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Found 485 results

  1. Using iPad app, login gets stuck at 90% for both my husband and me. This is happening since the update.
  2. The game launches but after hitting login, it loads up to 90% and stalls. Will not go past 90%.
  3. Pyu514068

    [GAME] Friend request bug

    Hello i have faced a bug 2-3 days ago when i got a friend request. I accepted it then an error message came "error processing friend request". Then i saw the player was already in my friend list. I thought and declined it then i searched my friend request and that player was not found. It agained happened 2 more times after that everything was normal.
  4. PTCGO is giving me connection errors way to often, I have other programs/games that are continuously using the internet and do NOT lose connection at all, my firewall or antivirus is not stopping the connection to PTCGO. I get this error and this is a new hard drive on a fresh install of Windows 10 and a new network card etc, nothing is wrong with my computer. The problem i think is on PTCGO side of things. For months it worked fine without problems now it's to the point of disconnecting on almost every match. PCTGO is UNPLAYABLE for me almost! Reinstalling shouldn't have to be done, this should be fixed the correct way, where reinstalling is not needed because it will continue to happen again if not fixed ... (Even after a reinstall) Thank you for your time.
  5. I dont know if this is the right place or if it is already reported but when you log in with the dutch language it says Gebruikersnaam onthouden (remember username) on the username and on the password, so its double, the second one should be Wachtwoord onthouden (remember password) or something like that. Greetings G3kkehuis
  6. I played a game with the Coin of Arceus of my oponent all the time in the midle of the screen, was weird, Anyway, I kept playing the magcargo deck, but it covered my screen throughout the game
  7. I wanted to report that the game will not allow Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor to evolve Pokemon with their first attack "Super Growth" on the first turn of the game when going second. As I understand it, this is allowed by the rules and wording of the attack.
  8. Since the newest update, Super Growth (Rowlet & Alolan Exeggcutor GX) fails every time. I target a benched Grookey with 3 Thwackey and 3 Rillaboom in my deck, which I can see are still in my deck when I use Super Growth, and the game just says no valid cards even though the valid cards are RIGHT THERE. I CANT PLAY ANY GAMES!!!! PLEASE FIX RIGHT AWAY. (I have a picture of this happening if you want it)
  9. i know its about child safety but you can filter it i want open chat so i can trade cards with my daughter and do Pokemon card battles with her i tried tried tried wont go off of closed not even to limited chat it needs fixing even if theirs a verse and trade family part i cant find them let alone battle with them why have a faily account if you cant play together
  10. AnakinVader0

    I need to get unmuted

    When I got back on line my account was now muted by a Moderator I did not know how this happen? I think it a bug.
  11. Problem #1: Trades are loaded into RAM. When in Public Trades RAM usage spikes. Refreshing Public Trades does not release memory that was used to load Public Trades, but rather, more memory is used (In my case PTCGO's RAM usage went up to 1,815 MB :/) I use a RAM releaser to make the not crash. This also happens during login / logout - please release unneeded RAM and stop loading Trades to RAM. Problem #2: Trades do not load unless scroll bar is at bottom. Problem #3: PTCGO is 32-bit. Please use 64-bit and offer 32-bit on downloads page for systems that use 32-bit. (Most companies use this better method). This would help encourage people to play the game if it worked without crashing.
  13. Hello, I have a standard deck that runs Lt. Surge's Strategy. When trying to enter the deck in a Standard event, it disables the deck saying that the deck plays a card that is banned in Expanded, even though it is a Standard event. I am not sure if this is a bug or not. From playing Standard battles with the deck, Surge should be allowed for Standard events.
  14. steve091

