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Found 485 results

  1. For some reason after a bit while playing trainer challenge, it starts to lag and show connection issues. Is there a fix for this? My internet is decently fast. I don't understand why I am having this issue.
  2. If my opponent uses Battle Compressor (92 Phantom Forces) and you left click the discard pile while the cards are discarded/animated an empty discard window opens. It doesnt close anymore and you cannot confirm actions like 'end the turn' (no button there), select cards for an ultra ball or other actions that take more than just one click for using card effects.
  3. used 4 tournament tickets but lost due to time running out. every time my turn finished both mine and opponents time ran down. maybe for around 3-5 seconds
  4. sephyrot79

    game lag

    is impossible i lose another tornament because yours lag i cant chose card i cant chose attac i cant do anithing my connection is good is a your problem fix it because is impossible play like that i lose something like 40 pas for this problem
  5. Hola, acabo de entrar al juego y e notado que el botón de "intercambio", esta como deshabilitado (no se le puede hacer clic), busque en anuncios, pero no vi nada relacionado a algún mantenimiento o algo así en la sección de intercambio pero de todas forma quería saber. eso saludos y gracias
  6. Bonjour, Le jeu cesse de fonctionner lorsque je dois affronter Calvin, il y a des " qui apparaisse au debut du texte du personnage et ensuite le jeu crash, même en relancant le jeu ça crash toujours au même endroit. J'ai mes derniers pilotes à jours, et la dernière version de JAVA.
  7. I was playing a match recently and had a weird bug occur. After retreating from Gothitelle LTR into Mew EX LTR, I could no longer use the abilities of my benched pokemon (Musharna NXD, Dusknoir BCR), activate the current stadium (Battle City) or play items from my hand. I took a screen shot, but forgot to export a game log (as usual). Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. The ******* rayquaza are ******* buggd.The ex rayquaza from legacy its bugg or the keldeo or the eelektrik one of them please i hope this time you see this ritic. i am done with this.
  9. All right, where to begin...let's just start with a record of my play this evening after I got back online. I won't go into the problems I had logging in (freezing at 34% several times) this afternoon as I assume a bug was being worked on at the time and that possibly led to the problem. This evening (the 25th actually, I write this at 1:30 AM on the 26th), I logged in and went to play a few games to try to clean off my remaining bonus prizes. I won three times, and failed (seriously, the mechanics of this need to change, BTW, as versus isn't very rewarding as it is anymore outside of ladder prizes, but that will be another thread). I took off for a few minutes as the ladder would have reset by now. I then returned and took part in some tournaments for the first time in a while, as I decided I wanted to win some booster packs, realizing that there is way more of them available in tournaments, not to mention a possible 25 tokens with each prize wheel spin (win or lose, though win should double the prizes IMO). Completed the first tournament (I won, yay! - got a Furious Fists random, and my BREAKpoints). Great. Started another tournament. Lost in the second round. Took a break. Later, I got a popup of tournament completed. Hmm, I won this tournament. You already told me this, go away...wait, is that FLASHFIRE on the rewards? And two BREAKpoints? No, that can't be right. By now, I had started a third tournament, so I decided I'll investigate this later. Meanwhile, I'm getting "4 tickets" as prizes everywhere. It's really amazing how many tickets I should have by...oh, wait, my ticket count isn't going up. Hmm. Finished the third tournament with a 6 KO sweep of Dark Hammer with Basic Blue (I kept this log, I was proud of this one) and called it an evening as far as those go, as I wanted to get a few versus games in and try to get some of my tokens, and was happy having won 7 out of 9 possible packs. Went to look for locked stuff to open, and opened my Flashfire (that was my prize for 3-4 anyway) and Furious Fists, where I also had a trade-locked one from somewhere for 2 total (hey, I won't complain!). I found a Roaring Skies hanging out in there and also opened that (still no Shaymin). I checked BREAKpoint and found 6 total (including two I redeemed from the Ash-Greninja box, even though Ash-Greninja itself did not work - but there is already a thread for that). By now I had tokens for a pack in the shop, so tried again on Roaring Skies and hit another Whammy. I did, however, get a Pokémon that FOR SOME WEIRD REASON is censored on here (It begins with a K and ends with "khan", and apparently a certain African animal is banned because the first half of the name is in fact censored - can you relax the bloody censors please, mods?) on Flashfire earlier. Not very useful, though I needed one for collecting, so meh.) I took a break to watch a video about a Xerneas deck. Man, that guy is entertaining. Over to versus. Won my first game. Spun the wheel and got a guaranteed box as it was my first game since 8 PM. Yay! My prize: 4 tickets. Wait, what? Won my second game: 4 tickets. I looked at my tokens and noticed they hadn't changed much, so I figured this is another display bug related to the tournament one earlier; in fact, I found the last tournament I won constantly coming up again after both games. This happened again, with another 4-ticket prize, after the third game. Going to the messages tab just now, as I type this, I see the prizes (in some order) were 1 ticket, 2 tickets, and 50 tokens. This makes sense! I did notice the tokens add after the third game, so like with the tournament display bug from #2 (where I won a Flashfire), the tournament always popping up keeps telling me I'm winning 4 tickets with every game, and overrides whatever other prize should be popping up (which is later verifiable in the messages tab). I'm not getting 4 tickets every time, so at least the accounting is correct. I decided I had enough of "Bugland" for a while and came to write this report, stopping to reply in another thread en route. And there you have it: the last six hours of my evening. And man, this game is horribly buggy right now. Oh, and BTW, I did try to log a bug report through the portal. Would you believe the portal is bugged right now? Insufficient account information? What? At least I got my Ash-Greninja report in before THAT happened, but I can't access any of my account stuff on the Web right now. THAT is sad. Also, somehow when editing this post, every paragraph merged and became one paragraph. What a mess. With all the bugs this evening, I am not surprised.
  10. BazPokeMaster

