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  1. Hi all, Since 3-4 days ago I'm unable to use the chat feature. Not sure if I've been banned for some reason or what. I do receive messages but I can't answer them back which makes me look like an "insert censored word here". Are you able to look into this? Thanks in advance
  2. I made the client force crash by typing Ctrl + Backspace into chat. I can repeat this crash in a variety of cases. I know in Notepad that usually makes that rectangle symbol, so I assume the client doesn't know how to interpret this and just stops working. Client Version
  3. Help! my game wont take me to the login screen instead just takes me to the introduction of the deck builder and I cant continue from there all I can do is go to the filter button and I cant back out from it only exit out but when I start again just takes me back to the deck builder. WHAT DO I DO?!
  4. Binsikins

    Not a Bug but.....

    So this guy said in the chat he was looking for a FA lucario EX one day and I told him I had one and he sent me a trade offer and it was one pack I declined obviously and didn't say a word to him from there the next day he said he was looking for Virizon Ex I figured maybe this offer will be better and told him I had one, same thing 1 pack, I declined then informed him that I am putting him on my block list because this is the second time he has advertised trades and just given terrible offers and then put him on ignore list. Now I don't think either one of us have broken any rules but then 15
  5. When trying to add a new friend I get an error saying that I can't have more than 250 friends. I currently have 44 friends. Not sure why this is happening. Please help.
  6. As the Topic Title says, in my friend list, some friends are showing as Offline (in grey) but really they are online. In the same regard, some friends are showing as Online (in green), but really they are offline. I have spoken with them and got screen shots and confirmed. I've spoken with several trustworthy users of PTCGO and they are experiencing this bug/glitch as well. Can you please fix it so the game shows who is actually online and offline? Right now it's giving the users of your game false information. Thanks very much, Des
  7. For the past several hours, I've been completely unable to privately trade. No names show up for me to send a trade. As for the chat, no chatrooms appear either, so I cannot talk to anyone. I have rebooted my game several times, as well as restarted my computer several times thinking that could be the problem, but to no avail, I'm unable to communicate with others completely in the game.
  8. I got this weird thing happen to me today, after i switch to another chat and back to the previous one quickly, all the letters turn into blocks like this |||||||||||. Previous conversations also turn into blocks but stuff like emoticons don't change. I have some screenshots of what happened if you guys are wondering. The game was working just fine since the breakthrough release and this just happened to me today. EDIT: It seems that switching between screens quickly isn't the main cause of the bug, so i'll try to recreate it again and post how i did it here.
  9. idk why but when ever i play a match , when im close to winning , it logs me out , it already happen to me like 20 times , i have good connection , really really good connection , and this never usually happen to me , so can you try fixing it soon , like please , it keeps on loggin me out , sometimes when i log in, it wont even let me chat with my friends online , sometimes , when i wanna trade and i accpet it , it logs me out , so please tcg , try fixing tcgo for me or the others who have the same problem like mine .
  10. I m having problem in opening every trade rooms of the game.I m not able to even send trades to anyone of game and accept or send the battle req. to anyone Plz help me, my tourny has begin and i have to complete the match
  11. i have these bugs in these days the first that come to my mind - already known "maintenance" bug. - friend list empty (not offline, really literally empty) - chat list empty + i can chat but noone is there (i assure it is not time zone) - vs chat doesnt work (not that i care much) i trust in you EDIT: restarting client it seems to fix itself. anyway, it is a bit boring problem.
  12. I can't add a friend, i can't send a battle request, please, someone who can help me ?
  13. Hello everyone, My friend and I have been trying to duel each other, but for some reason it's been saying we are offline even though we are both online. Sometimes it may say he is online, but I can't click his screen name (it's inactive) to send him a message or ask to duel. Also, he says he has about 15 friends and it always says they are offline. I'm new to this game (noob) so i don't really know what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  14. I don't know what is happening, But the same Weird and random Censoring Bug from a few months ago is back again only ... worse, This started happening just today for many users, but speaking for myself In chat, PM or even in-game, It is censoring literally EVERYTHING i type, even those emoticons, Please fix this, it's really really frustrating .....
  15. The trade chat and other chats totally disappeared. and my game client crashed when i was making a trade offer. i dont know if its relevant. but it seemed to happen to everybody at the same time. around 9:40 PDT or so. asked a few people. some of us got a client crash aswell. thanks for everything in advance.
  16. Sometimes when writing something in a private message in PTCGO's chat, I see the message just fine, but the person I'm chatting with says that they can't see the message and all they see is that orange happy smiley face which is the emoticon used for censoring in this game. When words are censored, the message is replaced with an orange happy emoticon for everyone to see, but sometimes, when writing no bad words, the person you're chatting with can't see the message at all. This has happened multiple times and I have no idea why.
  17. Most of the time, when reporting someone, it says that the report was unsuccessful being sent. I have to repeat the report until it works, which can take rather long. Why is it unsuccessful so often? It's pretty annoying.
  18. When ever a friend request gets sent, no notification pops up and both parties must send the request.
  19. Hello. I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that I crashed, buuuut the game crashed on me, so I relogged, and when I came back in the game, the Trading chat was vanished. I would post a screenshot, but this stupid forum keeps censoring the link. When I go to chat, then I click the plus icon (the one inside of the speech bubble), it says Battle Challenge, Game Rules, et cetera, but no Trading. Where's the trade chat? Trading still works, but not the chat of it!
  20. Sometimes I can't chat in Versus Mode. No matter what I type, how many times I type it, when I type it, whatever, it won't show up. Nothing happens at all. No error, nothing. This happens sometimes whilst playing Versus Mode. I don't know what's causing it, but it truly is annoying.
  21. The smiley is censored and replaced with the orange happy smiley face when chatting in-game, but not outside of a game for some reason.
  22. HEY people , My all the chats arent opening, when i click on tghe trade room , that option goes but the window dont appear, general chat also isnt visible.Plzz moderators look out wht has happened as the email hasnt worked
  23. Aniketdianafury

    [GAME] Chat - Chat is Not Loading

    Hi there, I have done several logins to check if the chat is working fine or not . But everyone is appearing as offline and cant see other chat lobbies options (i.e trading , tournament strategy , pokemon fan chat etc) . Please let me know if their is an issue going with chat please . Thanks EDIT :- After 10 minutes of struggle , the chat is working normal so any mod_ can close this thread .
  24. Whenever I log in starting yestrday night, the public chat will not load, none of the other chats (For example, Trading, Battle Strategies) will load, and I can't use the in battle chat. My settings are set to allow me to use these things still, and the only thing I can open would be Private messages.
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