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Found 166 results

  1. Umm... I don't. I'm trying to unlock the booster pack, and after I got 11 wins, I won another 3 games and it still says I only have 11 wins when I should already have 14.
  2. fury belt is given 20 damage more than its really do. the game crash all time that i choose a deck and after i end a battle. please i love this game and want to play every day but all times it dont let me play and crash just for choose the deck fix it
  3. i have lots of decks that i played a lot almost every day with. but latelly im trying to use these ones and its look for oponent for a long time and say that "network conection with server was been lost". i tryed to copy these decks and its say the same thing. its happening with my water deck steel deck fighting deck all with lots of wins and looses.(that means that i already played with they before). i almost cant play because all my good decks crashing like this. PLEASE FIX IT
  4. Some time ago, I bought 4 TCG decks (in real life, not in the game), which were: Resilient Life, Destruction Rush, Mystic Typhoon ande Enchanted Echo. I inserted the codes into the game in my Ipad and played with all four decks. I had to erease the game because we sold our Ipad, and today I decided to download it for my PC. I logged in wih my account, and my decks were not there, and unfortunately, I got rid of my codes because I thought I would not need them anymore. Can somebody please help me with this? PS: If someone from the game´s staff happens to see this, I am not trying to get free codes, you can just check that I have played with those decks.
  5. Hi. every time I try to edit or play with one of my decks, the game go to the login screen. It says "The network connection with the server was lost". This started yesterday. What can I do to fix that? THanks a lot
  6. Daily challenge requirements are not met by participating in regular versus matches. Is this how it is suposed to be? Bonus: Why are break cards and mega evolutions not displayed horizontally in the collection and card viewer??!! We have to turn our heads to see them.
  7. The Ipad version of PTCGO closes on its own when ever I try to input speech via Seri or from when I uses the voice to speech for the Ipds keyboard. This happens exactly when I was making a new Expanded deck then I wanted to name the deck.
  8. Hey there. Hopefully someone can shed some Light on my issue. I have just logged in after not playing for about 2 years to find no cards on my account. Just none tradable ones. With the lock on. I have put so much money i to my account in tbe past. Do cards get deleted as new ones come in? Or due to inactivity has my account been reset? I cant tell if j have been hacked due to no trade history being availible. Ovbiously i wont get these cards back because there is no actual proof of what cards i had on my account but i just wanted to see if there was a reason why everything is gone. Thanks james
  9. Help! my game wont take me to the login screen instead just takes me to the introduction of the deck builder and I cant continue from there all I can do is go to the filter button and I cant back out from it only exit out but when I start again just takes me back to the deck builder. WHAT DO I DO?!
  10. My cards have not text in spanish??, yesterday my deck was 100% spanish text but now is full english.
  11. So I tried to Add Max Potion EPO to my deck and it told me that it was not Standard. Max Potion from the newest set worked ok. Please take a look at this bug and other similar cards from Expanded that might have a reprint in the newest set. Thanks. Would upload proof if you want, but i have no clue how to do media attachments
  12. Hello everyone. And 'this morning that I have a problem with the management of clusters. In fact, until recently I used the decks without problems, in both standard and extended. Since this morning however I can not use a good part of the decks because there are no standard cards. It 'a problem of the game or is it due to me? Thanks to those who can help me
  13. Found three bugs for Deck Wizard: 1. Deck Wizard sometimes adds more copies of a card to a deck than I own 2. It will sometimes add Double Dragon Energy to a deck with no Dragon Pokemon 3. Every time I have used it, Deck Wizard has added Tyranitar Spirit Link to the deck even though Tyranitar-EX and Mega Tyrantitar-EX are both not in the deck EDIT: After playing with it some more, I found two more issues: Rough Seas will appear in decks with no Water or Lightning Pokemon, and the issue with Tyranitar Spirit Link is apparently not limited to to that card, but may apply to all spirit link cards (Glalie Spirit Link is definitely another offender)
  14. I bought the Rayquaza tin today and wanted to show off the cool Rayquaza deck box that comes with it. However, when playing a game, it does NOT show my Rayquaza deck box, instead, it is the generic Pokeball deck box.
