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  1. When a Sylveon does it's first attack where it does 30 damage and supposed to move an energy from the opponent's active to one of the bench, the energy goes to the discard pile instead! Please fix this. Thank you.
  2. 1) When use Geomancy and click show all cards, the bottom part where it shows the energy you pick, disappears, it still work normally, but then you get stuck and can't play and the timer counts you down. You can chat though, but you lose the game. 2) Get stuck all the time. As I mention above, I seem to always get stuck and can't play any cards. 3) The timer for the tournament is 00:00. When you win a game and you're waiting for the finals, the timer says 00:00, so you don't know how long you have to wait. 4) When using the cool emoji, the one with the sunglasses, instead it uses t
  3. all times that i try configure my old decks my game crash
  4. All the bugs are still there. The cards are invisible, Silver Yveltal coin can't be use, when saving your deck, the sleeves aren't selected, but the sleeves work in the game but not selected when in deck editing. The avatars aren't loading.
  5. I attached fighting fury belt on Joltick, then his Shaymin-EX did sky return and did 30 damage, I even read the log, it said 30 damage, and my Joltick was knocked out.
  6. I've not been able to add or be added by any of my friends as neither of us appear online, II can't even trade with them can somebody please help
  7. When I use my mouse to see the shiny on the cards, it's harder to see ever since the update.
  8. Hi. When you win a tournament and then win versus battle you see results of last tournament instead contents of giftbox (everytime). Please fix it.
  9. This event is hard to describe. Basically what happens is you lose the option to do anything with a card - hovering over them no longer gives you the option to attack, retreat, etc. I've had cases where I could play a card from my hand but that didn't last long either. I'm forced to concede games I'm winning which is really frustrating. I'd attach a screenshot, but the site doesn't let me..
  10. noetnalP

    Please give us a warning!

    This is not a game bug per se, rather a bug in the way that the game is being administered... (Please feel free to move this to the proper forum part, if there is one) I’ve now lost count of how many 9-hour maintenance sessions we’ve gone through during the last few days. These are all described as “planned”, but we’ve not got any prior notice and there is no banner on the homepage. Please keep us informed! If you have scheduled maintenance, then let us know! And please rotate the hours you shut down, some parts of the world are being unfairly affected by this.
  11. Compared to other places (collection, trades, deck searching), I have to scroll the opposite direction on my track pad in the game log after a match to move the content. I have "natural" scrolling disabled in OS X.
  12. When I load the game on my computer it starts up like normal, however only displays a magenta screen. I can hear the sound effects, and the music but can perform no other actions. Has anybody encountered this problem? I did not start the program for at least a month. When I loaded the game yesterday, it installed updates and immediately after updates finished started showing me the magenta screen. Hope someone can help. Thank you!
  13. Immediately, the game crashes, and a notification pops up on to my screen. It says exactly: "The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-04-08_211548" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" Obviously, the last sentence is the reason I made this post. I looked for the crash report folder, but I couldn't find anything. If I need to, I will look further, but until then, I can play on my iPad.
  14. Zugie

    Servers are offline?

    Hi. When i try to log in in the game it wil says servers maintence and that the servers are offline. So i cant log in the game! Can someone help me TY
  15. I swear it's like clockwork, every 2 days I get home and you guys are offline on maintenance. It gets irritating when I want to get home and play after work and the servers are offline whole night
  16. Some cards are invisible then it takes like 5 minutes for it to show up. Then they go back to being invisible. It goes on and off.
  17. SInce friday, I'm trying to connect and every time it stops on 8% and just say that I lost my connection with the server but my internet is okay...How can I fix it?
  18. Lewis_0

    Tutorial crash

    So i just started trying to play the game for the first time today but i login and get to the tutorial and as the battle starts i crash. uninstalled and reinstalled several times but no change
  19. fishermanmurr

    games crashes

    since i did the update today the game will crash before the login screen. i do not know how to fix this. i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that did not work.
  20. eltonpolati

    Message of error.

    When I start the game, comes the following error message don't access the adress property profile. What solve?
  21. After you finish the match, sometimes you have the ability to look at your opponent's deck. Ever since this new patch, it doesn't tell you the amount of cards he/she has in the deck, it tells you how much they have total in their collection. For example, I saw their Sycamore, it says 3/3. 3 for trade and 3 for keep. But you can't have 6 in total, and I saw an ultra ball with like 8/7, and so on. Please fix this, thank you.
  22. I completed today's daily challenge (Knock out 5 pokemon with water-type pokemon) and when I go into the 'Challenge' tab it says I have a new challenge available. When I click on the 'Claim Now' button the text changes and immediately changes back to 'New Daily Challenge Available!' with the 'Claim now!' button underneath. Unfortunately the text changes so fast I cannot see what it is, so I can't help you there.
  23. IMPORTANT BUG * When using a item card the turns ends. Card Bug * Pokemon League Logo does not appear on Pokemon League Cards when hover-zoom.
  24. Hello im new to pokemon tcg online game and im looking to seek help. Two days ago I decided to download the game onto my computer and everything seemed to be working fine. Being new to the online game I decided to do the tutorial well the problem ive been having is everytime the game goes to load it says trading card game has stop and says windows will notify me when It gets fixed and shuts down. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem so it will stop so I can play the game?
  25. luxray-232

    Crash on startup

    As of the new update, it gets to 99% on "loading data from servers" and crashes every time.
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