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  1. bilisios

    Flip a coin

    I dont know if it's a bug but I have found that the tails in the coin happen many more times than the head. For example, at the beginning of the game when I choose tails instead head by 90% I'll win.
  2. Before when you win a pack from the mystery box, you're able to trade it, now you can't. Please fix this glitch. It's making it hard to trade stuff in the Trade market, thank you.
  3. CStamoulis17ST

    Not allowing redeem codes

    On the iPad app for PTCGO it's not allowing me to use redeem codes. The button is not pressable it has become dark or sometimes it's not even there at all
  4. Hi, i'm a new player in Pokémon TCG and I have a big problem! The game crashes in the tutorial when I face Calvin , the third trainer. I tried several times and continues to happen the same thing. I can't continue in the game. I'm stuck in the middle of the tutorial! Thank you!
  5. Daorei

    Game Auto Concedes

    I have just had this happen to me twice in a row within the past 30 minutes before this posting. The first time it happened was during the start of a Versus match during the coin flip as I was waiting for the other player to pick the coin...about 20 seconds went by when suddenly..."VICTORY!" pops up on my screen and I'm kicked back to the main menu. The second time it happened was as I was about to win a match against a guy named VespiKing, he said GG like a gentleman, and then as I had 2x prize cards left...I went into making the final moves of the match when suddenly...."DEFEAT!" pops up o
  6. BL00DCR0W

    Crash on the tutorial

    Hello, I just recently installed PTCGO. Due to me playing this in my early years, I have been dying to try this new version. The installation process runs smoothly, and I launch the game hoping for an enjoyable time. However, as I am doing the tutorial, the next second after I draw the card upon finishing the first round (Laying my card on the deck and the opponent (Zach) lays his card on the deck), the game crashes. What I've tried: -Deleting LocalizationDB.db -Reinstalling the game -Deleting the registration keys -Updating video/graphics driver (Already up to date) None of these
  7. Bonjour, J'ai un probeleme avec le jeu! Alors quand j'installe le jeu il se lance sans probleme j'ai pu faire les duels premier duel du didacticiel mais lors la phase ou les personnage parle le jeu se boque et sa me met que le programme a cesser de fonctionner et sa ferme le jeu pokemon. JE ne peut donc pas jouer a pokemon ( mon PC est puissant je peut jouer a wow dessus sans probleme ) Merci d;'avance en esperant que vous ayez une solution
  8. DanmakuKnight

    Pre-Release Box STILL Untradable

    I noticed a few things were fixed so I decided to check the status of the Prerelease box. Unfortunately they are still untradable. Please fix this. This should be a tradable item.
  9. HunTeR_SS

    it automatically close...

    it automatically close when ever i open it.. even the new client i installed. it is still the same.. i tried on 3 of my computer.. it is the same for all 3 of them.. i am using windows 10.. acer laptop, windows 10 gigabyte desktop..
  10. PrideSP

    Metal links not working

    I have ************* use metal links, and it works fine. Then I have the special energy steel in my discard pile, and it won't allow me to get that one. Now I know what you're saying, it's not basic. But read the instruction, it just says steel energy, not basic steel energy, so any steel energy would work. Now I know what you're going to say next, it's shield energy, not steel energy. Wrong again, the shield energy is it's effect, it's still a steel energy, hence why if my Bronzor needs a steel energy to use tackle, it works if I only have that shield energy, so it's still a steel. And to e
  11. I have a challenge, do 750 damage to the opposing Pokemon. I have Toxicroak-EX and use Triple Poison. As the turn keeps passing by, I did about 150 damage from the poison alone. The guy surrenders and the challenge didn't update and add in the 150. Please fix it, thank you.
  12. The Statement from "know bugs" is not correct: "Foil effects may not be displayed properly while zooming in on a card during a match." This is occurring no only during a match, but on Card Collection and Deck Building as well.
  13. PrideSP

    Cards still invsible

    Even after the patch May 2nd, the cards are still invisible. It hasn't been fixed yet. In fact, it got even worse. Now when my cards are invisible, sometimes my entire discard pile is invisible.
  14. I just finished the platinum league for the first time but didn't get any boosters! I'm supposed to get them if I finish a league for the 1st time, right? Also, I just completed the Mighty Mind challenge (beat 2 pokemon with a purple eye energy pokemon) but didn't get the booster! Why is this happening? This all started after the update on May 2nd. Somebody please help me! And is it possible to get my booster?
  15. Sometime the game freeze and I'm unable to play anymore. I have to restart the pokemon application Under Windows 7. When it happen, the wifi icon on the bottom right appear.
  16. After Maintenance. I still can't open Pokemon trading card game online. please help me fix this
  17. Maybe it's a known issue or somehow only happening to me, but when I use an attack that has a coin flip for anything other than more damage or some effect in addition to damage, the attack itself isn't damaging. And it's not doing the 'unable to attack/damage' shake either. For example: I was just testing out the Iron Tide theme deck. The AI's pokemon was fire type with a water weakness. I put out Regice and neither attack, 'Ice Beam: 30 damage, plus flip for para' or 'Resistance Blizzard: 70 damage, prevent all effects from EX next turn', did any damage. Ice Beam does the coi
  18. Kylex

    Game Client Crash

    When I run PTCGO . After the tutorial I log in and get a bug crash. it says pokemon trading card Online.exe , stopped ****************** appears in the box and the module ntdll.dll errors please help!!! When you run PTCGO . After the tutorial log in I get a crash bug pokemon trading card Online.exe , stopped ****************** appears in the box and the module ntdll.dll errors please help
  19. im-pikachu

    (Game) Crash issue

    I've been having a crash problem since the new update. I used to be able to get in fine before the 2nd-ish Generations update, but Refresher wound up breaking itself, and it'd crash in refresher. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled, but now I can't even get past the TCPI splash before it crashes. I've tried removing read-only and changing compatibility settings, but it's still broken. Is there anything else to try? It happens every single time I open and close the game.
  20. I tried opening the game and it started to access some files or something and suddenly crashed. Then a pop up came up and told me to tell the developer that the folder 201-05-07_003124 has crashed. What is happening? When will it be resolved? I think I was supposed to get my free 5-card daily login booster pack today. Somebody please inform me. Btw, I am using the Windows PC version.
  21. I use Gallade Swift Lunge against a Mega Gardevoir and I said yes to have my opponent switch the Pokemon, but it didn't do it. And there were no cards or anything to prevent that from happening. And I did it twice and twice it didn't work.
  22. kushina22


    the game is crashing as soon as I open it and when I tried to troubleshoot the program, it says that the game is no longer compatible what should i do?
  23. CCargoe2

    Randomly crashes

    I signed up for Pokemon TCGO and i tried installing the game to play and upload all my codes that i got. But every single time i try loading the game it stops working and i get a random pop-up that say "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". Can someone PLEASE help me fix this so i can play and enjoy the game? In dire need of assistant please.
  24. Last night I was playing a tournament against someone. He used a Battle Compressor and I went to inspect his discard pile. Right as I inspected it, he discarded the cards and when I went out of the pile, the UI for inside the pile (minus the cards) stayed on screen. This affected me in the following ways: - Was unable to use Shaymin EX ability when played to my bench - Was unable to select any 'Done' prompts including to complete my turn - Was unable to select cards to discard from Ultra Ball, resulting in my turn being forfeited as well as the Ultra Ball I have a screenshot if
  25. At the very start of the tcg tutorial, it crashes It says: "Pokemon Traiding Card Game Online.exe has stopped working. I'd like to upload an screenshot but I don't know how
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