    [GENERAL] Login Issue

    Hi support team, i am facing login issue. It shows Network connectivity to data base is lost. I checked with my internet connection using both WIFI and LAN cable it works. Could you help me? Im from APAC region
  15. Client Version: 2.70.0Example: Whiscash - a GrowthProblem: When clicking on the card to read it's ability, if there are damage counters on it, part of the ability text gets hidden behind it.Steps to Reproduce: Have a Whiscash in play with damage counters on it (it had 60 when i noticed this), right click on the card to zoom in. Part of the ability text will be blocked by the damage counter
  16. Twice already today i have had that the game just completely freezes during a game. Both times it happened it was on a different laptop. When It happens it will show the following behaviour: - Card animation is frozen. - Animation around Avatar is frozen - Remaining time does not seem elapse for either me or my opponent - I cannot play any cards or use any ability / stadium - I can enter the settings menu, but none of the options seem responsive. For example pressing the concede button will not do anything - I do not seem to timeout of my turn. When it freezes it stays like that 'Forever'. After 15 min it will still be the same. The only way i can get out of this is to kill the entire application and restart it.
  17. Hello, The words on all of the click-buttons show different words. Words like 'Login.logindialog.loginbuttonlable' This is for instance normally the yellow login-button. The two green buttons say 'login.forgotinfo.button.label' and the other one 'login.button.start here'. And this is all throughout the game. I tried to start the game a couple of time but it doesn't resolve the problem. By the way, the cards i can read normal. I hope i'm explaining this well enough so you can understand what is going on/wrong. Please help cause i'm not a pro to remember what all the buttons stand for. So i need the correct words on them.
  18. Bonjour, Lorsque je démarre l'application depuis mon ordi (MacBook Pro 16Go, 2,2GHz, i7 Quad core), le processeur s'emballe et souffle tout ce qu'il a dans le ventre jusqu'à l'extinction de l'app. Y'a-t-il un moyen d'y remédier ? Sachant que sur mon PC bien moins puissant je **** aucuns problème, je suppose que cela provient du client mac. Désinstallé et réinstallé à maintes reprises, sur différents Macs, paramètres graphiques réglés sur rapide, mode fenêtré, ect... Je ne sais pas si cela à un réel impact mais je n'ose plus jouer des heures, à vrai dire je n'ose plus jouer du tout mis à part pour recevoir le cadeau de connexion journalier. Merci d'avance et bon jeu à tous.
  19. Hi! I recently installed the game for my 6 year old son to play, but because I didn't quite understand what I was doing I redeemed/unlocked two of his physical decks (using codes) on my account instead of his "Child" account. As far as I've been able to research, it isn't possible to swap/trade a whole theme deck between accounts, although if anybody knows whether this has changed I'd be interested to know how to do it. But I was wondering, is it possible to roll back a code redemption, that is take a deck/code off your account, so that it's available to use again on someone else's? It seems like if this was possible it'd be somewhere obvious but I thought it was worth asking.
  20. Card - Plus Power Expansion - Black & White (96/114) Effect - Deal 10 extra damage to opponent's active pokemon during this turn. Edit - Sorry, didn't know it was in known bugs. Mods can close or whatever is appropriate.
  21. I just finished a game where my Alolan Ninetales (which is impervious to all attacks from GX) was damaged and knocked out by Keldeo GX. This should not be possible. Someone please explain... thanks
  22. I want to ask when will i be able to turn on and off the simple effects? This is has been adressed in multiple topics and i already reached out the ticket support team and it was concluded that my laptop is "below/at minimum requeriments". Which is literally impossible because i could always turn on and turn off the simple effects on this same laptop. This bug or glitch?! idk what it is, it appeared after the detective pikachu update which was in March i believe?! Anyway the team admitted that the simple effects option is not working on some devices and they are working on it to fix it, which means they know the problem is happening on their part, so basically my laptop can't be below or at minimum requeriments out of nowhere because i could always turn off and turn on the simple effects, there were no problems and then that update happened and boom it messed everything. The game client was literally unplayable around that time of the detective pikachu update, since then the team was able to smooth the game and is currently very stable but i still can't turn off and on the simple effects. This is not a suggestion you already know about this issue and almost all the users who complained about this use a lenovo laptop same as me, maybe the game client is having an engine conflict with this specific brand? I just want to know if you are close to fix the issue? I mean at first glance it may seem a minor problem but it actually bugs me alot that i can't play with the better animation and sound effects on a laptop where i play other games the require better specs and i have zero problems with it, only in PTCGO, so it can't be me. I miss when a specific type of pokemon attacks the active opponent's pokemon for example a lightning pokemon attacks and it sounds it created a big storm, with the simple effects it just sounds like an old sound like the original pimball game for WinXP. Don't ask me to create a support ticket because i already did it and the answer will be the same, i just want a straight answer from here please. Is it getting fixed as we speak? Any estimated time?
  23. The last update added a "new" or another Rayquaza GX (177a/168 from Celestial Storm) card to the game. Now there are two exact same Versions of this card in the game. One of them I own, the other new one I miss. I think it is an issue and I wanted to draw attention to it. But shame on my head when everything is right with the second Rayquaza GX 177a/168 Card.
  24. VocaloidWarrior

    Pantalla congelada

    Hola. Cuento con una PC con Windows 7 Ultimate, y Memoria RAM de 2 GB. Cuando inicio el juego y después de iniciar sesión la pantalla de carga se congela al llegar al 94% (Cargando datos del juego) y después de eso ya no avanza, pero puedo escuchar los sonidos del juego normalmente ¿Alguna forma de solucionarlo?
  25. Client Version: Server Version: OS: Chrome (************** (Official Build) (64-bit) Hardware: HP Chromebook x2 Issue: Game app will freeze randomly during game. After freezing, app will auto-close after clicking or tapping the screen. This happens 95% of the time at various stages of a game. The freeze usually takes place during any kind of animation of the screen (card shuffle, playing a card, etc.). Match results in a loss. Issue has been on-going for over a week. Unable to play through an entire game with regularity (1 out of 20 attempts). App uninstall/reinstall does not work. Reboot of Chromebook does not work. Playmat Options>Use Simple Effects does not work. Download All Card Images does not work.
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