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Found 481 results

  1. The client used to display the logged in user's name next to their token total and level. Now it's been removed completely. Kind of annoying for those of us that share a computer.
  2. DEPOIS Que Eu terminei o tutorial ganhou o impulso, mas seguindo o tutorial de ele **** Para abrir de MoDo Que NÃO Parece Aumentar e Não Tem nenhuma Maneira de Sair do tutorial
  3. When I try to load the game it goes black and says "Could... not preload global game manager #0 i=0" Please help
  4. Cannot get the game to even start on fresh OS install. Running Windows 7 x64, installed the game twice, but each time I go to run the game I get an error stating that the game crashed. Game ran just fine before OS reinstall (hard drive failed). Error Oops! The Game Crashed. The crash report folder named "today's date and time" next to the game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game. I would love to do so, but after spending an hour trying to find where to submit the report, I figured I better post in here for help. Thanks.
  5. RPGinisect

    2 Glitches in white 2

    Hey guys I reset my white 2 game resently(sooooooooooo painful) so far noticed by far 2 glitches. The first one is: I was in castelia city and I came off one of the streets onto the u street and my avatar didn't show up,since my servine is "shiny" what????? the next one is :so I saved on route 5 in summer It is not any time near fall I did not have the 4th badge;in the morning I went into nimbasa city next thang I knew it was fall!?⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ That all for now I'll tell you guys if I find more on this topic!
  6. Now upon opening, everything appears to go as normal. But, all the sudden a small black screen appears directly after the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online" sign swings in (It appears as though the black screen it is blocking some sort of message). After waiting a short period of time it goes away and goes to the next screen, which is even worse. This screen is where I presume you are supposed to log-in (although I'm not sure), except everything is black except for the two trainers. After scrolling my mouse around the page, I was able to click off of it, but this led me to another messed up screen. Although, unlike the others, this screen had no black thing covering the text, there was simply no text at all. I scrolled around the page with my mouse, and was able to find a button it would let me click. Upon clicking it, it led me to the screen where I presume the boy trainer is attempting to teach you about PTCGO (although that is just a guess). And again, NO TEXT. Scrolling around on the page led me to find a button (which I assume is "Next"). Once clicked it took me to another page with no text. This page had two buttons. The one the left took me to the previous page (so I assume it was the "Back" button) and the other (which I assume was the "Next" button) crashed my game. I really hope you can solve this problem. It would mean a lot since I was really looking forward to playing PTCGO. P.S. I just downloaded the game and have not been able to play it due to this.
  7. At times the pop up that tells you that my opponent is inactive just appears for no reason and never goes away. My opponent might still be having their turn and it will pop up and never go away, resulting in me unable to have my turn and I instead get warnings (too bad if I am winning huh?) or my opponent is inactive, it counts down to 0 and I don't get a victory message, it just gets stuck. I cannot conceded either, I have to close the program and it does not register my win. I also have an issue with Avatars. They simply do not appear. I see white skin, hair, maybe a distorted hat, and that's it. I can see ai avatars without a problem though.
  8. Hi there, I bought a Roaring Skies Booster pack but didn't seem to recieve it? I have video of it too (I was streaming at the time) for any proof or oherwise.
  9. when I log in my game gets stuck on the daily challenges bit and wont let me click ok to get rid of the screen
  10. All right everyone, I just was about to start a match, but it would not load for like five minutes. So, I closed the game, opened it up again, and now after the authenticating, there's a pop up that says protocol error and I cannot access the game. Does this have to do with the repair of the of the shop? (I am playing on iPad) please help!
  11. I got locked out after only two password attempts and then after waiting 15 minutes I got locked out again even though I am 100% sure the password I used is correct because I had to sign in to make this topic.
  12. Hey there, I have got an interesting bug , actually i don't know if its bug or not . I was playing a tournament yesterday and i was able to see 7 players name but was not able to see 8th player's name , it was blank (no name) . So please let me know that why this was happening , it is a bug or not . And if that 8th players is a blocked player by me then let me also know that Thanks
  13. Playing final game of tournament. Waiting for opponent to choose active pokemon. Been waiting for over 10 minutes. I will win on next turn, very anxious here
  14. I finished an "evolve 7 pokemon" mission and did not get 55 tokens added to my total. This isn't the first time a mission failed to give me tokens, but this is the first time it got on my nerves enough to report it. I wanted to buy a new theme deck and was ready to do it after getting those tokens, went into shop, and BAM, I was at 481 tokens. I had 480 when I finished a battle and the prize wheel gave me 1 tourney ticket and 1 token, and my mission was completed. I should've had 537 but the 55 mission tokens were never given to me.
  15. Hi so as the title says, I currently have 4 Dark Claw and 2(total) Dark Patch in my collection that I just traded for in public trades. Also 1 of the Dark Patches is locked. I am currently building a dark deck so when I went into my deck manager and clicked edit deck, I swapped over to the trainer's section to put them in and I didn't see them in there. At first I thought I looked over them and went back into my collection but I noticed they were indeed in my collection. So I checked the cards that were on both sides of Dark Claw and Dark Patch and went back into deck manager to find out they didn't show up there again. I did this 3 times to make sure I knew where they were and they still were not showing up in my deck edit. Is there some kind of bug that doesn't allow you to put them into the deck? Or did I maybe get hacked or something? I have confirmed that I have them in my collection but they still do not show up in deck edit can someone help me ASAP.
  16. Here's what happens: If an active Pokémon is Poisoned by an attack which also knocks out the Pokémon, the Status Condition music doesn't return to normal. As an example, if my opponents Nidoqueen (Primal Clash 69) attacked my Rattata (Boundaries Crossed 104) with Poison Jab, the music would change to the status condition music and not return to normal when the Rattata fainted. The music doesn't return to normal until after you collect your fourth prize card or another of your status conditioned Pokémon is healed in a different way. The cards used in this example are just demos and it works with any cards which are similar. That's all I can tell you now, I will update the thread with any further information EDIT: The bug will occur with any status condition not exclusively Poison
  17. I recently got a new update and still crashes. Its on windows BTW. :angry:
  18. Since the recent patch I have been having issues staying connected to the server. I have uninstalled the game and re-installed it twice. Still having the issue, which is: It take about 5-10 mins of logging in successfully and after about 30 seconds to 1 min after being logged in I lost connection to the server over and over and over again until about 10 mins have past of reconnecting and it finally makes a secure connection that stays good for the duration that I'm on PTCGO. Also occasionally it'll freeze at the Authenticating screen usually around 14%. I thought it was my internet but I've almost never had an issue staying connected before and only lost connection when a major storm was approaching or currently happening at that time. So is there something up with the servers or the recent patch?
  19. balikim30

