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  2. RobRatt

    [GENERAL] Can't download PTCGO

    It's busted with the standard Windows browsers (both IE and Edge). You'll need to download it with an alternate browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  3. RobRatt

    109 Theme Decks in the Game

    Thanks for the suggestion. There's already a link (to this thread) in the first post of the Different Cards Owned thread. That's probably sufficient since Theme Decks only get updated every 3 months.
  4. nickyflash123

    [GENERAL] Can't download PTCGO

    I cant download and when I try it takes me to a website then nothing happens can I get some help [edited by Mod_Gurulot - please refrain from posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites]
  5. Today
  6. TheBlackxRanger

    [Card]Are we getting Shiny Vault in PTCGO?

    Actually, I see them now. Spoke too soon. Theyre in the original sets it came from
  7. Also, does shiny vault have its own collection stamps?
  8. SpAz3n

    A bug

    I don't know the trigger or if this is a issue related to my PC but during matches sometimes the turn counter starts ticking down on my side but won't let me use cards or draw and then it turns over to them and then their turn counter ticks down and it just passes back and forth with nothing happening but if you try to go and concede its just greyed out and forces you to force close the game
  9. harshu

    109 Theme Decks in the Game

    Apply for the thread to be pinned or move it your other thread maybe ?
  10. harshu

    PTCGO In-Game Chat Icons List

    Just type 8-) to do it. The drop down text works on forums but not in the in-game chat. Another thing, 3 emoticons are missing from this thread, that even I don't know how to do, and neither would the guy who knows would share with me They are the format logos of - standard, expanded, legacy and theme. The logos appear the same as they appear on the leader board site beside the format. People can do them in the chat, but I don't know how.
  11. Mod_Vengr

    Mazzo gratis

    Grazie ShannonBK per il tuo utile suggerimento! Sgoro, hai un mazzo tematico eccellente, per iniziare. In bocca al lupo!
  12. I haven't posted any, but searching for them takes long enough that I walk away while it's working now.
  13. Greetings, folks! I am looking to trade for the following: x4 Zubat PLS 53 x4 Golbat PHF 32 x4 Crobat PHF 33 (The Golbat and Crobat could also be from Generations, but the Zubat must be from Plasma.) I have the following packs for trade: x1 SM Forbidden Light x1 SM Lost Thunder x1 SM Team Up x1 SM Unbroken Bonds I have very little in my account, so I don't really have anything else to trade. I look forward to trading with you!
  14. ShannonBK

    Forum Norm! (New! Come Check It Out!)

    is total mobile unfriendly, u right 2x teamup packs i gor, thank you @offline_play
  15. Loof6

    Trading is lagging in-game

    It's really bad that it takes so long. Trading is an essential part of the game and in my opinion it is unacceptable that making an offer takes so long.
  16. Hey People, do you still have these problems? I still have them. It is so annoying.
  17. MoonSpider95

    [GENERAL] Login- Cannot Reach Login Service

    Ok, sorry. There were quite a few threads on the topic when I asked before, so I just assumed there wasn't a general thread on the subject at the time; my bad. If that's all, I'll do just as you said then. There are a couple of fixes Mod_RedDragon said earlier in this thread I haven't tried yet though. What does this mean? "* In your modem or router settings, open the following 3 ports that the TCGO client needs to make a connection: 8181, 6967, and 39389." Can someone walk me through that?
  18. Mod_GuruLot

    [GENERAL] Login- Cannot Reach Login Service

    Hello @MoonSpider95, Thank you for posting. In the future, I would recommend to post your comment in an open topic where the same issue is discussed instead of starting a new thread. This could help to follow up on the topic proactively. Thank you for considering this! If you have tried all the steps listed in your comment with no success, please submit a ticket using this link to the support portal so that our support team can assist you further with this. Please also address your question regarding the servers to the support team as they can investigate further if there is an issue. Hope this helps to answer some of your questions!
  19. Mod_GuruLot

    [GENERAL] Login- Cannot Reach Login Service

    Hello @keithcc, Thank you for asking. I assume you can't view my signature, therefore I pasted the link to the support portal here for you, just tap the bold text and you'll be able to submit a ticket: For more help please visit the Pokémon Support Portal to submit a ticket. Hope this helps!
  20. Mod_Swordfish

    Probleme d'installation

    Bonjour hiro_lewis, Lorsque ce message d'erreur apparait, cela signifie que des fichiers du jeu sont déjà présents sur l'ordinateur. Ils peuvent être corrompus ou incomplets, mais proviennent d'une tentatiove d'installation précédente. Voici comment les supprimer pour repartir à zéro : Dans votre Panneau de Configuration, sous Programmes et Fonctionalités, sélectionnez le jeu et désinstallez-le s'il est présent dans la liste. Allez dans le répertoire dans lequel se trouve le jeu. Le répertoire par défaut est C:\Users\[nom d'utilisateur]\AppData. Le jeu sauvegarde des fichiers dans les dossier LocalLow et Roaming. Allez dans le dossier LocalLow et supprimez le dossier "The Pokémon Company International". Allez dans le dossier Roaming et supprimez le dossier "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online". Revenez sur le dossier LocalLow > Unity folder > WebPlayer et supprimez le dossier Cache qui s'y trouve. Supprimez tout dossier Pokemon que vous trouvez (s'il en reste). Videz votre Corbeille et redémarrez votre PC Assurez vous de supprimer toutes les version précédentes du jeu. Utilisez un navigateur différent (nous recommandons Google Chrome ou Firefox) pour télécharger l'installateur mis à jour ici : https://www.pokemon.com/fr/jcc-pokemon/jouer-en-ligne/telecharger/ Si le souci persiste, contactez le support en leur fournissant un fichier DxDiag. Vous pouvez le faire de la façon suivante : 1. Allez sur Démarrer et taper "dxdiag" 2. Attendez que "dxdiag.exe" apparaisse et ouvrez-le. 3. Cliquez sur "Sauvegarder toutes les informations" Un fois le fichier sauvegardé, mettez-le en pièce jointe à votre demande de support. J'espère que cela fonctionnera !
  21. NovaPheonix18

