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  1. I got a booster pack from Sun&Moon Forbidden Light, and I don't know if this is normal but the redeem code gave me almost all different cards compared to what I actually got. Some of the cards matched up (4 of them) which makes me wonder if this was a mistake or if the online code simply gives random cards from the corresponding expansion. Either way, an answer is welcome. The code was TCH-KLPR-RGT-YRJ if necessary. Client version is
  2. ok i have a screen shot as proof...i started a public trade using the 2 ultra prism packs i have. i then went and redeemed the newsletter pack. after opening the newsletter pack it now shows that i only own 1 pack.
  3. Since the last update I have not been able to access certain cards in my collection, when I try and search for them they do not show up, if I scroll through my collection they don't show up. I know I have them, and if I have a deck that they are already in then they are still there, but i can't make a new deck and add them in because I can't find the card. For example Darkrai-EX and GX. I have three Darkrai-EX and two GX and have them in a couple of decks but I cannot locate them in my collection anymore or add them to new decks. This is happening with a number of cards and it is very frustrating when trying to make new decks.
  4. All of my holofoil cards appear as hot pink I cannot build a new deck because of this issue. I cannot see the stats or abilities of any of them. Nor can I see what they are called. I am playing on a gigaset tablet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could look into the issue.
  5. I was recently trying to make a Garchomp/Lucario deck using the new cards from Ultra Prism. I went to a Pre-Release of the set and when I input my code for the promo I got a Lucario. It said it was banned and I thought it would only be temporary. Today I tried to make the Garchomp/Lucario deck and I saw that the promotional Lucario I have was still banned, but the normal non-promo one wasn't. I double checked and all the attacks, effects, numbers, and costs seem to be the same. Is this intentional and I am just missing something? Is this a bug that affects my gameplay? Is it just a visual bug and I can still use it? Sincerely, fullmercj.
  6. Everyone is mad tat it shows cards in ur collection that u used to have and when u trade u have to counter or reject the trade and that makes them mad
  7. Today, when I checked for missing cards, a new one appeared, a foil Pokémon Center from Next Destinies. It surprised me to see an old card like this being reintroduced. Anyone have an idea what promo product or deck this Trainer is part of?
  8. My card cache got messed up and I had to download it again. In the meantime I noticed that LEGENDs, because they are dual type, have a clear background in the collection when the image is missing. But when you try to zoom in on one, it uses a black background, making the black text unreadable.

    Reporting Bug

    Hello everyone, my name is BOMBERMANBART and I'm Brazillian so my English it isn't the best but i have a bug to report: I was just playing Pokémon TCG, and I gain a new booster, so, I went to the Collection, but when I saw, I HAVE ONLY 3 BOOSTER, I WAS COLLECTION BUSTER, I HAD 10 DIFFERENT BOOSTER, BUT WHEN I SAW, I HAVE ONLY 3. I have only thing to say, please resolve this bug and give me back my lost boosters, because that bug it's so much prejudicial, this is so bad, i lost a lot of time to get my boosters, and when i see, i have only three, PLS RESOLVE THIS AND GIVE ME BACK MY BOOSTERS
  10. Blue Lucario Coin Red Zoroark Coin Silver Zoroark Coin Black Kyurem Blue Diamond Coin I have one tradable and one untradable copy of each of these coins, and they're tagged for trade, but they still won't show up if I try to actually include them in a trade.
  11. Pardon me if anyone has already pointed this out, but I couldn't find any such threads when I looked. It appears that the statistic displaying the percentage of possible cards a player owns has been disabled or is not displaying. As far as I can tell, it has been completely removed. As this is an important part of many people's trading decisions, I hope this can be resolved with rapidity.
  12. I just noticed there are some new Tapu Koko gear at the Trainer Store on the Official Pokémon website. But my tokens from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online are not all showing up in the Trainer Store. In the game, I have rate now 4,765 tokens. But in the Trainer Store, I am showing to only have 35 tokens. Did something happen where they are not the same tokens or is this a bug or what? Is there a way to transfer them or are they suppose to show up automatically. In the past, when I used my tokens in the Trainer Store, it deducted tokens from my Pokémon TGCO account. Do I have to play minigames at the Official site to earn tokens to use in the Trainer Store now?
  13. I have 10 tradable Pre-release Boxes from Guardians Rising and I can tag them for trade, but cannot actually trade them. They do not have the locked icon (number) under it, which means they are tradable. Could this bug be fixed? Thanks!
  14. Hello! I'd just like to report that the following cards do not properly filter when viewing the collection or when managing/creating decks. Brock's Grit 107/108 Evolution set Misty's Determination 108/108 Evolution set When browsing trainer cards and selecting 'full art' these cards do not appear. They are full art cards, but do now show up under the appropriate filter. You are still able to locate these cards in both collection and deck manager by browsing all cards or typing in their names specifically. Thanks!
  15. Pokefan_425