    Against players who waste time

    Hello, This is my first post. I know what i will mention is not a bug but you have to make a rule or something against players who tries to win the game by wasting time. For example, u can make a rule that a player can only make three resume to the game in one turn. I know that this makes honest players get sick of the game.
  20. Playing matches and after not having the correct coin amount after (E.g had 300 coins won a gain received 25+26 and only had 335 after? anyone else ? Thanks
  21. Tengo marcado que guarde el nombre de usuario y contraseña al entrar al juego y hoy me ha ocurrido que me lo detecta como incorrecto. Probé un par de veces hasta que entré la contraseña manualmente y entré al juego esta mañana. Después de eso ahora mismo, con nombre y contraseña recordados, me ha vuelto a decir que es incorrecto. Estoy esperando 15 minutos porque el juego me dice que ha habido demasiados intentos fallidos de entrar a mi cuenta. Cuando pasen entraré de nuevo todo manualmente. Si a posteriori se reproduce el fallo volveré para confirmarlo. ¿Le ha ocurrido a alguien más? ¿Puede ser que alguien esté intentando entrar en mi cuenta o que haya entrado en ella?
  22. I've purchased two theme decks in hoping of getting into the card game. I've realized that I was able to play online with my cards. I went to put my codes in and i was able to redeem the theme decks, but I cannot find them ANYWHERE! I checked my collection, my decks, everything. Can someone fix this bug...
  23. I'm sicking and ******* tired of this game always freezing, always crashing, or unable to adequately handle certain cards and causing me to lose matches time and time again. I'm currently sitting here after having KO'd an opponent's Pokemon hav8ng a dominant lead on the game and being unable to select a prize or do anything, with the opponent's Pokemon just sitting there with a negative HP count, being told by "Cammie" that I'm inactive and just mindlessly clicking resume as my only option in hopes my opponent will leave. But rather than making sure the game actually ******* works well as official software representative of Pokemon and the Trading Card Game and has Android support which has alarger marketshare than apple, let's make sure we design silly little characters with irrelevant bios and nonsensical language filters, we can let things get too ******* real can we! Let's see how ******* long it takes for a member of PTCGO to get a hold of me, if at all. This is shameful and should not be affiliated with the well-established and quality (more or less) and franchise that is Pokemon.
  24. First bug is that i couldn't concede twice now, it just doesn't react when i press concede. Second, it triggered Cammie when i pressed it once so i had to force close the game.
  25. as above. If the attack itself does no damage unless the defending pokemon is an EX, how can the additional damage be applied? Text reads: blah blah is not a pokemon EX, this attack does nothing. Hawlucha with Muscle Band attacks Hawlucha, 20 damage done. Not game breaking or anything, but I wonder if it works against all non-EX. I think the intention of the effect on Hawlucha FFI is that it cannot damage non EX (the attack does nothing) why would this 20 damage be applied? anyway, thanks PTCGO staff! You rock!
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