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Found 166 results

  1. I am just creating a deck now and I have Standard ticked so only cards that are legal in Standard play should show, however Fisherman from HeartGold/SoulSilver still appears.
  2. Unfortunately I am experiencing a problem that has made me loose a theme deck from a code that I had used while I was trying to redeem a code given to me by my friend. Basically what happened when I attempted to redeem the deck by typing in the code manually is when I went to redeem it, it said it had added the cards that came with the deck to my collection, however none of the cards showed up in my collection.
  3. porque meus protetores desaparecerão e não to achar o restantes das minhas cartas e nao ta aparesendo meu protetor na plataforma resolvão isso por favor.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a known bug, but I've noticed that the Deck Manager stats for your decks is not accurate. I know I've lost on Versus at least 3 times with one of my decks but on the stats it says I only lost 2. I'm also 100% sure I've played more games than was shown on the stats as well. While I'm posting this, does the stats count for both Versus and Tournaments?
  5. I have made a deck, and cannot use it, due to it not fulfilling the requirements of me owning all cards and all cards being in the Standard format. None of the cards are greyed out, and all cards were selected while editing in the Standard format deck creator AND at the very least have a legal reprint (for instance, I must use out of format Ultra Balls as I don't have enough in format Ultra Balls). As it turns out, I can't show the deck in question because my Imgur link was censored (makes sense, but is quite annoying). The following is the decklist as exported by PTCGO: ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** Pokémon - 17 4 Beldum AOR 47 3 Metang AOR 48 3 Metagross AOR 49 4 Bronzor PHF 60 3 Bronzong PHF 61 Trainer Cards - 32 1 Ace Trainer AOR 69 1 AZ PHF 91 4 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92 3 Level Ball AOR 76 3 Muscle Band XY 121 1 Lysandre FLF 90 1 Pokémon Fan Club FLF 94 4 Professor Sycamore XY 122 1 Sacred Ash FLF 96 4 Switch BLW 104 1 Teammates PRC 141 4 Ultra Ball PLB 90 4 VS Seeker PHF 109 Energy - 11 4 Double Colorless Energy LTR 113 7 Metal Energy BLW 112 Total Cards - 60
  6. The Deck Wizard made a choice to include Forest of Giant Plants in a deck with no Grass-type Pokemon cards in it, which is essentially wasting those card slots. It also caused an error message that left a deck with 58 cards when generating a deck, by making an invalid card choice. It has a tendency to select only Colourless Pokemon cards, apart from those necessary for the use of the Pokemon cards selected. Finally, when the Gourgiest from the special pack that included it, a Pumpkaboo, two booster packs and a deck sleeve available in the in-game shop was the only set Pokemon, it failed to include any Grass Energy cards to activate its ability and double its HP, all of which are either fairly poor decisions for it to make or reduce its usefulness in making decks of a particular type. As a new feature, adding the capacity to generate a deck of a particular type with no specific Pokemon cards set by the player may be a good idea.
  7. idk why but when ever i play a match , when im close to winning , it logs me out , it already happen to me like 20 times , i have good connection , really really good connection , and this never usually happen to me , so can you try fixing it soon , like please , it keeps on loggin me out , sometimes when i log in, it wont even let me chat with my friends online , sometimes , when i wanna trade and i accpet it , it logs me out , so please tcg , try fixing tcgo for me or the others who have the same problem like mine .
  8. Every time I've tried to use the deck manager this morning, I was unable to actually close out of the deck manager tool. It appears saving still worked, and by navigating to a new area of the game (such as the tournaments area), the game would exit the deck manager. However, whenever I go back to the deck manager, I am immediately sent to the deck I last had open, and I am unable to close it. This bug basically has locked me out of creating/editing any decks other than the one I opened when I first logged on. I know I've been using the trade, tournament, shop, and collection features in addition to the deck manager. I might have opened one of these prior to the deck manager; I can't remember. Just thought that might help. Also, I'm playing with them mac client. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Most of the time when I play any trainer challenges and I win, the counters do not increase. For example, one of the decks state I have won 4 of the required 12 wins to receive a free pack. However, after I win with that deck, it still says 4 wins when it should say 5 wins. Could the counters please be fixed? Thanks.
  10. Hello. I have recently bought the "Flareon Silhouette Deck Box". When I bought it, I checked the collection. It wasn't there. I checked the Deck Manager. I selected one of my previously build decks and tried to change the deck box. It wasn't there. Am I missing something? Also, I've spent all of my in game tokens on this. I had 150, now 0. My IGN (in game name) is Mario_Fan_128. Please help.