  15. I am trying the Deck Wizard option for creating a unlimited version deck. The problem I was having is that when I am choosing my 2 favorite cards, the list of older pokemon ex's won't show up (i.g. Cresselia Ex, Celebi Ex, Reshiram Ex, and Victini Ex). I'm not sure if this is a bug or the Deck Wizard option is only implemented for the newer cards. Will someone please help me?
  16. I just bought the Storm Rider Theme Deck and its not showing up in my collection or card manager. How do i solve this?
  17. I there Here is a bug that i've found on the portuguese game: I have the DragonSpeed Theme Deck from the Dragons Exalted expansion and for some time his box artwork doesn't show up anywere And my game information is the most recent Hope this helps
  18. I'm having two issues when creating decks. 1) Can't save my decks once done. 2) All the graphics for selecting deck boxes are now doubled.
  19. Topic. These are the deckbox and sleeves that came from the code from buying a world championship deck. Still have the coin, though. All of my decks that ran the deckbox changed to a regular red and white deckbox. Furthermore, if I go to the gameplay tab in the collections and filter for alternative, only the coin shows up with both Show Owned and Show Not Owned ticked, indicating that the items have been removed from the game altogether.
  20. When I log on for the day and attempt to go to deck manager, the Zach Deck Builder Tutorial ends up not letting me select anything outside of a box, for my page it is selecting a deck and nothing else
  21. So i was really hoping the deck stats in deck manager would have been fixed in the last huge patch but apparently stacking the prize cards was a higher priority than game functions. Anyways i play mostly to try decks for RL and rely heavily on the deck stats to determine if changes are good. Its not simply the wins/played since last edit either. I created a new deck, played around 10 games with roughly 6-4 W/L, however in deck manager it showed 4/4. Its a simple but crucial feature that has been broken for awhile, now that this lovely last huge patch is done hopefully a few extra technicians can work on this issue????
  22. So, I first started this game, the game gave me all of the basic decks, like XY: Basic Yellow, Basic Red, Basic Blue, you get the idea. But, when i tried to open up my Mental Might deck, I kept getting an error message, and i couldn't unlock the Mental Might deck. The error message was, I think, "Could not unlock this item" or something like that. I decided to move on after redeeming my codes for quite a few booster packs, as well as my Ocean's Core and Storm Rider decks. I still wonder if I can get this particular bug resolved?
  23. I have Keldeo Ex in my collection but cant add it in my decks. The keldeo dont show up. Please help me.
  24. So, I have an inquiry that may be related to a game issue, or to a very serious flaw in my plans. On the tournament decklist sheet, there are 15 spaces for pokemon, 15 for trainers, and 7 spaces for energies. After battling someone, it shows their deck contents, but won't allow you to print if the decklist has more than 15 different trainers, etc. --> And of course, when I try to print my decklist, it won't let me either - even though I've pared down my cards, and even tried printing it with a bunch of energies listed instead of the pokemon. It brings me to question a few things: 1. If I have more than 15 different cards of pokemon, or trainers, is that not allowed in real TCG tourneys? (this has been established as an in-game limitation that developers are working on - ignore) 2. For cards that are simply reprinted later in the set, are they considered unique (eg, Latios and Latias trainer kits, where the Latis have 2 different set numbers) --> 3. Is this just a bug in the TCGO? Client: Card: Multiple Card Number: Multiple Expected Action: When attempting to print my decklist from the deck manager, it should print the full list of Pokemon, which sets, and quantity. Actual Action: Pokemon do not print (Trainers and Energies do) Steps to Reproduce: Access deck manager, go to view, print, and examine what was printed. It should completely omit the listing of pokemon.
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