saves the settings for friends. I can change his trade options just fine, but without the ability to add friends, it is pretty much useless. When is this going to get fixed?
  2. First of all, why is there no direct link on the main page for support for the online TCG? They have support emails for all other games, but not this one?! And, I sent an email and it told me it's for card replacements only?! But, anyway, I just wanted to report a bug that Zapdos resistance is not properly working in the Pokemon online TCG. It states on his card that he takes -20 fighting pokemon damage. I was fighting against a fighting type Pokemon and it did not apply any resistance. There were no buffs or stadiums to prevent my resistance. It’s a pretty bad bug. Thanks for any help.
  3. After updating the client to 2.43, the menu bar is hidden while the application is in the foreground (and not full screen, obviously). Is this some ploy to get us to play longer by hiding the clock? I'm using macOS 10.11.6
  4. I keep getting this message when I Try to log into my game. Any Suggestions I get the same message when I try to contact support as well We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred The service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. 423d334e-4202-4f07-83f9-e24cfb979087 Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser. Any Help someone can offer would be great. Or if you are able to log in could you pass on my info to support for me. Thanks
  5. Hi, ever since the first Sun & Moon update (2.42 I believe?) I'm experiencing graphical issues that are also stopping me from using several functions. Some, but not all graphics are missing, such as: the boxes of the checkboxes (but not the checkmarks) the dropdown for language selection in the login screen boxes around the buttons for the chat arrows used for scrolling through stacks of cards "coloring" of multiple choice boxes in the options menu the X buttons to close pop-up menus I can't use the chat (both inside and outside of games), I can't change the language of my client and I can't scroll through discard piles. I have tried to uninstall and install. I could not do this the traditional way because of the "Could not access user_profile" error which I was unable to fix. Even through using CCleaner or registry editing, I could not delete PTCGO. I've also tried using the Repair option in the installer. I can provide screenshots on request, but since this forum does not allow outside linking that's kinda hard to do. Help?
  6. SupahStarmon

    Game crash - can't start

    When I try to lead up PTCGO, I get a pop-up that looks like: Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-02-03_124834" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! Don't know what to do. Please help!
  7. Jexak

    Game no longer starts

    Game crashes at early startup since updating-
  8. partyking769

    pokemon tcgo failed to download

    if you open pokemon tcg on the sun and moon update it will take 5 mins for the pach refresher to try and load then ERROR! Download failed and it dose this if you delete it and reinstall it, delete both the installer and the game or anything it just wont let you get to the patcher!
  9. Is there maintenance going on for the game/servers but it hasn't been announced yet? I've been getting this error message when trying to login for at least an hour now. It was working fine yesterday.
  10. I can't get in to the game at all. Every time after finishing loading the game the screen goes to the sun and moon circle design and freezes. I can't get in to play the game and I can't open my packs. This happened after the update happened. Please help
  11. Whenever I try to load my trade history, my game shuts down. I asked some friends of mine and they have the same problem. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  12. sterlingW

    No DAILY Challenges in 2017?

    No DAILY Challenges in 2017?? I notice there no DAILY challenges set in 2017??? Please Compensate us.
  13. Good day everyone! I am new to this game,currently at level 0. I am trying to clear the first challenge,which is "win 1 match with a theme deck that contains water Pokemon." I created a deck with full water pokemons,and enter "versus" and win players. However,there is totally no progression at all,showing 0/1. Tried win one more match,and its still the same. Can i know what's the problem with this? Save me!
  14. I play on OS X and I'm unable to scroll when viewing my opponent's hand when he has to take a mulligan.
  15. I waited for my opponent to load into a versus match the game timed out at 1 minute and 53 seconds of game play time. It was declared that I ran out of time and had lost even though I was ready a waiting for my opponent. I feel me loosing because the opponent did not load in is wrong.
  16. SeanToTheR

    Game freezes when opening

    When I clicked on Pokemon TCG to open it up, and when it was on the loading screen (The one with the rotating pokeball) It froze at 100%, I left it running for 15 minutes, still frozen. I redownloaded it, still frozen, I did the "Repair" option. still frozen. I dont get what to do.
  17. BerryBlox