    Favorite Pokemon Survey

    My favorites are Beedrill, Totodile, Heracross, Croagunk, Deino, Talonflame, and Nihilego. I tried to pick one from each gen. The list is less focused on gameplay for me and more focused on which pokemon I like design-wise. Some of them are pokemon that I've roleplayed as, using gijinka forms, so I have a special connection to them. My current favorite overall is Nihilego because they have a simplistic yet interesting design, have a neat role in the story of sun/moon, and are decent in competitive play. Nihilego was the first pokemon I tried to train seriously for competitive.
  22. Hola, correajoa: Gracias por reportarnos este incidente. En este caso recomendamos realizar una desinstalación completa. Estos son los pasos para PC: Importante: Durante el proceso de desinstalación, asegúrate de eliminar todos los archivos de juego asociados. Sigue los siguientes pasos para un proceso de desinstalación "completo": Desinstalación para PC - Ve a la sección Programas y funciones del Panel de control de tu computadora. Selecciona el juego y desinstálalo. - Ve al directorio donde se instaló el juego. El directorio predeterminado es C:\Users\[su nombre de usuario]\AppData. - El juego almacena archivos en las carpetas LocalLow y Roaming. Ve a la carpeta LocalLow y elimina la carpeta "The Pokémon Company International". Ve a la carpeta Roaming y elimina la carpeta "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online". - Vacía tu Papelera de reciclaje y reinicia el equipo. - Asegúrate de eliminar todas las versiones del juego descargadas anteriormente. Recomendamos usar un navegador web diferente para descargar el archivo de nuevo (como Firefox o Google Chrome). Visita https://www.pokemon.com/es/jcc-pokemon/jugar-en-linea/descargar/ para descargar el instalador de juego más reciente. Desinstalación para MAC - Elimina tu carpeta del Juego de Cartas Coleccionables Pokémon Online, junto con los archivos de instalación descargados. - Haz clic en “Ir” ubicado en la ventana superior, pulsa la tecla “alt /opción” y selecciona “Biblioteca”. - Ve a la carpeta “Caché”. Elimina todas las carpetas relacionadas con Pokémon que encuentres. - Nuevamente desde la “Biblioteca”, ve a “Estado de aplicación guardado” y elimina la carpeta “unity.The Pokémon Company International.Refresher.savedState”. - Vacía la papelera y reinicia tu Mac. - Asegúrate de eliminar todas las versiones del juego descargadas anteriormente. Recomendamos usar un navegador web diferente para descargar el archivo de nuevo (como Firefox o Google Chrome). Visita https://www.pokemon.com/es/jcc-pokemon/jugar-en-linea/descargar/ para descargar el instalador de juegos más reciente. Más información: También verifica que tu máquina cumpla con las especificaciones mínimas requeridas para ejecutar el JCC (que se encuentra en la parte inferior de la página de descarga). También necesitarás asegurarte de tener una conexión de internet fuerte y estable, ya que el JCC requiere comunicación constante con los servidores del juego. Si continúas con el problema, te recomendamos que envíes un ticket a nuestro equipo de asistencia. Para enviar el ticket, haz clic en el enlace en mi firma, inicia sesión en la parte superior derecha de la página, luego selecciona la categoría correspondiente y haz clic en “Contacta con nosotros”.
  23. Grandes partidas em todas as divisões oferecem uma ampla visão da ação do Campeonato Mundial Pokémon TCG. O Campeonato Mundial Pokémon TCG World 2019 foi concluído e os campeões foram condecorados. Nos três dias de competição intensa em Washington, D.C., treinadores top de todo o mundo competiram pelo título de campeão mundial e a chance de ganhar parte dos mais de $500,000 em prêmios. Para ler mais, clique aqui.
  24. RobRatt

    11,659 Different Cards to Own

    As always, thank you.
  25. MoonSpider95

    Favorite Pokemon Survey

    My favorites would be Mew, Keldeo, Togepi, Lucario, Litwick, and the Unown. It's not really narrowed down, but if pressed I would say I favor Mew but consider Litwick to be a Pokemon that would be the whole "If you were a Pokemon, which would you be?" kind of connection. I listed 6 different types, a little overboard, because I initially narrowed it down that far out of a fan-Trainer ID Card thing that I wanted to apply to my kind of fan character/representation, so it'd just fill out my party boxes that way.
  26. MoonSpider95

    [GENERAL] Login- Cannot Reach Login Service

    I had to uninstall and reinstall Pokemon TCG Online because of the error trying to load the refresher patch that I saw was also an issue with others. Now that it's reinstalled, I cannot log in because it will say that there is a server error each time. Note that my WiFi is fairly reliable and I uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times now and rebooted my computer. I can try rebooting the modem later. Are there any other quick fixes that can be done before I send in a troubleshooting ticket? I saw other responses but didn't quite understand them. If I need to fill out a support ticket then that's fine, but I can't help but notice that there are quite a few threads with the same issue as well. Is there any possibility that any of the difficulty is at the end of the servers or game themselves? If a problem is common enough, I can't help but question it, with all due respect.
  27. @SandaledOtter and @XK920XK thanks for clarifying, i feel kinda stupid now haha
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