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  2. Mod_Lyam

    No encuentro Destinos Ocultos

    Hola, Entrenadores: ¡Gracias por sus comentarios y su apoyo a Pokémon! Pasaré sus comentarios como sugerencias al equipo correspondiente. ¡Saludos!
  3. Hello Trainers, It looks like this issue might be resolved. Please let me know if you still have issues connecting to the game or with downloading the installer.
  4. Felidae_

    What do you think is the best deck in format?

    I actually made a small mistake in my list, as they included all results from the last 3 months which included tournaments pre worlds, so sorry about that. Here are the top overall top 8, the earnings and the regional top 8 percentage. Overall Top 8 # Deck Top 8s Share 1 Reshiram & Charizard Tag Team 22 30.56% 2 Pikachu & Zekrom Tag Team 18 25.00% 3 Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team 9 12.50% 4 Malamar 7 9.72% 5 Oranguru Control 6 8.33% 6 Blacephalon 4 5.56% 7 Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team 3 4.17% 8 Naganadel 2 2.78% 9 Quagsire 1 1.39% # Deck Earnings Share 1 Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team 24,000 27.91% 2 Pikachu & Zekrom Tag Team 20,250 23.55% 3 Oranguru Control 10,500 12.21% 4 Reshiram & Charizard Tag Team 10,000 11.63% 5 Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team 9,500 11.05% 6 Malamar 4,000 4.65% 7 Blacephalon 3,500 4.07% 8 Quagsire 1,250 1.45% 8 Non-GX Blacephalon 1,250 1.45% 10 Spiritomb 750 0.87% 11 Fossils 500 0.58% 11 Lucario & Melmetal Tag Team 500 0.58% Regional Top 8: # Deck Top 8s Share 1 Pikachu & Zekrom Tag Team 9 28.13% 2 Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team 6 18.75% 3 Oranguru Control 5 ****** *** ** ***** *** *** ************ & Charizard Tag Team 5 15.63% 5 Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team 3 9.38% 6 Malamar 2 6.25% 6 Blacephalon 2 6.25%
  5. TheBlackxRanger

    [GAME] Energy Recycle System bug

    This was previously on the known issues list but it has been removed while the bug persists
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  7. I only have access to a free VPN at the moment but I tested your theory and I can in fact when i connect to a USA server, download the installer just fine. (it's just very slow cos free VPN is slow) It seems my ISP is blocking access somehow. Can that be? and if so how do I fix it?
  8. Hello @MindFloyd, I'm glad to hear the issue has been resolved on your end. Thank you for sharing the way you managed it to work.
  9. Hello @HolyTreacon, Thank you for updating this thread with this information on what you tried out and how it helped. You may also want to attempt the suggested fix located here. I would suggest giving that a try and seeing if that resolves the issue. I hope that helps, but if not, please keep us informed in this thread so that we can take a further look into this. Only non-official Pokemon URL's is against the forum rules. If you posted the official link that was automatically removed, I think it's worthwhile passing along to our development team for their review.
  10. uninstall the game, reboot your computer and activate your VPN when downloading the installer. worked for me
  11. Hi guys. I'm having the same problem. I have been playing on this pc for a while since i built it (Ryzen 3700X 8GB ram with a GTX1070 with win10 fully updated ******** it's been fine. Played yesterday, fine. Today spinning pokeball at 0% I cannot download the installer from ************************************************************ the page fails to load: Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at *******************************. If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try: Try again later. Check your network connection. If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web. I had my gf download the installer from her PC and send it to me via dropbox. Uninstalling via windows doesn't work: No access to network location Property. USER_PROFILE I have literally tried everything Mod_GuruLot says in the above post. I can only uninstall by running the installer and choosing repair. That does work. I have 2 PCs here and a Tablet. All of them are broken, spinning at 0% So this might suggest an ISP problem? I don't know... The only thing I haven't tried is creating a new admin account. If that's the solution I'll update this post, although it would be quite a ridiculous solution wouldn't it. EDIT: i guess I can't share links. It's the link from the official pokemon tcgo page, windows downloader
  12. Chasista

