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  1. Currently there bugs, Selection Window - Scrolling Does not properly work Random Animation Delay In Game Starting Coin Flips Options reappears for 1 second after completing the necessary actions.
  2. I'm still unable to log in to my ptcgo account. I enter my username and password, then it loads to 98%, and just disappears like I exited everything.
  3. I was in versus against a m sceptile/malamar-ex deck usisng my own mega sceptile deck. Now, mega sceptile ability prevents effects effects from abilities done to mega sceptile, including malamar ex's, however when an energy got attached because of mega sceptile's attack to malamar ex, my own mega sceptile was put to sleep. I was hoping to get this resolved because to my knowledge that shouldn't have happen.
  4. So ive been trying for over a week to play TCGO but it loads to 30% then closes i tried reinstalling the game i cleaned out my computer wasnt really much to clean out but still the same problem is anyone else having the same issues been wanting to play this forever
  5. After playing a supporter card like N my turn will just end. I will click and drag the card down to the mat and it will act as if its going to play, then it will pause for a moment on the mat; after the pause it will jump back into my hand and my turn will end immediately. Also I cannot evolve any of my silcoon into Dustox. With wally, evosoda, or just playing it from my hand, it wont let me use Dustox to evolve.
  6. The game crashes on me constantly during either versus mode or tournaments while I'm in battle it happens no matter if I'm winning or losing its quite aggravating especially when trying to complete challenges and the game crashes on you every time you try to start a battle.
  7. So I got back to my Ipad to play ptcgo and still the bug where after it does this pattern in the loading data screen (8% 17% 60% 68% 69% 70% 72% and so on like it was counting) and after 98% it pauses and then after that it loads but freezes mid-way to the server and it doesnt even load me to the server after I waited for 5 hours. And then at some point I get in and after a match or two. It crashes and then the whole freeze mid-way thing happens again! Whats happening! And how can I fix this?!!!!! ????
  8. Bonjour, ou bonsoir, J'écris une nouvelle fois sur ce forum pour faire parvenir mon problème. Il m'est en effet impossible de me connecter sur mon compte Pokémon, que ça soit via Pokémon Trading Card Game Online ou via Pokémon GO, mais également sur le support et le site Pokémon (via mon smartphone). Par chance je suis resté connecté sur mon ordinateur, ce qui me permet d'écrire ce message. J'imagine que cela vient de la récente sortie de Pokémon GO et que ces perturbations sont liées à celle-ci. Savez-vous quand sera-t-il possible de se reconnecter ? Bien cordialement, Lloyfel
  9. jpg8787

    Turn timer problems

    During a match today, I noticed some problems with the turn countdown timer. First, it ended my turn with 11 seconds left on the timer. When that happened while playing a card to search my deck, it ignored the selection I had made. Then it happened again while playing Caitlin and it again ignored my selections and put my entire hand on the bottom of the deck. When turns start with a 15 second timer, it continues to count down while playing a card that searches the deck or discard making it difficult to avoid timing out.
  10. Hi I have few Delphox EX codes from 2014 Delphox EX Kalos Power Tin Box. All these codes are invalid, yet I have never used codes. I have codes from Greninja EX and Chesnaught EX. And all are good. I ask support and they tell me that the codes have a limited validity, but I can use older codes from Black & White. Have you solve all your problem since this "error" : http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/41213-codes-returning-invalid/ So I ask developper team if they can solve this problem. Regards.
  11. El juego, me arroja la ventana con el mensaje, "Tú no tienes ningún Pókemon básico para empezar en tu banca, selecciona "hecho" para continuar.", teniendo Pókemones en la banca, esto sucede en plataforma Android. The game, gives me the window with the message, "You do not have any basic Pokemon to start on your bench, select" done "to continue." Pokemones taking in banking, this happens in Android platform.
  12. Hi, I just updated my game client to the last version, and it loaded completely, but, then I tried to start the game, instead of starting a pop-up window appeared, with the following text: "Error Failed to load mono Details: Unable to load mono library from "C/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Pokémon Trading Card Game Online/Pokemon Trading Card Game Online_Data/Mono/mono.dll" (error = 193). OK" My system is Windows 10 Professional x64. I must add that I had a problem recently wich I fixed by deleting the folder located at: "C:/Users/USERNAME/appdata/loc
  13. bug au démarrage bug de conection pour faire des combat et ouvrir de bouster
  14. I was playing a theme deck match. I got 5 KOs before my opponent conceded, but my daily challenge only recorded 4 of them. I'm not sure if it was because my opponent conceded before selecting a new active or what. I saved the game log, but I'm unable to log into the support portal for some reason.
  15. WrightJustice

    Prize Wheel Tokens not right

    I just got back into the game yesterday after not playing for a few months and I noticed the rewards wheel wasn't giving correct amount of tokens. No matter which section I landed on, whether it was the first time or not, I only get 1 token even when landing on the 5 and 3 spots.
  16. Whenever i load the game it goes to 90% loading and crashes. I have tried to re-download it but nothing helped.
  17. Hi, Not sure if this was already posted and if it is in the wrong section, I apologize. Recently, I stumbled upon a bug, which looks like many people are having problems with where during the first tutorial, my client crashed when trying to draw an energy card. Then, again today during the trainer challenge I was trying to fight Rika in the City Championship and pressed "Play Now!" and the client crashed; this happened multiple times. To solve this issue, I went to settings and changed my resolution from the lowest(1280x720) to Max. Then, I tried the tutorial and it worked flawle
  18. Solar Suggestion : "Move up to 4 damage counters from any of your Pokémon to any of your opponent's Pokémon in any way you like." Game bug -----> After several attempts, i can only move up 3 damage counters and not 4... Can it be fixed please ?
  19. I have the game log below. My Hoopa-EX has 170 hp. His Sceptile-EX does 60 dmg +70 dmg if my Hoop-EX is special condition. So he poison my Hoopa with his Ariados ability. So his Sceptile-EX does 130 damage, plust 20 more damage because he has muscle band on. So that's 150 damage in total. But it says he did 170 dmg and knock out my Hoop-EX. Where did that extra 20 dmg came from? It's around the end, at number 271. You can check out what happened before then at his turn. My Hoopa-EX should have 20 hp left, then gets poisoned by 10, making it have 10 hp left. So I should survive, but his Sceptil
  20. PrideSP

    Can't type

    When I press enter after I type in game, it just deletes my message.
  21. So I was playing someone on Versus and they played a "Trainer's Mail" and I immediately started getting a blinking wifi icon in the bottom right part of my screen. I just sat there for about 5 minutes waiting for my opponent to pick their cards. I was connected to the internet the whole time and still am. Anyway, after repeated 15 second countdown timers the game declared me the loser, likely due to inactivity. The thing is, though, that my opponent's card effect never actually completed and I was completely unable to do anything. I didn't disconnect and am still looking at the results screen
  22. In the description, it says for each energy remove, you do 30 damage for ONE of your opponent's Pokemon. But I faced a guy who had 7 energy and spread them across 3 of my Pokemo. He did 90 damage to one, then 60 to another to the other one, and another 60 to another Pokemon. Please fix this glitch! Thank you.
  23. Col_Radec

    Reporting players

    Why is the report function not working? You would think with the kind of money Nintendo pulls in they can make a fully working client.
  24. PLEASE FIX GOLEM EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD ENOUGH!! Is it possible that no one report this yet?? The game crashes when golem ex comes into view You cant do a match you cant build a deck you cant even see it This put drastically down the level of this game, dear producers Thank you
  25. Glenn_Quagmire

    i cant start the game

    I can log in but then the game close
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