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Found 465 results

  1. Tittle says. Token coins from my trainer account in website, don't match the coins the client shows I have. If win coins in the trainer account, aren't add to the client. I tried relog the client to see if the system update the tokens and don't. And tried to see if increase the coins I win in website maintaining difference, I have 93 in game and 231 in website, if I win 6 coins in website is 237 but client don't show 99, still 93. I can remember this problem existed before but it was fixed for time and is broken again.
  2. Jadster071

    Daily Login Rewards

    I only started playing a short time (maybe 10/11 days ago), and have been logging in every day. (and out again) Despite this I have never got beyond the 4th day reward for opening the daily login box. So last night I opened and got my event ticket for day 4 - today I got 5 coins for day 1 once again! Can anyone advise please, as this is getting frustrating. Thanks
  3. I just today built a deck for Unlimited which uses greedy dice, Jirachi prism star, and rotom UnL- all of which are supposed to access the prize cards without shuffling them. Some cards, such as Beast Ball, require shuffling, but these do not. However, using the "test deck" feature in deck builder, I discovered that cards placed in a specific prize slot did not stay there. This bug likely affects the prize pool itself rather than individual cards, and likely extends to the vs ladder, events, and friend matches. However, those are not things I can test. That is inconsequential for virtually all decks. However, this specific one relies on controlling prizes to try to take 2-5 on a single KO, so it's kinda floundering. (I like weird decks.)
  4. Hey, I may be wrong on this, but I and others are playing with Shedinja from lost thunder and when using its ability "Vessel of Life" it also attaches the Nincada it evolved from as well. The card on the text reads, "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard all cards attached to this Pokémon and attach it to one of your Pokémon as a Pokemon Tool Card. If the Pokémon this card is attached to is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 1 fewer Prize card" From my understanding, this wouldnt be a bug because im referencing older cards like Splash Energy picking up the entire evolution line and cards like AZ picking up the entire evolution line as well even though both cards state "Discard all cards attached to this card". But I have had many people tell me that this shouldnt be the case and PTCGO is in the wrong. I guess this is also a ruling question in disguise, sorry for the large amount of information but its incredibly important to figure if this is intended or not because it can change the viability of certain decks if so. Thanks
  5. iugagt

    Electric Oricorio BUG

    For some reason the card Oricorio (Electric) Guardians Rising 46/145 when you use feather dance the next turn the base damage of pom-pom punch doesn't change and still be 20 not 100 Client Version Card : Guardians rising 46/145
  6. In Versus mode, it seems that I am constantly being paired with people who have better decks, not equivalent decks. Three moves and I concede. This gets tiresome. Is this a property of the user who responds? Or is this a bit of tuning for the AI? I have tried to post this to the correct sub forum. If it is wrong, please tell me.
  7. Ishimito

    [GAME BUG] Atualization loop

    Client: 2.57.0 My game checks for atualizations and opens the refresher, and open the game again qhich open the refresher again and keep looping and downloading the same patch
  8. I have a Swampert Active with Counter Energy and a Water Energy and I am behind on prize cards. I attack with Swamperts attack "Hydro Pump" and the damage output in 120, when it should be 140 (counter energy should provide 2 water, instead of one
  9. Desde la ultima expansión no e podido cangear ningún tipo de articulo, ni sobres ni paquetes de mejora, nada. Ya tengo mas de 3 mil monedas para que sepan que no es por la falta de estas. Por favor, ahora solo puedo jugar en expandido ya que no tengo las nuevas cartas para los otros formatos. De antemano gracias.
  10. jpg8787

    Who promotes first?

    I was playing the Trainer Challenge today and encountered a bug. The computer knocked out my Pokemon with Mienchao from Furious Fists using the attack Aero Turn. This attack states It's my understanding that attack effects like this are supposed to be resolved before KOs, so the attacking player should promote a new active before my Pokemon was actually knocked out. But the game forced me to choose a new active first.
  11. MattPlemons

    Palkia Misprint found.