    Just address the situation...

    We just need to know whats going on. I picked up 50 flashfire during the glitch and I've kept them I haven't exploited the game and I thought I'd just gotten lucky to be honest. I'd happily accept a rollback and I think everyone else would if it enabled trades at the moment. Everyone has nothing but versus matches at the moment and something else is going to have to be enabled soon before players start to get frustrated and leave the game completely. Hopefully a mod can address this soon because players are worried, bored and deserve an explanation for everything thats happened. If a mod has read this please feel free to reply and just give the community something to go on so we can move forward.
  11. Hi, I installed pokemon TCG online and once I start the training with Zach the game stop with "Error Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working". I reinstalled again and the same problem. Even I installed the game in three different computers, two win 8 and another win 7. My computers have 16GB ram and more than 2.5GHz CPU so I dont think the computers are the problem. What can I do? Thanks
  12. BarrenArsonist82

    will not register new account

    Hello, I recently got into the card game and I also want to be able to practice/play online but your built-in registration system is not operational as it does not register the new information I input nor does it send an email to prove verify registration. Please help make sure the online portion of the experience is properly operational and if you need any additional information please reply and I will respond as swiftly as possible, thank you.
  13. IntransigentAsh

    Game disconnects randomly

    Game keeps crashing due to supposed connectivity issues (yellow wifi bars flashing) when my laptop has FULL connection to the internet. I listen to podcasts on YT while playing and YT picks up no connectivity issues, same with any browser or internet-based programmes on my laptop. I have lost several games today due to this happening and it's more than slightly annoying.
  14. DonBabuel