  11. often my game stuck in the deck manager window. saving or pressing "X" doesnt change window. often changes i cancelled stays on deck or changes i accepted are not registered.
  12. When I hover over a list (like the one to choose how cards are sorted) it acts as if im hitting up for moving my mouse upwards. Seems to have fixed it self when I unplugged a D input game controller, seems the joystick works for those lists. Are you guys planning controller support or is this just some strange coding bug?
  13. Banned cards such as Lysandre's Trump Card shows as Standard-legal. When filtering cards for "Standard," Lysandre's Trump Card still shows up. When you add it to your Standard deck, the "make Standard deck" button is greyed out. I thought that Lysandre's Trump Card was Standard-legal there for a moment.
  14. I have noticed a major bug in the Deck Construction Section.When ever I log off of the PTCGO client, the decks i use all are "invalid" yet all i have to do is open the deck and re-save it, so technically the deck was never invalid. In addition, on occasion, the decks i make just get deleted altogether.
  15. Hi, Statistics are not working properly in the deck manager section of the game: I usually playtest a deck for 10 games. Whenever I select a deck to see the win/loses count of that particular deck the statistics keep showing zero games played, zero won, and zero lost. This is unless I logout and reenter the PTCGO, then the statistics info is updated, but not always showing the lost games. I think it doesn't count conceded games Please, fix this issue. Thanks in advance,
  16. Hello. I'd made a deck revolving around the Black Star XY58 Malamar promo for Unlimited, but now recently said Malamar has been banned and now it has a giant red X just like cards like Lysandre's Trump Card and First Ticket. I should be used banned cards in Unlimited, right? Well, I saved the deck. It has just cards that I own, and it has 60 cards. It still says: X Theme X Standard X Expanded X Unlimited I can't even play it in Unlimited. I can't even see it in the deck list in the Versus deck select screen.
  17. When I check the DO NOT SHARE DECK LIST in settings, it seems to reset every time I log off and log back on. Is there a way to make this my default or have it not reset? I never want to share my deck list. *EDIT* This also happens in-game randomly without any disconnect. It keeps changing my deck list sharing settings to "Share with Everyone"
  18. I noticed that since 2.30, the win/games count of my decks doesn't update anymore, which I find rather annoying. Some games are still being counted, but most don't, and I can't even find a pattern of when they update or when not. Some decks I built and played some games with are still at 1/1 or 2/2, while others (Shiftry Donk) are at 27/32 when the count should be more like 80/130 or something in those dimensions. Those problems did not occur prior to the Ancient Origins update. Also, why isn't the wins/played since last edit count fixed yet? Seems like the bug has been there forever and it's a very obvious one :/
  19. Greetings. Last night I made a new deck from my collection. When i saved it, the warning said I do not own all the cards in that deck. I checked the whole deck, and none were black and white. All of the cards are in colour in my collection, and I have at least one of each. I don't know if this is a card bug or a game bug.
  20. The newest update has caused an area in deck manger to perform very slowly and with a stutter on Mac, Ipad and PC. When you have the expand all option selected (where you can view Pokemon, Items and Energy all at once) and try to edit any card, say, add or subtract a card, the action is delayed and and the entire deck flashes for a second, almost as if it it trying to catch up. This issue did not happen in the last update. Try it for your self, it is a bit annoying.
  21. After I updated Pokémon Trading Card Game Online to the latest version (2.30), whenever I add or remove a card from a deck in Deck Manager, the game freezes for about a second. The length of the game freeze varies from time to time. It is really annoying and I don't see why the game would be worse with new updates.
  22. In Deck Manager, when changing the sleeve and deck box, there are double the amount of what you have. If I have one Black & White sleeve, it shows two of them, same with deck boxes.
  23. Client: 2.30 Card: Any basic energy in deck builder Card Number: Any basic energy Expected Action: WI should be able to add as much basic energy as is legal in the deck builder. Actual Action: When I right-click an energy and add to my deck with the "Add" button from deck builder, the Add button disappears after I add 4. I can still use the + button to add energy from the deck build Energy tab, but the behavior is still odd. Steps to Reproduce: Create a deck from scratch, go to Energy tab, instead of using drag-and-drop or double-clicks to add energy cards, right click a basic energy, use "Add" button. It will disappear after 4 as if the basic energy is a special energy or some other standard card.
  24. I just purchased the Dark Hammer deck and the game is acting as if it never happened, although my 500 tokens are gone. The deck and the cards themselves are not appearing in my collection at all.
  25. The Deck Sharing feature is not selecting different cards of the same text Even though I have 4 rare candy it will not let me bypass the 2 missing rare candy.
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