    4ta estrella desafio entrenador

    Hola. En cualquier entrenador que tengas 3 estrellas, ya está disponible la cuarta, sólo que debes ganar cada estrella con una baraja distinta. Puedes continuar los entrenadores y cuando tengas 500 monedas, comprar una baraja temática en la tienda del juego. Recomiendo Llama Implacable, Cañón Torrencial o Volcán en llamas. Las tres son bastante buenas y con cualquiera de ellas vas a ganar fácilmente la cuarta estrellas en todas las ligas. No olvides entrar a diario aunque no vayas a jugar, para seguir consiguiendo monedas y otros obsequios. Tienes más información interesante aquí: https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/73293-primera-baraja-que-comprar/?tab=comments#comment-632655 Lo expliqué todo esta misma semana así que ahí tienes lo que necesitas saber 😎
  13. Chasista

    I just need a few more tweaks...

    First sight, I'd have to reapet some of the previous comments. Too much 1-off, inconsistent thin evo lines, random powerful pokémon without an unique strategy, too much energy, too low important trainers... Not playing lately so don't know exactly what all your pokémon do but Audino would be cut for sure., The most important in decks are the trainers. You need more Rare candy and more Cherish ball probably. The consistency. If a stage 2 pokémon is 3 or 4 times, you'll find it easily without relying in tools, just drawing. If you have 3 different Stage 2, you rely in a trainer card to get the one you want in the moment you want it. And that is more space needed to add more trainer cards if different pokémon. In the case you say (2 ZNinja vs 1 and 1 DkUmbreon) just would simplify the strategy. With the 2 Basic it could even be better to have some variety, although if some of them is important enough, then should be not only one in the deck. But all together is told for the evo lines. The more different higher stages, the more middle stages and different Basic you need and that's a lot of different cards. And need to be found when you need it, so more different trainers and the space is tight. It simplifies the strategy and makes you can add cards that focus into improve (hit harder, heal more, easy switches) and not just into try to get the desired cards. Prior the rotation there was a Dark Incineroar+ZoroNinja deck. More simple. Not a tier 1 but yet problematic to beat. Or you could do a straight ZoroNinja+Naganadel. Both coul have some techs. But IMO is really in Expanded where darkness "glows", although that's a totally different story.
  14. i have the same problem. lol
  15. Hey, joining in on the same issue that I was stuck at 0% at the rolling Pokeball, uninstalled the game and now I can't reinstall and am getting the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error while trying to download the new installer. I tried flushing my DNS with the instructions that were stated above, and my router was restarted multiple times today prior to this error happening. Is there possibly a problem with the main server going on at the moment?
  16. Mod_GuruLot

    Mr mime Breakthrough ability bug

    Hello @armlessturtle, Thank you for this awesome explanation and reasoning. This was really helpful!
  17. Mod_GuruLot

    Mewtwo Mew/Wonderous Labyrinth - translation discrepancy?

    Hello @Felidae_, Thank you for a useful tip that seems to resolve the fellow trainer's problem.
  18. Mod_GuruLot

    [GAME] Energy Recycle System bug

    Hello @XP_On, I'm sorry to hear this ongoing issue persists. Thank you for placing a game log so our development team can review it to make sure it is a bug.
  19. Hello @1patrickmcclain, Thank you for submitting a ticket to our support team. Just hang tight, tickets are answered in the order they are received. The support team should be getting back to you shortly.
  20. Hello @Helshi, Thank you for letting us know so that we can help you out. Please try the following: * Unplug your modem (and router if you use one) for 1 minute. Plug in modem, then router and reboot your computer. * If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try plugging in to your modem with a cable instead. * In your modem or router settings, open the following 3 ports that the TCGO client needs to make a connection: 8181, 6967, and 39389. * Note that anti-virus software (or even Windows Defender) could be incorrectly identifying the game as a threat and blocking it; you may need to add TCGO to a "safe programs" list. * Close any background applications before launching the TCGO (VoIP, Skype, and Bittorrent related programs are especially known to cause issues). You may also want to flush your DNS cache again after troubleshooting the above. These are the instructions to flush DNS cache in Windows 10: - Right click on the Start Icon. - Click on Command Prompt. - The Windows Command Prompt Window will appear. Type in: ipconfig /flushdns. and press ENTER. - You should receive the following message: Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. If this issue persists, please reach out to the support team by submitting a ticket to our support team here, signing is and selecting the "PTCGO" option, and then selecting "Contact Us". I've also edited the title of this thread to reflect this sub's format. Hope this helps!
  21. Glajpikkkk

