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Found 166 results

  1. Bought Wave Slasher a second time today because i want to build a deck using 4 Greninjas but the cards didn't get added to my collection. Is this a bug? Any way to get them? EDIT: Nevermind, it shows up as a pack to open. Found it.
  2. I have build several decks in legacy format, but the manager's filter don't show then, if you need I post the link to image with error please, fix this *************************
  3. Decks que não possuem Tapu Lele ficam vários e vários turnos sem comprar suporter. **** impossível jogar com decks que não usem tal carta, pois você passa muitos turnos sem conseguir fazer nada. Corrijam este problema!
  4. GrewupGeek

    Can't use the Tin Deck

    Hey, just recently, I tried to use the deck I got from buying a tin a few years back, and for some reason, a message saying 'This deck is not valid for the current queue' and wondering what in the world that is suppose to mean? The deck is good enough for the expanded rules, yet, ever since the last makeover, not sure if it's because of the special challenge, or there are some rules I missed, but right now, have no idea if I'm supposed to change something, or if there is another bug that came with the current card bugs. The tin I tried to use, and the only one I have at the moment, is the Groudon Spring 2015, the one that came out after ORAS hit the shelves, and I've tweaked it to the way I wanted it, and should still fit the expanded rules, so wondering if any of the cards are now part of the unlimited rules, which nobody is allowed to access anymore, or if Tin Decks are no good at the moment.
  5. Hello! I'd just like to report that the following cards do not properly filter when viewing the collection or when managing/creating decks. Brock's Grit 107/108 Evolution set Misty's Determination 108/108 Evolution set When browsing trainer cards and selecting 'full art' these cards do not appear. They are full art cards, but do now show up under the appropriate filter. You are still able to locate these cards in both collection and deck manager by browsing all cards or typing in their names specifically. Thanks!
  6. So, before editing my deck, I checked to see how well it worked out in the last iteration. Turns out the last version was so good that I won more games than I played. ...or there was an error.
  7. Solgaleo Gx from Sun&Moon. The attack Sol Brust GX allows you to attach up to 5 energies during the lastest update the attack sol Brust no longer function properly and only allows you to attach 1 energy. 1 have 20 energies in my deck and this has happened every time the attack is performed. Please fix this issue immediately!!!!
  8. Hey all, basically my issue is I'll build a deck and run it then log out and when I log back in the deck is no longer valid/can't be used. At first I thought it might have been because I was using cards with the lock symbol on them, but that didn't seem to be the case either. So now I'm curious as to whether there's a bug that I'm encountering or if I'm doing something wrong. Even decks built with deck wizard encounter this problem.
  9. Hello. I have a problem namely i took Redeem codes i vote my code clicked clime and i see nothing in my collection can you help me? sorry for language mistakes
  10. Card images for certain cards are not loading on the Android version. I have downloaded all images to hdd, most work fine but some are totally pink. They don't display any loading icon or anything just a totally pink card. No way to tell what the card is at all. Any suggestions?
  11. The_Lone_Reaper

    Lapras-GX bug?

    I used the attack on Lapras-GX where you can no longer attack the next turn, well on my next turn I switched into a benched one then used Manaphy-EX to retreat back into the one I just attacked with and it didn't let me attack. Is this normal or nah?
  12. Organized Play's deck sheets (http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/) use the abbreviation "SUM" for Sun & Moon, but the Deck Manager uses "SM".
  13. FlavorfulPineAp

    I can't find my 2nd Theme Deck

    I just bought 2 Sun & Moon Theme Decks (Forest Shadow) and it only gave me the contents of 1. If this is fixed will there be a way to get the second theme deck cards back?
  14. Title says it all, The theme decks that you can unlock cards for ingame through the Trainer challenge have had their unlockable cards reset. e.g. porygon is back in the Hidden Depths deck instead of the Ancient Trait Gyarados.
  15. Kyro2007

    Account error

    I wonder what happened to my account missing all I had for what reason? In my case everything came out, but in case my friend is normal what the reason is, my account and ryusama2007 my name is kyro2007
  16. Ola, eu tenho 2 boosters da coleção Evolutions que eu ganhei em um evento depois de concluir o evento em segundo, depois disso eu ganhei 3 deck boosters de recompensas do modo versus, os meu 2 boosters estava em troca e abri os outros 3 que não era negociavel, que ganhei no modo versus mas hj quando eu recebi da troca eles travaram e n tem como eu negocialos de novo. alguem pode resolver isso ?????
  17. Hello. I've have encountered a problem with the starter decks in the Trainer Challenge. You see, I had not yet unlocked the new decks ("Born of Fire", "Hidden Depths" and "Crushing Current") so I went to the Trainer Challenge in order to unlock them. I started with the "Crushing Current" one, and saw that my "X *** - Basic Yellow" was now renamed to "Corriente Demoledora" (spanish name of the "Crushing Current" deck, I'm spanish) so I have two decks with that name now, the original "Crushing Current" and the "X *** - Basic Yellow" one. I checked my other starter decks and "X *** - Basic Red" was now called "Fuego Originario" (spanish for "Born of Fire") and the "X & Y - Basic Blue" deck was now "Profundidades ocultas" (spanish for "Hidden Depths"). The "X *** - Basic Green" has its original name since no new Leaf deck has been added. At first I thought that this problem was only a Name bug, but them I saw that the "X & Y - Basic Yellow" showed a progress of 0/7 wich is imposible, since this deck was a gift for playing the Tutorials, and wasn't unlocked in the Trainer Challenge, like the other three were... The other three have the progress complete, since I had already unlocked them, so only have the name bug. The starter Black and White decks seem correct too. So then, I unlocked the original "Crushing Current", and since the "X & Y - Basic Yellow" was still with the bug, I started to use it in the Trainer Challenge. When I was at 4/7, I decided to play some versus battles and I saw that the "X & Y - Basic Yellow" appeared in the list (like previously, since it was already unlocked). Only difference is the incorrect name. So... what's going on? I don't know if I should continue using that deck in the Trainer Challenge, since it could create a bigger problem...
  18. gameolot

    cant do anything

    I just started so I was creating a deck but then I left in the middle of it but when I logged back in to Pokémon I could only click in a little box because it was doing a tutorial but I was stuck in that little box and I cant play anymore
  19. GrampaB