    I have a palkia majestic dawn 11/100 card that has a minor misprint. For its item its supposed to have "Lustrous Orb" but mine has a mistake, changing it to "Lustrous Ord". I've searched and haven't found another one like it anywhere.
  12. To Whom it may concern, I came across a game breaking bug in the game during one of my streams on May 29th, 2018 at approx. 9:15pm Pacific Time zone. This is in regards to having Wobbuffett (XY-Phantom Forces 36/119) in play as your active pokemon and Malamar (Sun/Moon - Forbidden Light 51/131) on your bench. Wobbuffet's Ability reads as follows: "As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Psychic Pokemon)". As it reads, every pokemon in play, hand, or discard pile have no abilities except for psychic pokemon. Malamar is a psychic pokemon. which by the card rules, means you should be able to use malamar's abiilty: "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Psychic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon." I activated Malamar's Ability, was able to select a Psychic energy and then went to apply it to a Mimikyu on the bench. But when i clicked on Mimikyu to apply the energy, the game blocked the energy attachment and wasted my Malamar's ability. i tried one more time with another Malamar on my bench and the ability fizzled out when trying to attach the energy. Please look into this as many player's are using Malamar right now. By my judgement and by the rules of both cards, the energy should have been attached. If Wobbuffet did not allow Malamar's ability, I shouldn't have been able to activate it. Thank you for your time, D. Lyne
  13. Pyroar [Forbidden Light] has the Ability Unnerve wich prevent's him from being targeted by any Item or Supporter.That being said Guzma would is not able to target a bench Pyroar as the new Active. Anyways the bug here is that Guzma not being able to target the opponent Pyroar it's suposed to neither be able to change it's own Pokémon as the card specifies an I quote "Switch 1 of your opponent's Bench Pokémon with their Active Pokémon. If you do, switch your Active Pokémon with 1 of your Bench Pokémon." Here is the game log of the escenario:
  14. So I have been grinding the tournaments recently to save packs to trade for a zoroark, and i managed to get 6 gr packs by trading my winnings. So i started playing in another tournament, and i am ashamed to say that i came lastn so only got a chest. So i went to my collection, to open the chest... and all the gr packs were gone. Thwy had not been opened - even the notifications agreed with me - and according to trade history, had not been traded away. Already fuming at this, i entered another tournament, and in my rage, i came first. This was an 8 ticket tourney, so i should get 6 packs right? The flair that came up after the final match said so as well, but when i went to collection... only a.single pack (legendary treasures) was there. Is there anything i can do to get my packs back, or is there a way to avoid this next time i enter tourneys, or does this need fixing? Played on android tablet. EDIT: The packs have reappeared, but the fact that the packs went missing needs to be fixed.
  15. lucario57

    [Jeu] mac - mise a jour

    Bonjour, voila depuis ce matin j'essaye de faire la nouvelle mise à jour et la mise à jour reste bloquer a 50% Est ce que c'est arrivé à quelqu'un d'autres? que dois je faire? PS je suis sur mac book pro
  16. Hi, So the title speaks for itself. Armor Press should give the ability to Type: Null to take 30 less damage from attacks during opponent's next turn, yet it doesn't do anything like that right now.
  17. All of my holofoil cards appear as hot pink I cannot build a new deck because of this issue. I cannot see the stats or abilities of any of them. Nor can I see what they are called. I am playing on a gigaset tablet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could look into the issue.
  18. Sparky2270

    [GAME] Cannot take prize cards

    Client: (Run through **** on Fedora 25) When I click on my second prize card it glows yellow and stops pulsing but does not take the card and I cannot continue the game.
  19. Hello everyone. I will go straight on point. When i start my pokemon tcg application on my pc, it starts, but most of the screen is coloured pink (especially the parts where there are text). I can't see anything on the screen. Please help me know how to fix this My computer is Windows 10 with 1.2Ghz and 2 GB RAM. Please help me, i really love to play the game!!
  20. Client version: So I had just played a match (which I surrendered) and was going to close the window with the cross in the corner (not using fullscreen). I did, but after that, a new window of the client appeared, and a second one before the first one had loaded, and a new one and so on. After a while it overloaded my processor and windows stopped working. When it came back online slowly, there were soo many windows up and i couldn't do anything so i had to manually shut my pc of with the button on it. The only other things i had active at the time were spotify and chrome and they have never caused problems before. I tried to just open and close the game later and nothing out-of-ordinary happened. During the game i did that copy log to clipboard or whatever, but that was the only unordinary thing i did when playing today. So I can't really reproduce it, but im reporting anyways. Took a pic on my phone, but i dont know whow to upload it to the post, so of you want it, ill have to mail it or something.
  21. so i played the whole toturial, then it told me to make an account, i did, then when i activated it it makes me play the whole toturial again?! and i guess i do not have the cards i got annymore?
  22. When I try to launch TCG Online for iPad, it says "Update required. This version is out of date. Please update now." But in the App Store, there is no new update available. What's the fix? Did you guys really force updates before the new version was released?
  23. Ishobi


    I don't feel doing two threads so I'll just report 2 issues I recently encounter on this one. 1. Shining Ho-oh's Golden Wing ability. My opponent knocked it out using a Yveltal Break which evolved from Yveltal tool lock. Two basic fire energy are attached to my ho-oh but the ability to transfer those to my benched Pokemon's didn't trigger. I don't see any cards that could negate abilities on the field. His pokemon are Yveltal Break, 2 x Yveltal Ex and Darkrai Ex. None has the ability to lock Abilities. Same goes to my pokemon. I have tapu Lele and Shiny Ho-oh x 2 on bench. None of us used Hex Maniac. I even check his discard pile if he has any, but none. I don't have it on my deck. So what could have stopped my Golden Wing ability from triggering? Surely a bug. Please fix! 2. I can't see my name on the Leaderboards. It says I have no user ID and I haven't played a gamebut I've been around for about a year now! I used to see my rank before but now I can't. Definitely something's wrong! Please fix!
  24. TornByShadows

    Android Users

    I'm having trouble logging in on android device, it just says connection error both on WiFi and Mobile Data, anyone know how to fix this problem?
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