    Game freezes in Tournaments

    My game has just froze in 3 tournament matches in a row, resulting in losses because of relogs and ending turns without doing anything. Then I have played multiple games in the versus ladder with the same deck and it worked just fine. Anybody know why that happened? My internet connection worked fine throughout all of the games. This is very frustrating. It seems to be on the trigger of the dynamotor ability from Eelektrik.
  15. public trade filter for cards isnt working . but the rest is fine . when i try to filter for some card .. it gets stuck on LOADING TRADES and never shows any trade :/ please fix this bug .
  16. Usant, c'est pour nous motiver à arrêter, obliger de désinstaller et réinstaller à chaque maj!!! Là c'est celle de trop! le jeu est trop instable ca bug n'importe quand et de manière aléatoire sur n'importe qu'elle fonction ou pendant une partie. En 2 offres de versus (il reste 3 jours pour cella la) je n'arrive même pas à 300 points tellement le jeu bug. MAJ CG ok le pc a 2 mois... en gros les développeurs sont pas capables d'écrire un programme aux normes du matériel du marché.... Jusqu'à preuve du contraire c'est à eux de s'adapter aux normes et pas à nous donc je ne désinstallerais pas une 28 ème fois le jeu en 1 mois sinon ca sera de manière définitive si les développeurs ne font pas le nécessaire. C'est bien joli de mettre des nouveautés tous les 4 matins mais sont pas capables de rendre le jeu stable une seule fois. Les excuses on s'en contre carre que ca soit clair. En plus on peut faire 3 suppressions et ré installations successives et on trouve 3 crashs différents.... Un ti coup de gueule d'un mec blasé.
  17. When attempting to redeem the newest PLAY! Pokemon Chickorita/Bayleef/Meganium season tcgo codes, I get an 'x' signifying failed redemption and a date I believe it was 2/25/2016 but that was a long time ago. Why do these codes not redeem?
  18. When you're in deck manager and you type in the search box then hit enter, it won't work, you have to go to the settings and click apply for it to work and I think scrolling with the scroll on the mouse makes it work too.
  19. PrideSP

    Nothing is fixed!

    Bugs are still there. What's with these 15 hour maintenance like 3 times? Cards are still invisible, game keeps getting stuck where I can't move or play any cards but my opponent can.
  20. I've just finished a tournament and placed first. The rewards window listed 6 packs I would receive as rewards (the sum of the first, second, and third prizes). However, when I go to my collection, I have only received the "first" prize of two current packs + 1 random in my collection, not the full 6. Am I misunderstanding how tournament prizes are allocated? Was the rewards window wrong, or have these not been added to my collection in error? If it's the latter, it would be great if a moderator could provide me with the 3 packs I've missed out on. In a separate but possibly related issue, earlier today I received a trade locked pack for reaching 1 star overall with the Platinum League in Trainer challenge, and at the same time reached 12 games won with a deck I redeemed via tokens from the store (also rewards a trade locked pack). The rewards window listed two packs after that match. In my previous game, I had reached 4 stars with one of the City Championship League trainers, which the rewards window also said was worth one trade locked pack. However, I only had two new packs when I went back to my collection. I'm playing with client version If there's any more information I can provide, let me know. I have screenshots of the rewards screen and my collection page, if there's a sanctioned way for me to share those then I'll do that.
  21. BloodWolfX

    Game window closes at 90%

    I was opening a pack and it got stuck loading pack contents around 70%. I ended up closing the app and reopening it and since then the app just quits when it gets to 90% when loading data from the server. It never gets to the login screen. This is on my Mac.
  22. Buenas, señores les informo que el juego corre perfectamente, claro que aun esta en proceso de desarrollo se entienden las fallas. Quiero reportar que a 15 minutos de iniciar el juego bruscamente me salta obligatoriamente a un visor de los anuncios de las nuevas cartas etc.. El problema es que no puedo quitarla para seguir con el juego por que simplemente no hay manera de salir de tal anuncio, si pudieran poner una equis en la esquina o un botón de retroceso seria de gran ayuda!
  23. in a standard format tournament (2 match) i had this bug: i looked at the graveyard and then the button of the graveyard stayed in the middle of the screen with no possibility to make it disapear. this problem make impossible to : end your turn without attacking, using shaymin ability (you can't confirm you want to draw cards.) you can't look in your graveyard any more i lost 4 tickets but honnestly that's not the point, just want to warn because that's some kind of big issue that completly ruin the tournament experience. (looking in your graveyard is fairly common habits in many decks) here is the screenshot of the situation ************************
  24. Browsing around the game requires me to load and reload my card cache multiple times. My hand, discard pile, deck, and prize cards have to load and reload constantly during a match. Sometimes before a match, my avatar and opponent's avatar loads fully then other matches, they fail to. After the match, I have to wait for my cards and avatar to load before clicking done or else the match will not leave resulting in me restarting the entire game. Please help.
  25. When a Sylveon does it's first attack where it does 30 damage and supposed to move an energy from the opponent's active to one of the bench, the energy goes to the discard pile instead! Please fix this. Thank you.
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