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  1. If I don't get help here. I'm sending a ticket.
  2. GrewupGeek

    Problems with the sound

    Hey, not sure if it's just me, but I've been having the issues with the volume lately where I can barely hear a thing. I checked the settings and the volume bar is at the maximum, so I should be hearing something, and this happened a day before maintenance started. Wondering if it's really a bug, or somebody messed up somewhere getting ready.
  3. I have two Legacy decks. I play with the second deck, but after every match it selects the first deck again. Fix?
  4. I've tried alt+Enter and all those combinations but all it does is make it appear blurry and only slightly bigger please help! [edit] It seems my properties for "regular size" was very small for some reason, it is big now (not the same but bigger) and works fine
  5. ShinyHunterRptr

    TCGO Crashing As Game Is Starting Up

    As I'm starting up PTCGO my game only loads to 90% and then exits immediately. This started a few weeks ago and since then my computer has upgraded to windows 10 and I've reinstalled the game but it still continues. Not sure what else to do so I thought I would see if anyone has any solutions! Thanks for reading!
  6. The pokemon tcgo started well, but when i want to buy a deck, start a game, or take my daily reward, the game just stopped and it says Pokemon TCGO has stopped working corectly
  7. It randomly happens from my knowledge, and it happens like once every 3 days, so not often but enough for it to be annoying and forces you to lose. It usually happens in the beginning of the game. When I use geomancy, and usually if I only have 1 Pokemon to do it with, when you click done and the deck pops up for you to pick which energy card you want to attached it with, the deck wouldn't pop up. You can't do anything but force to hit done. After that, everytime you use Geomancy, the deck will never pop up again. I have to concede and start a new game.
  8. PrideSP

    Trade Glitch

    I want to get a Greninja Break and saw one that is willing to trade for 4 Fates Collide. I have 7 Fates Collide but I can't trade it. But there are other trades for Greninja Break for 5 Fates Collide and that one I can trade. But I can't trade for the 4 Fates Collide. That's a weird glitch, please fix it. Thank you.
  9. Bonjour, Voila depuis la dernière mise à jour; le 30 mars il me semble, j'ai des problémes avec le jeu. Après celle-ci j'ai *** jouer quelques partie sans trop de soucis, seulement depuis le 1 avril je crois, le jeu ne se lance plus. Plus exactement il y a les différente barres de chargement que ce soit la recherche de mise à jour, et la connexion serveur. Seulement à la fin du dernier chargement le jeu se ferme tout seul sans raison. Merci d'avance de votre réponse.
  10. PrideSP

    Stuck bug

    Sometimes when using Geomancy on Xerneas, the deck won't pop up, at this point, all you can do is end turn, and the next turn, you're stuck, all you can do is just end turn and continuing ending turn, that's all.
  11. while playing versus since the new ladder came up i've noticed a couple things with the psychic types and weakness. i can understand if it was maybe once or twice but its not. its almost every time, i will use mega mewtwo (and mew ex just to test) and attack with psychic infinity but instead of it hitting for double it will hit for normal damage against another psychic type with a psychic weakness. no field in play or items used to prevent the effects. am i going crazy or is my game just buggy?.
  12. GunterQueck

    Busy servers

    It has been at least 3 days since the last time I could log into the tcgo. A notification keeps telling me that servers are busy. Is it normal?
  13. Xanxabar

    Ariados Glitch

    Tonight I made up a deck with x3 Spinrak x3 Ariados x3 Sceptile EX. Every time I tried to use the ability poisonous Nest it would start lagging and would'nt even bring up an option to use the ability. I attacked twice more with Sceptile EX and my game bugged and crashed.
  14. kipperfan124

    game crashes

    whenever i log in and it does the second loading part and it finishes loading it just crashes is there anything i can do to solve this? ive already tried **************** reinstalling the game idk what else to do
  15. Cuando van a arreglar los problemas de conexión?, siempre sucede lo mismo, vas ganando un torneo, o vs, se queda pegado, cuando tienes que escoger premios o simplemente se desconecta, arreglenlo luego, es bastante fastidioso. Plataforma Android. __________________________________________________________________________ When they go to fix connection problems ?, always happens the same, you're winning a tournament, or vs, is stuck, when you have to choose prizes or simply disconnects, then Fix it, it's pretty annoying. Android platform.
  16. buckest009

    Refresher update?

    Starting 5/23/16 when I start the game it says "looking for refresher update" then a few seconds later "cannot connect to server" I tried reinstalling but I can't find a way to start the game.
  17. Battle Compressor forces you to discard at least 1 card, but if you play the game in real life, you could discard 0 cards, and just use it to look at the cards in your deck, or use it and then find out there's no card you want to discard. Please fix it, thank you.
  18. vequest

    cant do anything

    when starting the game i cant get the game to respond to anything i put in, so if anybody can help i would be grateful but until then i cant play the game.
  19. darksidex20

    double colorless trouble

    So just got finished playing a match with someone, i went to retreat mega mewtwo and when selecting the double colorless energy instead of it counting for 2 like it used to it only counted as 1 for its retreat cost. i have no idea if it is happening with other cards, if it was just a minor glitch or what just thought it should be known that it may happen. *NOTE i did have to uninstall the game and reinstall it because the game would not load after the new update on may 2nd. it would load up to 90 percent and close so i uninstalled and installed it again, not sure if that has an effect or not
  20. Purchased the Darkrai Mythical Collection box today along with some Fates Collide booster packs and the code for Darkrai is returning as invalid.
  21. Slayter09

    Problem in the store

    I just buy a copie of the Dark Hammer theme deck but the deck and the cards don't show in my collection
  22. After the update fates collide, i went to open a booster of fates collide, and this booster, and this booster is carrying infinitely without moving after that I was also open a booster breakpoint and the same thing happened.
  23. Adriantj

    I can't log in

    It stops at 90% and does not work! what happen??
  24. I redeemed 5 Double Crisis pack codes last night and only received 5 packs. In the past I received 4 packs per code. I am missing packs.
  25. bilisios

    Flip a coin

    I dont know if it's a bug but I have found that the tails in the coin happen many more times than the head. For example, at the beginning of the game when I choose tails instead head by 90% I'll win.
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