    Not receiving daily rewards

    Iam not receiving daily reward. Says I get them but they don't appear in my collection or I get no tickets or coins. Also purchased a featured bundle and did not receive two individual cards. Anyone else have this problem? Iam using apple os
  16. If i go to trade, I can't see the HGSS Latios / latias promo cards in the "I'm getting section". And if i go to my collection, I can't see them if i have either "show owned" or "show not owned" are selected.
  17. Hello, Earlier this week, while trying to submit codes for the Tapu Bulu GX Tin and the Tapu ***o Collection Box, I was informed that the codes would be redeemable on 5/19. I came back this morning to redeem the codes (10 a.m. CST) and was still given the same message about the codes being redeemable on 5/19, despite it being 5/19 currently. Am I missing something? Thanks
  18. Firstly, to establish what I already know about accepting theme decks from public (to show that I believe this is a legitimate bug and I'm not missing anything): 1. If you have no copy of a deck previously it will open automatically and you will have 0 unopened copies in your collection (fine - not a bug). 2. The 2nd copy or further copies *should* remain tradeable - not open automatically - and decks which were previously in your collection and are not opened *shouldn't* randomly disappear for no reason if you accept another copy of that deck in a public trade. I've recorded this problem happening twice now: Firstly, I had a copy of the 'Verdant Frost' deck [tradeable, tagged for trade] and accepted another one from public, which for some reason showed as unowned (I had both an owned and unowned one showing in my collection). After I accepted it, the new one *didn't* open - but it deleted the one I had previously in my collection, which has now completely disappeared. [i then later accepted another from public], but instead of having 3, I now only have 2. Secondly, today, I accepted a copy of the 'Midnight Surfer' deck from public. I'd already had one of these open previously - and had two copies of it unopened in my collection. I should now have 3 unopened tradeables copies. Instead, upon accepting it (I am absolutely certain I received it in the trade - check trade history) the deck randomly opened automatically - which it shouldn't *AND* it deleted another copy from my collection for no reason whatsoever. So I now only have one copy as tradeable when I should have three. This doesn't seem to occur every time I I accept theme decks, but it does seem to be an issue. Not sure if anyone has received similar problems, but as it has happened to me twice I thought it'd be important to warn people about the possibility of PTCGO deleting your theme decks randomly if you accept an offer for another copy. ----------------------------------- I've already submitted a ticket for the first issue and updated with the 2nd: unfortunately their first preliminary response was not helpful at all: so if the specific problem is not clear please let me know and I'll rephrase. Basically, PTCGO owe me 3 theme decks & they should look into the issue in-case it impacts other players. Thanks for your time .
  19. Version 2.44.03242:103#1417 Google Play Store App for Android On three separate occasions when I've opened booster packs the app crashes before I can flip over the hidden rare cards. When I reopen the app the pack is no longer in my collection and the rare cards in the pack haven't been added to my collection either. Is there anything I can do about this?
  20. Anyone can help me out, since update i can not entery own collection of cards and rewards such as packs etc. I already uninatallrd the entire game aswell deleted all files. I also cant create a new deck or set up a trade because of i have no acces. Anyone is famillair with this or any admin can help me out.
  21. I saw in known issues the same problem with packs but it didn't say anything about cards so I figured I'd bring it up, it's a huge pain when trying to orchestrate trades When I only have locked versions of the cards or none left at all I can't remove the trade tag and if I never removed it before trading it still shows in my binder Begging for this to be fixed as it's been a problem for years
  22. Hello. I have a problem namely i took Redeem codes i vote my code clicked clime and i see nothing in my collection can you help me? sorry for language mistakes
  23. I opened a sun and moon booster pack in Pokémon tcgo.i got a solgaleo gx for the 2nd time ,but when I checked my collection this card is not showing up.now I only have one solgaleo gx.what should I do now?
  24. Hello. I have redeemed a code of the new Solgaleo GX tin (Legends of Alola) and as normal, it opened automatically showing me the contents of the deck. The problem is, I have since then redeemed another two Solgaleo GX tin codes and instead of a tradable tin being added to my collection, the tin was opened automatically again! Now I have 3 times the same deck, with the same cards locked x3. That's not cool if you ask me, since I wanted to keep those tins in my collection instead of opening them. Have any of you faced the same problem? Is there a way we could get the tins back?
  25. Card images for certain cards are not loading on the Android version. I have downloaded all images to hdd, most work fine but some are totally pink. They don't display any loading icon or anything just a totally pink card. No way to tell what the card is at all. Any suggestions?
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