    [GAME] Deck Manager

    Client: #1157 While working on a personal project, to find out what the official abbreviations were for the various expansions, I ran across a bug. I added cards from each expansion to a new deck, and couldn't use the EXPORT DECK tool while looking at the deck. When I tried printing it, it said it couldn't with over 40 unique cards in it. I guess that has to do with the format of the form that printing it uses. Figured that might also be why it wouldn't copy the deck list to the clipboard. So I figured I would remove the cards from the trainer kits, and make a separate deck with them. Trying to create a deck list for the deck with cards from each trainer kit, is when I realized there is a bug in the EXPORT DECK process. Through a lot of trial and error, this is what I determined. Export Deck, will not work if there is ANY card in the deck from either Trainer Kit - Suicune or Trainer Kit - Pikachu Libre. I did not do a complete, exhaustive testing of each separate card from these 2 Trainer Kits. I did test several different cards, individually. Steps to Reproduce: Just take any deck that you can save the deck list from, edit it. Replace any one card with any card from either of those two trainer kits. Save it, and view it, and attempt to EXPORT DECK. It will not tell you that a deck list has been copied to your clipboard. It will not have changed whatever you last copied to your clipboard. I've also read in other threads in the forums, that the deck lists generated by the game also sometimes leave out, or censor, some cards. I suspect you are aware of it already. I can't give you any specific examples, just thought I would mention it. If you are working on revamping the Deck Listing programming, make sure it addresses these two Trainer Kits as well.
  20. Client: #1157 I've been watching the deck stats for a new theme deck I'm using. I keep a brief text log of my versus matches and tournament matches. Before starting a tournament yesterday, or perhaps very early today, the deck stats showed 14 wins and 21 total games played. I played in a theme deck tournament with this deck, and won it. Looked at the stats for the deck a little while ago, before entering another tournament. Instead of the expected stats of 17 wins and 24 games played, it only showed 15 wins out of 22 games. I entered a tournament, and again was lucky enough to win it. This time I checked after each match, and it gave me credit for the results of the round 1 match. The results of the 2nd and 3rd round games did not show up. Then I entered another tournament, again the deck stats gave credit for the win in Round 1, then I lost in the 2nd round, and that result didn't show up in the deck's stats. The deck stats I'm talking about, are the ones that show up when you have a deck selected in the Deck Manager. Steps to Reproduce: This should be quite simple to reproduce, you just need to watch the deck stats of a deck before starting a tournament, and win in the first round. Then you should see that 2nd and 3rd round matches aren't being tallied in the win/loss/games played stats for that deck. You might want to confirm whether or not this is only happening to 2nd and 3rd round results of JUST the theme tournaments, or if it is happening in all types of tournaments. Any fellow players, or trainers I should say, who read this might reply if they look into this and enter some different tournaments, and report whether it happens in all tournaments or not. Thanks for helping keep the game running smoothly, and helping it be such a fun game! P.S. It has occurred to me since I first reported this, that the 2nd and 3rd round games might also not be tracked for the Total Games Played stat for players. When I have time, I'll look into that, and add my observations here. I'm a bit disappointed not to have gotten any acknowledgement that moderators have even read this. I already got a nice response to a bug I reported here last night.
  21. The Hidden Depths theme deck that is recently added has its content change from the announcement: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/46391-preview-of-version-239-match-chat-new-tutorial-generic-deckboxes-and-bug-fixes/ The card Lass's Special in this deck has been changed to the third Splash energy
  22. GiveLicensa

    Where is My Deck?

    I bought a deck "night attack" and he did not appear in my collection, but my chips have already been consumed. Help me please!!
  23. I have been at this longer than I would like to admit but everytime I uninstall and reinstall properly the same glitch happens. I just started to realize it could be my my mac mouse but still that makes no sense for the card comes up but Zach does not react. Has anyone experienced this problem? I can't get past the first Oshawott card and have ZACH the AI trainer do anything. HELP!!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!
  24. According to the information posted on the website <http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/pokemon-tcg-format-rotation-for-2017/>,the McDonald's Collection 2014 is still legal for the Standard format. However, the versions of those cards in PTCGO are not showing up when filtering for the Standard format. Weedle: KSS 1 Chespin: KSS 3, XY01 Fennekin: KSS 8, XY02 Froakie: KSS 12, XY03 Honedge: KSS 21 Inkay: KSS 18 Snubbull: KSS 22, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-11, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-27 Swirlix: KSS 24, XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff Wigglytuff-1, XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff Wigglytuff-18 Bunnelby: KSS 30, XY Trainer Kit Noivern-4 Fletchling: KSS 31, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-1, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-19 Furfrou: KSS 32, KSS 33, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-16, XY Trainer Kit Sylveon-22, XY Trainer Kit Noivern-20, FLF 87, PHF 90
  25. How come I can't use my theme decks for steam siege i want my coins back then 1000 of them if i cant have use them
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