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  1. Col_Radec

    Patch loop.

    After I patched the game it closes then downloads the patch again. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
  2. I have fairy garden up and when I switch my active Pokemon for Aromatisse, Aromatisse can't retreat and I have 3 fairy energy on her.
  3. Once I have created a deck with any sleeve, if I go to edit the deck and try to change the sleeves back the the default pokemon logo sleeve and save it will just keep the current sleeves and not make the change.
  4. Hello. About 2 months ago this bug come to me with updates. Many russian players have this bug too. I thought what developers fix it fast, but now it still. When i push versus mode, on start, when i throw the coin, game is crashed and closed. I can't play at all! 2 months i mute. Now i write there. Who write this code? Who test this updates? Why updates contain such critical bugs, which deprive people of the opportunity to play? dismiss the bad programmers, testers dismiss bad. Dial has finally normal development team !!!
  5. Szpekowski

    Won't Play Ever Again!

    Game is majorly a piece *******, expecially when it comes to new players.
  6. When I logged in earlier, I found that my standard decks were all marked as ineligible for Standard, Expanded, and Unlimited. I figured that perhaps something had rotated and deleted them as I figure it made more sense to start from scratch since I didn't have a large collection of decks. I logged out and then logged back in just now. The same problem. I don't see any threads for this issue. Is this a known issue?
  7. hace poco comencé a jugar este juego, estoy por los primeros tutoriales , voy por el tercer entrenador al que te mandan luchar después de que te dan una baraja generalmente de atributo electricidad. Adicional a eso son constantes lo fallos, que me dicen que el programa no responde no se como pegar o adjuntar imágenes en este editor de texto, el crash dice : The game crashed The crash report folder named "2016-03-25_103722" next to game executable. it would great if you'd send it to the developer of the game Cliente: 2.3.4 .1.2277
  8. I am having real problems as of the past few weeks with server issues. I'm getting logged out during Vs Ladder games, some of which I was moments away from winning until I was booted, and told there were issues with the network/server. At one point, I was given this message 4 times consecutively, after being logged out. And just moments ago, I was given a wait time because the srver was busy, before I could finally log in. I do know that it isn't due to my internet connection, because while using the same laptop, I browse the internet frequently and am able to do so without incident. In a
  9. It says do 750 damage with my Leaf Pokemon to my opponent. I did about half of that and it didn't went up.
  10. Edpet

    Server busy timer

    I have a busy server timer each time I try to logon.
  11. I tried to surrender a game when I got to my 7th hand with no basic pokemon in it. The deck has basic pokemon, but I decided that the game wasn't worth playing if my opponent was going to get their pick of as many free draws as they wanted. However, instead of quitting, the game continued to shuffle my hand back in and redraw, without prompting. When I tried to concede again, it was grayed out. Disabled. I had to force the game to close to break out.
  12. fury belt is given 20 damage more than its really do. the game crash all time that i choose a deck and after i end a battle. please i love this game and want to play every day but all times it dont let me play and crash just for choose the deck fix it
  13. Hi! Recently I encountered a bug where if I change my system date (I'm running Windows 8.1) some sounds will cease playing. For example the only sound working in a match that I was playing was the electric type attack sound. Update: Opening a booster results on hearing the card flipping sound, but the drum roll and background music are missing.
  14. I won at roulette a golden gift but did not appear in the packet . I restarted the game but still does not appear
  15. Hello! For some reason, every single time I try to change my avatar's shoes and save those changes, I get the "The network connection with the server has been lost" message. This hasn't happened before, but is happening every single time I try now. If the server is just down, I'm fine waiting a bit. However, I also lost connection during a game, which doesn't usually happen to me. My internet connection is just fine though. bonus: Since I'm already posting this bug, I figure it's worth mentioning that my profile avatar on the website never syncs with the avatar from the game. In f
  16. I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but I have a question on how a game should end when both active pokemon are knocked out and both players take their last prize card(s). I was playing in a Tournament game where I did enough damage to knock out the opponent's active pokemon, which then allowed me to take my last prize card. However, my attack did damage to my own active pokemon which caused it to be knocked out as well, and my opponent was then able to take their last two (2) prize cards. The game didn't know what to do, and just blinked and we started back over with a coin flip t
  17. Reproduction steps: Play Rhyhorn Put Fighting Fury Belt on Rhyhorn Get Rhyhorn to 100 damage Evolve to Rhydon ... Rhydon gets knocked out from this, your opponent gets a prize card I'm sure this happens with other Pokemon too, so be careful until the devs fix it!
  18. I have a problem with the game, every time I try to start a game or I try to change any deck, the server crash and apear the next message : ''The network connection with the server has been lost''. Help me pls! Sorry for my bad english
  19. I can't attack on some turns. Seems to be random. My card will just shake and then not attack. I have lost to many games to this, it needs to be fixed.
  20. I was just in a game against a deck with M-Mewtwo-EX in it. I already had my Regice in play, so I built up his energy and used Resistance Blizzard to kill off his initial Mewtwo-EX. He played a M-Mewtwo-EX from his bench along with dimension valley, then used Vanishing Strike. It killed my Regice. I've looked at the card text several times, but I can't see any reason why my Regice should have taken any damage from his M-Mewtwo-EX. If I'm missing something, please let me know. Otherwise there's a glaring bug going on. NO BUG HERE. SORRY.
  21. oponent used a zoroark hability to stand in and a ex previosly attacked by dialga ex with first attack attacked normally. deoxys effect of second attack worn off when it switched for bench.
  22. i have lots of decks that i played a lot almost every day with. but latelly im trying to use these ones and its look for oponent for a long time and say that "network conection with server was been lost". i tryed to copy these decks and its say the same thing. its happening with my water deck steel deck fighting deck all with lots of wins and looses.(that means that i already played with they before). i almost cant play because all my good decks crashing like this. PLEASE FIX IT
  23. Hey there. Hopefully someone can shed some Light on my issue. I have just logged in after not playing for about 2 years to find no cards on my account. Just none tradable ones. With the lock on. I have put so much money i to my account in tbe past. Do cards get deleted as new ones come in? Or due to inactivity has my account been reset? I cant tell if j have been hacked due to no trade history being availible. Ovbiously i wont get these cards back because there is no actual proof of what cards i had on my account but i just wanted to see if there was a reason why everything is gone. T
  24. mass attacks were hit benched pokemon too simple effect down work it still showing the good one effect
  25. I was doing the tutorial matches to get some extra tokens , and after i defeat all except otis , whenever i try to play against otis , i get "defeat" before the game even starts.
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