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  1. Kings_Gambit

    Login Servers are Busy

    For some reason I can't login. Is there a maintenance or is this a bug.?
  2. hola. escribo para informar de una situación desagradable. en " desafío entrenador" , en el campeonato municipal, contra Rika, el juego se cierra de manera inesperada al momento de pinchar sobre ella, informando que "pokemon.exe" dejo de funcionar. por lo que el programa se cierra y tengo que abrirlo por segunda vez. ocurre lo mismo cuando intento enfrentar a Otis. ¿qué puedo hacer ?? gracias de antemano
  3. Slugma vs Tropius weaknes dont work.
  4. I will attempt to state every detail of what occurred, however, I am honestly not entirely sure what led to the resulted bug. The game froze up when I attempted to VS seeker for a delinquent. My opponent had played a judge, and I drew into a rough seas and a VS seeker, plus two other cards. My opponent had two cards remaining in his/her hand during my turn. On my turn, I drew a card and proceeded to play the stadium, rough seas, down. I healed my pokemon with the stadium, and then played VS seeker. When the screen came up to show me the supporter cards in my discard pile, three professor sycam
  5. Bonjour, J'ai réinstallé il y a peu le jeu et au premier lancement tout a bien fonctionné, le jeu était comme toujours. Et ce soir en voulant le lancer, il ne se lançait pas ... Je voyait que sa tourné, en bas sur la barre de tache il y avait l'icône, mais même mon booster de jeu bloqué pendant le lancement, ce qui n'est jamais arrivé sur aucun jeu ni sur celui-ci. Voici le message d'erreur qui s'affiche (je viens de tester à nouveau) : The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-03-03_204004" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to developer of the g
  6. Expired trades, accepted trades, items received/redeemed...haven't gotten any notifications for anything since the update. edit: Finally just got my first one.
  7. decks after new update they bug and when you choose they for battle they dont enter and its looking for opponent forever and close game after it. and still about decks decks run forever when you want to choose then for battle after a battle
  8. heartlesskey

    crash on end deck

    my game crashs when i would won by end deck
  9. The bug is highlighted in bold starting at Turn 4. Sigilyph's Reflective shield attack did not put 5 damage counters on the opponent's Dragonite-EX after attacking Sigilyph. The text - Reflective Shield - During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokemon is damaged by an attack (even if this Pokemon is Knocked Out), put 5 damage counters on the Attacking Pokemon. I'm not really sure why nothing happened and I don't know why it didn't work the next turn either. The attack was working a couple of games ago, but this happened today and I am just disappointed. Game Log Output
  10. The timers for my mission and versus ladder are showing some really weird numbers, for example they seem to stick around even after the time runs out, like for the "Big Game" mission, it had a negative timer for awhile. Right now my Versus Ladder Timer is saying "0-6h 0-56m" This doesn't seem right, I've never seen something like this before but I've not had a timer run out yet since the patch.
  11. I was playing a match and i could attack on first turn and my opponent evolved on first turn aswell I tried to copy the Game log, i copied on export but it didn't copied to the clipboard i tried a second time but my opponent surrended The match was a Lucario/Marowak Break Vs M-Mewtwo Y
  12. http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy4/93/ While Mega Mewtwo Y has Team Flare Gear Equipped and Dimension Valley active ...Mega Mewtwo Y (which requires 2 Colorless Energies with D-valley active) can still attack without the necessary energies. (it look like the Team Flare Gear gets negated)
  13. Buenas comunidad. El problema que tengo es que intento iniciar mi cuenta (nombre y password correctamente introducidos) y me sale todo el rato el mismo mensaje: "Connection Error Could not reach Pokemon.com login service.Try again in a minute" He probado en otro ordenador (y en otra red) y he llegado a conectar. También he desinstalado el juego y lo he vuelto a instalar por si era algún fallo de falta de archivos, pero no he conseguido nada. ¿Sabéis que puede estar pasando? Un saludo.
  14. Hola Comunidad. Quise incorporar a Espeon con habilidad Revelación Solar para anular los efectos de los ataques de Sesmitoad-EX (Puñetazo Estremecedor) y Regice (Resistencia Ventisca) en formato Expandido. Pero para mi sorpresa la habilidad de Espeon no funciona, a pesar de que cumplo con el requisito de tener una energía cargada para activarla. Espero que esto se corrija pronto, por que ya estoy harto de Regice con su efecto de protección anti EX. En cuanto a la ultima actualización, creo que en ves de progresar se retrocedió, el juego quedo mas lento que antes. El juego sigue p
  15. KwanLit17

    Fail login for one week!

    Hello, my user name for login to tcg is "kwanlit17", I keep fail to login for one week and it keep show a connection error "could not reach pokemon.com login service. Try again in a minute". It make me cannot earn token for whole week!! Any reparation for this problem? Please assist to solve this problem for me~ kwanlit
  16. I've had the same starting hand seven times in a row (yes, I counted). I don't know if this is coincidence or not, but it's annoying, any ideas?
  17. Hello, I've just played a game in Standard-Mode. The opponent took some time with their first turn and the 15s countdown started. It got cancelled and started again after some time. The second timer went down to 0 but nothing happened. I waited for any reaction but the opponents overall timer went from 25 min down to 0, yet nothing happened at all. I can't even concede the game because the button is greyed out. The chat didn't work either (I sent a message but it never showed up). The "Connection"-Icon was flashing the whole time showing a questionmark. My network connection was fine as I've
  18. This has been a problem really ever since we switched from the old to the new Forum browser, but I decided that in case it becomes a bigger issue for me in the future and others too, it would be good to post it now so that the developers are aware of this. I understand the necessity for having a capped size of an individual post in terms of text length, in order to prevent incredibly long posts of spam etc. However, if you've ever tried to create large tables (for example for a tournament leaderboard/ record or for a value guide etc.) I've noticed there is a limit on the total number o
  19. well i have a raichu as an active and i cant see the name clearly. after i zoom in the card (right click or go the mouse on it) i see the name and the card very clear.
  20. reste bloqué à 8% impossible de se connecter au serveur depuis le 09/02/16. merci de votre aide
  21. May have to do with when I evolve the Pokemon: Fighting fury no longer has any effect.
  22. Pokemon bug ça me met erreur login veuiller regler ce probleme le plus vite possible mon login c'est wissou2828
  23. We were just talking about this in the in-game chat, and basically we're not 100% sure. Some Pokemon have attacks that say they aren't effected by any "effects" on the Defending Pokemon. Does that include the Defending Pokemon's Ability? I seem to remember Hydreigon-EX's Shred working against Noivern's Echolocation Ability without a coin being flipped. But I was just told that Mega Mewtwo can't do any damage to Sigilyph (the one with the Safeguard Ability). Can someone give me a definite answer?
  24. Tengo un problema con el juego y ***** siguiente: - Cuando intento jugar el "Desafío de Entrenador" contra "Rika" en la liga "Campeonato municipal" y hago click sobre ella automáticamente se cierra el juego es decir el juego crashea y el mensaje de mi sistema operativo es el siguiente: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe dejó de funcionar. Agradecería mucho que alguien me ayudara con esto. Muchas gracias y un saludo!!
  25. depuis la mise a jour des que je cherche a me connecter il n'y as plus aucune indication ni écriture comme si elle avait été ******* même le login ne laisse pas apparaître mon pseudo et quand j arrive a le mettre a l'aveugle il n'y a aucun affichage supplémentaire j'ai essayer de le désinstallé et de réinstallé cela ne marche pas que puis je faire?
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