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  1. Hi there, I am not sure if this is a bug or what but i have seen some of my friends getting unfriended automatically. I am sure of my words coz i have asked 2-3 players who were not appearing as online in my friend zone but they were found in trade and general lobby as online respectively . I had a chat with them regarding why they removed me but from their side no action was taken to unfriend me and after that i removed and added them again (at this time they appeared as online in my friend zone . I am pretty something is wrong with adding and removing of friends function . I wish techina
  2. I don't chat often so i just noticed it today, like in previous versions, chat still is slow, for example today my opponent was about to win in theme deck and we just both got Serperior (me) Gallade (him) on the same time with almost only 10 cards left in our decks, i wrote "lol no waaay", it took about 15 seconds for him to win and the message didn't show up by that time. Noticed it happening 3 times today and as i said i rarely chat so those we're the only 3 times i wrote. Didn't see anything about it in known bugs so i thought i'd let the mods/devs know. Anyone else experiencing this? Again
  3. When I try to add a friend to my list, it is showing that they are "offline", and I can not start a versus battle with him. BUT, we can see each other chat in the lobby, and can also send each other messages. but it is showing as OFFLINE for both him and me, and we can not initiate a versus battle because of this. please help! this is crazy!
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