    Game frozen on run

    I run PTCGO and it sits at one screen. The words "Please wait, checking for update..." are all I see. I have gone to programs and features and tried to "repair" PTCGO I have Windows 10 and I am on a laptop I have uninstalled and reinstalled Nothing has worked Please help!
  18. sterlingW

    VS Ladder Complete Bug

    The VS Ladder has been completed, but i have less than 2000 points and never got the final reward?
  19. Markem42

    81% glitch

    Every time i log in after i havent completely closed the app (double tap swipe up) when i log in the game stops at 81% and freezes then i have to log of close the app and try again plz fix guys
  20. When Cobalion Steam Siege uses the attack Quick Guard, and then goes to the bench, the effect is still on him. I believe when a Pokemon goes to the bench, all effects on them should be removed, just as general game rules. What Happened: Cobalion used Quick Guard Quick Guard reads as follows: 1 Metal Energy; Quick Guard; Prevent all damage done to this Pokemon by Basic Pokemon during your opponents next turn. This Pokemon can't use Quick Guard during your next turn. Cobalion used Quick Guard. During my turn, I used an Escape Rope to bring Cobalion to the bench, and switch my Active Landorus EX with my benched Lucario EX. Then I used a Switch to switch my Active Lucario EX back with Landorus EX with 1 Energy on it. Then I used Landorus EX's Hammerhead attack to do 30 to my opponent's new active Pokemon, and target Cobalion on their bench, which did nothing. I'm very certain that when a Pokemon goes to the bench, all effects on that Pokemon are removed, but if I'm wrong in anyway, please let me know. I'm certain this is a bug though. Thank you.
  21. Je n'es pas obtenu ma récompense de 5 boosters ( 1670v ) à l'échelle VS alors que l'animation a eu lieu. J'ai déja eu ce problème pour 2 boosters et 2 coffres auparavant mais je ne l'ai pas signaler. Comment cela se fait-il ? Comment contacter le support Pokemon ? Peuvent ils résoudre ce problème ?
  22. When an opponent's pokemon attacks gastly and knocks it out on the turn after gastly uses its little grudge attack, the game gives you an option to remove an energy from the attacking pokemon. However, if the pokemon used an attack that already discards an energy (say magmar's ember), then little grudge's energy removal counts as that cost as well. This means that magmar's ember will discard only 1 energy when it should discard 2 in this case
  23. When i use Professor Oak's Hint (Evolutions 84) my turn end, it's normal?
  24. Ash-Ketchum-228

    Minimizing Causing High CPU/GPU Usage

    When PTCGO is minimized, for some reason it skyrockets in CPU and GPU usage. On the Login screen (could only test from the Login screen rather than the main menu as there was maintenance at the time) the games CPU usage went from about 2-3% to 35% just seconds after minimizing. As for the GPU, the load increased from about 35% to 80% and the GPU temperature went from the normal 37-41°C to upwards of the high 60's. Minimizing also induced coil whine in my GPU for, as far as I know, the first time. All these things return to normal when the game is maximized again. Window Mode: Fullscreen Client Version: System Specs: i7-4790K, GTX 970, Windows 10
  25. Legatus00097

    Game crashes on startup

    I just updated and my game crashes every time I attempt to start it. It reads: Oops! The game crashed. It then links me to a folder of the crash report and asks me to send it to the developer of the game. This error report contains a bunch of things I don't understand, but it looks like it's being pretty specific about the error type: KERNELBASE.dll caused a Microsoft C++ Exception (0xe06d7363) in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0023:75fea6f2. I did some googling and answers involved debugging, which is not a capability I have, especially for a game that is not open source. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem or what I can do to fix it. In any case, if there's some other way I should go about reporting it, I would be happy to know. I will also say that I've tried installing and uninstalling the game and I have also restarted my computer. Neither seemed to make a difference.
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