    [GENERAL] Loading

    Thank you ,its good ❤️
  22. Mod_GuruLot

    [GENERAL] Loading

    Hello @Glajpikkkk, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Please note that according to the system requirements, the minimum operating system for Windows is Windows 7 SP2+. I recommend completely uninstalling the program and grabbing the latest installer from the download page. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the support page. In many instances, this will resolve the issue that you are having. Also, it might help to flush your DNS cache again after troubleshooting the above. Please find instructions to flush DNS cache in Windows 10 below: 1. Right click on the Start Icon. 2. Click on Command Prompt. 3. The Windows Command Prompt Window will appear. Type in: ipconfig /flushdns. and press ENTER. 4. You should receive the following message: Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. If you continue to experience issues with the game, I suggest submitting a ticket by clicking this link, signing in, selecting the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online category and clicking "Contact Us". By the way, I am editing the title of your topic to make it more descriptive. Hope this helps!
  23. tina10255

    Looking to make new friends for TCG online

    I'm new here too. I'd like to play with a friend too if you're still interested.
  24. ArowanaGolden

    4ta estrella desafio entrenador

    Buenos dias, comence a jugar el juego hace dos dias, estoy completando el desafio entrenador, ya tengo las 7 batallas ganadas con cada mazo tematico inicial, pero no estoy pudiendo conseguir los paquetes de mejora ya que no me toma la 4ta estrella si repito el mazo, como se logra esto? tengo que completar todo el desafio para que se destrave la 4ta estrella ? desde ya mucha gracias por su tiempo.
  25. Chasista

    Can the greninja theme deck counter relentless flame

    Wave slasher was very cool to build the Greninja BREAK deck back in the XY era. Easily getting a lot of needed cards. But never was very good itself as a Theme deck, even when released. That said, the idea of Shadow stitching+hitting for weakness at least to the Chars, seems cool. What I doubt is the consistency and speed of Wave slasher can extinct the fire fast enough. Relentless flame Chars are awesome but these are not the only threat of the deck, while Wave slasher will heavily rely on Greninja to win not being the 9 grass pokémon a help for anything in that case. We should analyse if on the other side, the 9 grass pokémon would help against Torrential cannon. Would be so funny to have an XY deck beating both "best" theme decks... if only would be more powerful. But the idea at least worth some games to discover how it works 😆 Let us know!
  26. 1patrickmcclain

    Can't Beat Zach

    Yeah I had trouble with Zach to, namely because of the deck the game makes you play with. I'm like Meowths who do 30 damage or something, I have no great trainers to help me get more resources. Got my **** kicked a few times and never went back to it. I just don't know if it's even worth it or if there are any quality rewards to it. However I am playing at a relatively good level after learning the game some, I might go back and try again, yet needing to win to get better cards for the deck you have to use against them is frustrating. It's like a concept of, you have to use a bad deck to beat an average deck so you can get better quality cards to beat them again, of which would be easier if you had those cards now. Not considering of course the randomness of just having a bad draw could ruin you as well.
  27. I put in a support ticket. Got an auto email back from Pokemon stating they have received it. I restarted my pc again and instead of the Pokeball spinning, I got could not connect to the server, the button choice said Exit, I hit that and it just closed the game. Hopefully we hear something soon.
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